1M Google Accounts Compromised Due to Android Malware

Another Android Malware Threat

Recent reports stated 74% of Android devices are vulnerable to Googlian, the latest Android malware taking devices by storm. Googlian has been found in 86 third-party applications. Upon infection, the malware is able to provide access to various Google accounts, such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Play, to name a few.

Upon gaining access, the hackers will breach your Google accounts to obtain personal information. They will also install apps and review them, raising their reputation. Lastly, the cyber criminals will have the opportunity to install adware, which boosts revenue.

According to Ars Technica, several steps have been taken to protect uses and enhance security. First, the company is revoking impacted Google account tokens and rerouting affected users to secure logins. Infected apps are also being removed from the devices.

Moving forward, Android plans to utilize Verify Apps to confirm the security of the app.


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3 thoughts on “1M Google Accounts Compromised Due to Android Malware”

  1. I hope something bad will happen to these people. they are using older people to make their money. Some of us do not have the money to pay them. My PC has been controlled by them

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