Dailymotion Advises Password Reset After Suspected Data Breach

Dailymotion has asked users to reset passwords after it was reported that the website may have been breached leading to the release of millions of encrypted passwords.

According to initial reports, this data breach may involve as many as 87 million email addresses and 18 million password and user ID combos. The breach took place around October 20th. While not confirming that they have experienced this large of a breach, Dailymotion has encouraged users to reset passwords as a precaution because they have become aware that a certain number of accounts may have been compromised. In the notice to users Dailymotion said:

“Your account security is extremely important to us, and to be on the safe side, we are strongly advising all of our partners and users to reset their passwords. When defining a new password we recommend that your new password contains eight or more characters, is not obvious (EG: password1234), and not to use the same password on multiple sites.”

LeakedSource has now added the information of the over 87 million Dailymotion users to its search index so you can determine if you were part of the breach. LeakedSource told BleepingComputer that the passwords are encrypted and would not be easy to crack, but a determined cyber criminal could decrypt them. Since they are encrypted most users passwords should still remain unknown, but to be on the safe side you should always reset your password after a data breach as the company is recommending.

You can read the full press release from Dailymotion here.

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