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My son is nine years old and in fourth grade. Imagine that he comes home from school and announces that he is super smart. “I no longer plan to take tests”, he smiles. Then, he begins to terrorize the other students preventing them from studying and taking tests. As a parent, what do you do? That’s Malwarebytes.

Hello. My name is Rob Cheng, CEO and founder of PC Pitstop, makers of PC Matic. On December 7th, we reposted a comprehensive ransomware test performed by AV Comparatives. The report included results for Malwarebytes. Prior to this report, Malwarebytes had virtually no public tests.

How to Help

Reach out to our customers. Many of our customers are still unaware they have been attacked by Malwarebytes. Please share on social media to help get the word out.

Purchase and renew security software based on detection rates. Buy products with high detection rates, and avoid products with low detection rates, like Malwarebytes.

Make it stop. Inform Malwarebytes that PC Matic is not malware. Perhaps if they get a critical mass of comments, they will stop the attacks. Send an email to or post on their forums.  You can also reach out to Malwarebytes using their Twitter handle @Malwarebytes or reach contact them via Facebook here.

Journalists and Reporters Contact Noyd Communications at 310-374-8100 or email at

The next day, December 8th, Malwarebytes began attacking our customers. Malwarebytes removed PC Matic and its real time protection, Super Shield, leaving our customers exposed to viruses and ransomware.

We contacted Malwarebytes through formal and informal channels with no response other than predefined replies. The attacks continued.

Losing hope that this was some sort of mistake, we identified and contacted 52,458 of Malwarebytes and PC Matic’s mutual users. We sent them instructions urging them to uninstall Malwarebytes and reinstall PC Matic in order to stay protected. As of this writing, about a fourth have opened the email.

We now realize after one week of attacks, that we must aggressively inform our customers and the public about the dangers of Malwarebytes.  We need your help.  First, share this on all social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, everything.  We need to find a way to get the word out that this is happening, and those impacted are losing their security protection.  Second, help us make it stop.  The power is in numbers.  If we can get others to notify Malwarebytes of the issue, perhaps it will stop.  You can send an email to or post on their forums.  You can also reach out to Malwarebytes using their Twitter handle @Malwarebytes or reach contact them via Facebook here.

Malwarebytes has broken a rule of security. Never remove an AV product without replacing it with another.  Both Malwarebytes and PC Pitstop are Microsoft certified security partners. Up to now, a Microsoft security partner has never attacked the customers of another. It is a dangerous precedent for security vendors to compete in this manner. Ironically, one of the many requirements for becoming a certified Microsoft security partner is public testing, which Malwarebytes has basically ignored.

The saddest part of this episode is that it is a distraction from the real enemy, ransomware. Every day, millions of dollars are being extorted from American households, businesses, and government agencies. The FBI estimates that ransoms paid in 2016 will surpass one billion dollars. We believe to thwart the ransomware epidemic, the key is for buyers to consider detection rates in their security software decisions. Malwarebytes forcefully disagrees.

Unlike my nine year old, we can’t put Malwarebytes in timeout, but they sure need to learn a few lessons.

Update: Almost two weeks after categorizing PC Matic as a PUP/PUA, Malwarebytes provided an explanation why.  You can read our official response to these allegations here.  Since this issue continues to be unresolved, various third parties have taken the time to test and review our product.  Network World recently released an article on the matter.  You may read our responses, as well as find a link to their original article here.  Tom Lawrence of Lawrence Systems also reviewed our product after reading Malwarebytes accusations.  After doing so, he took the time to speak to PC Pitstop’s VP of Cyber Security, Dodi Glenn.  You can view that conversation in its entirety here.

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252 thoughts on “Malwarebytes Alert”

  1. PC Pitstop is a complete and total scam. DO NOT GET RID OF MALWAREBYTES! PC Pitstop is NOT antivirus software and most of the problems it reports ACTUALLY WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE IF YOU LET THEM FIX IT!
    It identifies the Google Chrome Updater and Adobe Flash Player Updater as problems that slow down your computer, but they actually make sure Chrome and Flash Player have the latest security updates. PC Pitstop is deceiving their customers and scaring them into buying their COMPLETELY USELESS software! MalwareBytes is FREE and actually protects you instead of making things work. PC Pitstop is using EXTREMELY SHADY BUSINESS TACTICS and should be regarded as UNWANTED SOFTWARE. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE LIES OF PC PITSTOP!!!

    1. Hello John, I just wanted to address some of your concerns. PC Matic is antivirus software, SuperShield is our real time protection component which is included with every purchase of PC Matic. Additionally the reason that we disabled the Google Chrome Updater and the Adobe Flash Player Updater is because PC Matic also upgrades third party software including Chrome and Flash Player, our customer were not going without the latest updates. We have since stopped turning off the Google Chrome Updater and allowing it to take care of updates itself, however we still turn off the Flash Player Updater as it is something that runs constantly and can take up computer resources. Adobe also will often try and sneak PUAs into their updates and we work to strip that out so no additional unwanted software is added in.

      We take great pride in our product and our customer support team is available 7 days a week to assist with it at If you ever have any questions for them they would be happy to help! Have a wonderful evening John!

      1. @Devin Bergin: I would again like to point out that your product uses EXTREMELY shady business practices and that being someone who knows a lot about technology, I would not want any software not made by Adobe to replace their official updater, and furthermore, Adobe does not bundle PUPs with their software, in fact PC Matic itself should be considered a PUP. Also the chart displayed in the above post is completely inaccurate and irrelevant, as MalwareBytes is NOT antivirus, but is anti-malware. However that chart is accurate in showing your software’s poor performance in comparison to other antiviruses, many of which are free. And despite your claims, cookies are NOT dangerous, the only thing they can do is track when you visit the cookie creator’s website. Most of the ‘optimizations’ that PC Matic will provide for high amounts of money can be done for free by hand with much less risk.

  2. PC maticnis not malware. .

    It’s a virus. NOT THE SAME THING!
    It uses “rogues software” tactics to make you buy an expensive,yet useless license. Anyone smart enough would just get Windows Defender (it’s free and powerful) and would ignore the claims about rhe registry being damaged or whatever. “Tune-up” apps for PC are a big scam. As big as the planet.

  3. Well, I planned to stay completely out of this fight other than what I’ve already had to say, but I just couldn’t let some of these comments go without addressing them.

    It’s obvious from some of the comments that those users don’t know the difference between malware and viruses. For those of you who don’t know, Malwarebytes is protection against malware — not VIRUSES. There is a difference. Norton, McAfee and several others keep viruses away. Some even include protection against malware, but mostly that is a sideline for anti-virus programs thus my reason for running both. So when you say that Malwarebytes kept viruses off your computer when PCMatic did not then you obviously have no idea what computer protection programs do.

    Furthermore, these attacks on PC Pitstop by Malwarebytes is a deliberate and vicious act by Malwarebytes because they didn’t like someone testing their programs to see how well it worked. You don’t see PC Pitstop attacking Malwarebytes with their software programs, do you? The software attacks are a one-way street: from Malwarebytes on PC Pitstop.

    As a matter of record, I do not have any PC Pitstop software on my computers. Not that I have anything against it, it’s simply because I starting using Malwarebytes many, many years ago and haven’t had any serious malware problems since. I occasionally run one or two checks on my computers with a third party software to see if anything is being missed by Malwarebytes but have had nothing that makes me think it isn’t doing a fairly good job. However, I have written the CEO of Malwarebytes and explicitly expressed my displeasure with what I feel is unwarranted attacks on PC Pitstop. I’ve made it clear that if it doesn’t end soon I will be removing Malwarebytes from all my computers – some 17 of them – in lieu of another software that I deem just as good.

    So with all that said, let me just suggest that if you want to take sides in this fight please make sure you know what you’re talking about. Otherwise, you are going to make yourself look foolish.

      1. @DICK SAYE: Dick, let me apologize if I left the impression I was attacking PC Pitstop. In fact, if you read my 2 comments again I think you will see that I’m actually siding with PC Pitstop, which was my intention. I may use Malwarebytes rather than PCMatic but that’s because I had been using Malwarebytes for several years before I learned of PCMatic. I became unhappy with Malwarebytes when they blocked me for trying to visit PC Pitstop’s website and I sent the CEO a letter expressing my concern. So once again, I apologize if it appeared I was attacking PC Pitstop.

        1. @Glen: Malwarebytes just deleted my ASC, with which I have been very happy (As also with Malwarebytes in fairness to both). It also caused various “Virus like” problems on my laptop which has atken me 2 days to get back to any semblance of normality.
          As a consumer, I don’t really care about Malwarebytes technical issues with ASC. But leave me alone, it isn’t my problem. If they have issues with ASC they should initiate legal action not piss on their customers.
          I have deleted Malwarebytes and will not ever use it again.

  4. I had PC- Pitstop for about decade with few hiccups and noticed improvements in my computers performance. I do have other software such as Trendmicro mainly for the anti-virus protection this software seems to co-exist happily with PC Pitstop software so i have kept both programs. As for this Malware software company I have not installed their software given comments made it appears that they are bullies and don’t want to share space on computers with other protection software which really is a concern so I will be avoiding them.

    1. I have both and I want them both to work and be compatible or I will get rid of both…not too complicated and you both will lose market share if you don’t work it out and stop playing games.

  5. Anyone who dumped Malwarebytes over this is either A – not very smart or B – unable to read. Malwarebytes doesn’t uninstall this software, only makes you aware of shady activities. It’s your money and your computer but I have too many clients who depend on my decisions to keep their business networks and computers working without issues caused by software that was intentionally installed never mind all the spyware, virii and ransomeware out there.

    Do yourself a favour and read a little bit about why this is happening from either the other side or an independent source before you start bashing.

    1. @Michael Oke II: I can read just fine and have a Masters degree in MIS. I can say for a fact that Malwarebytes removed my PC Matic last week. Very shady business tactics by Malwarebytes.

      1. I concur….malware removed my protection after I downloaded their free software and then ran it on my computer.
        Immediately my desktop icon for PC matic dissappeared…further checking confirmed my co.puter was no longer protected.

      2. @Shannon Johnson: It removed my PC Matic too. I was very upset and could not find out what was wrong until someone posted it on social media. I uninstalled Malwarebytes and reinstalled my PC Matic.

      3. @Shannon Johnson:
        Well being this is the internet and anyone can say they are anyone and anything your statement seems especially suspect. If you know so much about these types of programs you would know MICROSOFT has come out against PC Matic’s programs as well. PC Matic makes a mountain out of virtually nothing, first indication is all of the warning one receives about Registries, looking into the cause of these “warnings” and one becomes immediately aware of how the PC Pitstop makes their money. SCARE TACTICS. (As in
        Shady Business Tactics) I’ll stop because anyone in MIS that is depending upon a PC Pitstop product isn’t someone with an MIS unless you ordered it through the mail… FRAUD

    2. I’m not sure of your definition of uninstall, but on my PC (without asking) PC Matic no longer functioned.
      All icons associated PC Matic disappeared and the files required to run PC Matic were in Malwarebytes quarantined.
      I removed the files from quarantine and tried to reinstall PC Matic, and the same situation was repeated.
      I don’t seem to be able to run PC Matic along with Malwarebytes.

      1. Kayla Thrailkill

        Please contact our support team at They’ll be able to assist you to get both programs to co-exist.

      2. @Lee: My problem was the same as yours…I don’t think PC Matic will run with Malwarebytes so I just uninstalled the Malwarebytes.

        1. @MARGARET HOUSE:
          I uninstalled Malwarebytes on my wife’s laptop because it told her it was infected with 618 viruses. When I checked it out, it was all PC Matic and SuperShield.

    3. @Michael Oke II: I don’t get what the big issue is. This reads like you are making a mountain out of a molehill. If you all are as smart as you assert yourselves to be then why didn’t you just add pcmatic to the ignore list in malwarebytes? Running more than one virus/malware/adware/any added protection at the same time can cause problems particularly with pc response time. I live with that for the added protection and do use malwarebytes along with another and had this same problem you describe and in two seconds had the issue fix by adding it the ignore list. Simple and done.

      1. Malwarebytes flagged IObit’s Advanced SystemCare as a p.u.p. I got Malwarebytes to ignore forever Advanced SystemCare and have had no problems with Malwarebytes and Advanced SystemCare getting along. Your solution is so obvious that I am surprised that there are a lot of people who haven’t figured out what to do.

  6. Hey, folks, I am just an old fart who seems to have a good handle on PC’s and I’ve got caught up in this mess, simply due to being a subscriber (in my reader) of PC Pitstop’s newsletter.

    First I should say that I’ve had Malwarebytes for years but purchased the premium just a couple of years back. I liked it a lot and have installed it on all my computers plus several friends & family members’ computers. Then in the November newsletter I read the article about the security test PC Pitstop, along with AV Comparatives, and wondered. I admit that one of my first thoughts was that this could be a case of one supplier critiquing a competitor. But I didn’t put a lot of weight on it.

    Upon receiving my PC Pitstop newsletter this week, I spotted this article and clicked on it for a read. I was able to get to this article okay from the newsletter but, after reading the article, I clicked the home page button in menu bar and Malwarebytes slammed me. No PC Pitstop Home Page for Malwarebytes, if they have anything to say about it.

    I got PO’d. And I don’t even have any PC Matic stuff on my computer. I had to make PC Pitstop an exception to even get to the home page (Should have tried other menu links, but didn’t). So, I addressed my issue to Malwarebytes.

    Didn’t notice the email address for Malwarebytes in this article and couldn’t find one online. So I wrote a letter to the attention of Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes. I won’t include the entire letter here but I compared them to school-yard bullies and closed with this:

    “Now I not interested in becoming involved in this school-yard bickering between Malwarebytes and PC Matic. But I can assure you that if this continues I will dump Malwarebytes in the blink of an eye and replace it with another reliable malware program. And if I do, I’ll be dumping it on about 14 other computers for friends and family whom I bought computers for then installed the premium version of Malwarebytes. So I suggest you get this problem worked out quickly and, in the meantime, LEAVE YOUR CUSTOMERS OUT OF YOUR DAMN SILLY FIGHT.”

    I elected not to post on their forums as, with what I had to say, I figured they would simply not approve it even though there was no foul language. Plus, I felt the hard letter addressed to the CEO might – I say might – just make it into his hands. And I don’t have a Twitter account.

    But I wanted to let you know that although I had intended to stay somewhat neutral on this issue, Malwarebytes has forced me into taking sides. And for now, unless I learn something I don’t already know about the inter causes of this, I now come down on PC Pitstop’s side. Besides, why would Malwarebytes NOT want an independent test on their software – like all other major computer software protection suppliers?

    1. I had to make a decision also and just after renewing Malware I had to remove it or PC Magic so I dumped Malwares. Someone there made a stupid decision.

    2. I have been a PCMatic user for at least six years. Never had a problem until this. I got caught up in this by attempting to run a scan on my husband’s SLOW tablet. A screen asked me to update Adobe Flash, which I did. And the computer locked up. Several attempts later, I tried to reopen PCMatic, which opened fine, until I hit the scan button. It opened an Ad screen, and continued to do so every time I attempted to run the program. My very techy adult IT. child tells me I have malware, and need to run malware bytes to remove it–some China based Ad popup –so she downloads Malware Bytes ” the only program that can get rid of it” says she. I left her to it. Coming home from work, I find I no longer have my Evergreen PcMatic but several strange icons on this tablet. Now I have the same issues with my laptop. I cannot open PCMatic and run a scan. It always asks for a Adobe Flash update and then starts the same rigamarole as the tablet, complete with the same China Adware that seems to block PcMatic and cannot be closed without a reboot. I have tried to contact support but cannot get any response. Now we have a family feud going on and I want to chuck both machines out the window!

  7. Kathleen Dombrowski

    At present MBAM is in US Fed. Court over the Enigma Lawsuit. Since it’s inception in 2008 I have used MBAM free from time to time to detect PUP’s . Things changed in Oct. 2016 when MBAM became more aggressive and as of Dec. 4, 2016 their False Positives have turned into bullying. I have used Auslogic’s Disk Defrag for years and now MBAM recognizes that as a PUP and also Zookaware. It is impossible to contact them. If you do not have a good standalone uninstaller it’s also hard to remove. The forums of top PC people are alive with complaints. This has turned into a very clear case of Competitor Bashing.

  8. Ok.
    Can I remind you that this is for money and nothing else?
    The need of improve a service is collecting more money,
    Looks like the big boys are fighting in the yard for the pretty girl.
    Stop selling lies and mature you two.

  9. After receiving your warning regarding Malwarebytes which I got in March 2016 after being unable to get in contact with PCMatic regarding a major PC problem I sent an email to pup@malwarebytes asking them to make it possible for me two retain both PC Matic which I have had since 2000 and Malwarebytes since I had paid $150 for 2 years. I got a reply stating that they had dealt with the issues causing the problems and that I would be able to keep PC Matic along with theirs. They said theirs would be seen as “pup” something and I transferred the reply in my saved mail. Yesterday I was attempting to print a letter and am unable to. I get messages like No printers are installed. Access denied. No drivers available. NOthing I did helped. I called Malwarebytes and they told me that my PC is infected because I have PC Matic which I JUST RENEWED along with Malwarebytes and they removed all of PC Matic from my PC. I still cannot print anything with my HP All in One Officejet 5610 and they told me that they couldn’t deal with all of the infections in my PC until tomorrow sometime. They told me again that I can’t use PC Matic and Malwarebytes together. They told me my PC was frozen but it isn’t so I looked in my saved mail for the reply from Malwarebytes in which they stated that they had fixed the problem and I could keep PC Matic. IT IS NOI LONGER THERE. The only thing I could find was in the sent file where I found my email to them asking them to make keeping both possible. I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON, BUT WHEN I LOOKED AT MY SCREEN WHEN THEY WERE CLEANING IT I SAW DOZENS OF PUP (SOMETHING) LISTED AS INFECTIONS OR MALWARES AND IN ANOTHER PART IT SAID THEY FOUND 7 objects and 20 threats that need to be resolved. WTF?? I need help. I no longer have PC Matic on my PC and I don’t fully trust Malwarebytes anymore. I’m not even sure I trust PC Matic anymore, but when I found that their reply to my email has been deleted, I became suspicious of their methods. PLEASE HELP ME!!

    1. Please contact our support team at If you cannot do so because Malwarebytes blocked that site, you can contact them directly via email at Although you may have uninstalled PC Matic, you will be able to reinstall without any issues. Our support team will be able to assist you in fixing whatever issue is going on with your PC, as well as the reinstallation process.

  10. Don’t know what all the hype is about. Malwarebytes Pro user for 5 years. The other day Malwarebytes flagged PCPitStop as PUP. I’m like whoa, I haven’t had that on for years, I was sure I removed it. So I thought. Have been wondering why my computer was a little sluggish and sometimes freezing. So let Malwarebytes remove it for me but I said hang on where did it come from. So checked the %programdata%, not there. Off to registry. The many places I found it hidden made my blood boil. Took me a while but hopefully it’s gone. I tend to check it again in the new year as these things tend to crop up with a sneaky unnamed file. Since removal of PCPitStop, my computer has been fine. After reading this makes me wonder if PCMatic is installed. I hope not because I know I have not downloaded it. Know about it but reviews flagged as a NO NO.

  11. One of the only sites that push pcmatic as a good program is this site, you push your own product using scare stories and biased results, it is badly coded and hogs resources, most if not all other security programs people with any sense use will block your “malware”

    1. To be clear, Malwarebytes is not classifying PC Matic as malware. It is being categorized at a PUP/PUA. I am not saying that is any better–I just want to be very clear on what the issue is here. You are also correct. We do push PC Matic as a superior security solution for both home and business users. That is simply because we believe it is the best, and everyone should be using it. I think it is fair to assume that each company feels that way about their product.

      I apologize that you feel PC Matic is badly coded and hogs your resources. I am not certain if, or when, you used our product. However, I can tell you that we are consistently striving to make PC Matic better. Just this year, we have made some major improvements to our security solution. I would encourage you to take the time and try it out. If you do so and still find flaws, please let us know. As I said, we welcome all of our users’ feedback. Without it, we couldn’t continuously make improvements.

      1. Kathleen Dombrowski

        Kayla, I already posted a comment. It seems everyone is missing the point. Richard Pedersen at DCT’s posted a really good article, is there some way you can make it available?@Kayla Thrailkill:

        1. Do you have a link to the article? I found your previous comment, but didn’t see a link within it. Once I get it, I will see what I can do about making it available!

  12. Malwarebytes is blocking any attempts to open your program. I went to your site to fill out a ticket, but when I click on the subject line my phone pops up the number pad and there is no access to the alphabet pad. I do not want to understand install Malwarebytes leaving my computer unprotected.

  13. Where have the folks at PCPitstop been? Malwarebytes isn’t the only AV software that has flagged PCMatic as malware. So have Webroot SecureAnywhere and Glary Utilities’ Malware Hunter.

    I had PCMatic on my laptop, and it proved to be far too aggressive, blocking software critical to the smooth operation of my laptop (which runs on Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1). So I ultimately canceled my PCMatic subscription and had PCMatic removed form my laptop. I’ve had no problems since.

    I strongly suggest that PCPitstop take a hard look at its own systems, for I suspect that PCMatic itself may have been hacked and turned into malware by the hackers..

  14. Perhaps it would be advisable to change the “alert” logo on this post (and elsewhere where it was used), it belongs to a company named Alert.
    If you haven’t asked for permission to use their logo then a line was crossed.

  15. my computer experienced a lock up while surfing while PCMatic was running with super shield. PCMatic was working on it and I lost patience and contacted Microsoft and found my user file was corrupted and with Microsoft tech assist had to reload Win10 and change my user file controls. After i was back on line and back to normal (with PCMatic loaded) i went looking for other security software. I found Malwarebytes anti-malware and paid for a one year subscription and began to see Malwarebytes screens pop up when I would stumble upon an unfriendly click. I did not have this “in my face” block warning with PCMatic. PCMatic does far more than Malwarebytes as a security software and I liked the response to attacks I received. I do scans almost daily with these programs to make sure my cpu was as clean as the programs would say so. I understood the pup issue and tagged the suggested warnings as exceptions that allowed them to continue. I had to remove super shield to allow all this to work in harmony thinking that there was a software conflict (even PCMatic offers suggestions when Super Shield is not an added requirement) after all, Malwarebytes was telling me when I got caught and kept me from being captured or damaged. It was not until I loaded Malwarebytes version 3 that I began to notice uncontrolled activity that totally blocked my ability to even click a hot link within PCMatic email. At this point I have removed Version 3 of Malwarebytes and am considering Ver2 again. Now that there is a confirmed conflict that I can see between the two softwares I have to question my security and am forced to bring PCMatic fully on line with Super Shield. I have asked an explanation of Ver3 and wait to see what they say. This is as of 12/25/2016

    1. @John Powell: It’s been known for a years (and recommended by experts) that you if you use more than one security program of the same type (for ex: two antimalware program) than only one of them should be running all the time. Malwarebytes can easily be configured to run ‘on demand’. There are also other security solutions that can run ‘on demand’, which is not the case with all of them. So if you want the double security of PCMatic and Malwarebytes run Malwarebytes manually. That’s what I do so it doesn’t conflict with my chosen solution.

      1. @Dan: Thanks Dan, there is some truth in what you say. PCMatic works on more of your computer than Malwarebytes. Manual for me would allow malware and viruses to pass into my computer and change setting on my browser, where auto would detect, block, and prevent corrupt code from getting through. Finding a problem and giving a chance to damage my system is not my idea of protection. I have proven over and over again that an once of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

        You may be referring to the working definition of PUP/PUA which would be your bases for not wanting two programs watching your system with the same codes. I am not the wizard PCMatic and Malwarebytes are in this matter, so I find wisdom in following the directions of PCMatic when they refer to a specific program that will nullify their efforts. Qualifying the files in both programs where they say there is a conflict allows them to be neighbors on the same system. Customer service can help when that is a question (technology is constantly evolving).

        My experience had me caught with a frozen browser with a screen showing I could no longer do anything with my browser, locked up and not knowing what to do. It gave me an attitude and cost a lot of time. PCMatic was active on my system and did not warn me or stop the attack.

        Malwarebytes appears to approach monitoring web activity different than PCMatic. I did a paid test of their software using their version 2. I found 9 pups with my first scan that PCMatic did not. My next experience was have a pop up warning by Malwarebytes that PCMatic did not. I am talking about web browsing here. During set up of Malwarebytes PCMatic was quick to warn me of Malwarebytes and their Super Shield refused Malwarebytes to function freely. I was able to tell Malwarebytes to ignore PCMatic so that PCMatic files would be allowed to work. Once Super Shield was disabled and I disabled Auto Fix I white listed the Malwarebytes files. Because Malwarebytes gave me a warning and blocked the attack I was able to continue my activity and lost no time. This was very assuring to me, I liked seeing the warnings and knowing to not click that link again.

        Using more than one service of the same “TYPE” should not be a practice, yet I find PCMatic doing a broader service on my computer than just virus/malware. PCMatic has been designed to work with other security programs and with Malwarebytes version 3 their program appears to give you NO Control of your choices and that is where I believe we are at.

        Dan, I believe your point is valid, but this is where I am at with PCMatic and Malwarebytes. Thanks for the feed back.

  16. I know this comment isn’t about PCMatic, but the same problem is occurring between Malwarebytes & System Mechanic 16.5 & later. I contacted both & Mbam gave me a fairly curt story about how they now classify System Mechanic as a PUP. I had to work around Malwarebytes to keep it from ripping SysMech off again. I’m curious what other programs Malwarebytes is trashing.

    1. @Toire:
      Looks like Malwaerbytes is implementing a “take no prisoners” approach to any other software they consider their competition. I have had both it and Wise Registry Cleaner on this computer for years with no conflicts until this past month. Two scans ago it flagged Wise Registry Cleaner as a PUP so I put it on the Malwarebytes white list On a subsequent scan it flagged Wise again. Might just dump Malwarebytes if it refuses to play nice.

    2. @Toire: Malwarebytes isn’t the only company doing that. Most companies don’t like competition. 🙂 But mostly they don’t want their software to cause issues on users’ machines because of conflicts with other software. They, logically, assume that if you install their software it’s because you’re interested in their solution and remove any impediments to their software performing correctly.

    3. In fairness to Malwarebytes, Symantec doesn’t like System Mechanic, either — their tech support people have asked on numerous occasions if they could remove it from my system when I’ve chatted with about an issue.

  17. I have been following the comments about PCmatic and Malwarebytes and have used both products with apparent success and never a problem with either. I have several Toshiba laptops and I use a support system that they provide for which I pay a service fee. They advised I use AVG Zen, as my antiviral program. Because I was concerned about having two anti-viral programs running, I uninstalled PCmatic. I use Malwarebytes free version, sporadically to run a scan and do not run it in the background. I agree with comments that Malwarebytes just detected components of PCmatic on my computers as PUPs. I knew this was not malicious code but did put it in quarantine at the time in case it was conflicting with any of my software. My question is addressed to PCmatic. Could I run PCmatic along with AVG for PCmatic’s whitelist feature? From what I have read over time from your postings, it seems like a very good way to block ransomware that AVG may not detect? I am very happy with many of the features of AVG Zen. The security issues are all real and destined to get worse. I hope this does not become a zero sum game as I suspect many tools are needed. Look forward to any comments

    1. Typically during the installation process, you are encouraged to disable other security solutions–however that is not to say you cannot run AVG and PC Matic. I would encourage you to ask our support team for an exact answer to your ability to whitelist AVG question. You may email them directly at

      Thank you for your inquiry, and I apologize that I cannot give you a direct answer. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!!

  18. I just have Optimize. Malwarebytes did its thing and zapped it. I just downloaded it – installed it – Zap! I clicked on Malwarebytes and found a list of PC Pitstop programs. All boxes were checked. I unchecked all. Chose the option to make it permanent. All is good. I don’t consider these two programs as competitors or adversaries but as complimentary to each other. I’m not that knowledgeable on this stuff, but it seems to work. Malwarebytes have alerted me to actual malware. I made sure those stayed zapped! This competition seems to getting really nasty. (Trump’s vs Clinton’s?)

    1. Christopher Tracy

      Fascinating. Based upon this response from PC Matic, I am inclined to agree with Malwarebytes. While I think PC Matic’s intentions are good, what was in this response admits one thing and fails to address another important thing.

      1) PC Matic marks items that MAY cause problems (registry, cookies) with a red dot. According to this explanation the red dot indicates PC Matic can clean said item. However that isn’t intuitive to a user. If a user sees red, the natural inclination act urgently. Users do not read fine details like PC Matic assumes.

      2) there is no mention whatsoever how and why a brand new machine, never used except to download and run PC Matic can have any “errors”. For PC Matic to find such errors suggests that PC Matic knows better than Microsoft and the manufacturer, OR PC Matic has no clue what it is doing.

      As I have seen, tested and experienced these issues on both PC Matic and Malwarebytes, I actually use neither product. However, I can say that PC Matic is demonstrably different than many of the other product mentioned.

        1. Thank you for the notification. Please report these issues to Malwarebytes. You can do so at:
          Malwarebytes Facebook page at
          Malwarebytes Forum page at
          Malwarebytes Twitter page at and include them in your Twitter conversations with their handle @Malwarebytes
          Contact Malwarebytes via email at
          They need to know the issues they’re causing people. In the mean time you can also contact our support team at for assistance.

  19. Christopher Tracy

    Who knew anti-ransomware would be so emotional?

    Frankly, I’ve never found much value in PC Matic. However, now that the story has blown up, I am more interested in the facts than I am which is the better security suite. I would like to know PC Matic’s response to each of Malwarebytes ‘ findings ( What Malwarebytes stated is exactly my experience with PC Pitstop – every last issue – from the unauthorized resets/admins to declaring perfectly normal registry settings are high risk.

    At the very least – how is it that PC Matic can find so many high risk and/or dangerous things on a brand new, well running, and highly encrypted machine like the one I’m typing on right now?

      1. Christopher Tracy

        Fascinating. Based upon this information, I am inclined to agree with Malwarebytes. While I think PC Matic’s intentions are good, what was in this response admits one thing and fails to address another important thing.

        1) PC Matic marks items that MAY cause problems (registry, cookies) with a red dot. According to this explanation the red dot indicates PC Matic can clean said item. However that isn’t intuitive to a user. If a user sees red, the natural inclination act urgently. Users do not read fine details like PC Matic assumes.

        2) there is no mention whatsoever how and why a brand new machine, never used except to download and run PC Matic can have any “errors”. For PC Matic to find such errors suggests that PC Matic knows better than Microsoft and the manufacturer, OR PC Matic has no clue what it is doing.

        As I have seen, tested and experienced these issues on both PC Matic and Malwarebytes, I actually use neither product. However, I can say that PC Matic is demonstrably different than many of the other product mentioned.

        1. @Christopher Tracy: In 2015 I purchased a new computer which I had “built”. It operated on Windows 10. As soon as I started using the computer, I got error messages. Obviously Microsoft did have a problem with their software. Unfortunately, the computer was stolen before I contacted Microsoft about the problem. I did not have PC Matic at the time. I do not know that it would have helped at all. I only know that brand new machines are not perfect.

  20. I haven’t read all the comments yet, so perhaps this has already been mentioned, but Malwarebytes now also uninstalls Auslogics Disc Defragger and will not allow it to be re-installed. I have removed Malwarebytes from both of my computers.

  21. Malwarebytes are just acting like sore losers. Attacking another anti-virus program. Ignoring public testing. Acting like lone wolfs in a highly competitive market. Allowing themselves to be bypassed by PC Matic and their competitors when test results came out, now Malwarebytes is attacking PC Matic because they were. being who they are-a real comprehensive anti-virus and computer-enhancing program. If there was anything PC Matic did was only announce test results, but they didn’t realize MWBs would react like a crush, kill, destroy machine to PC Matic rather than do the right thing and focus on improving your product. Malwarebytes, looks like you are on the way out if you don’t make necessary adjustments to both your attitudes and your products.

    1. @Gregory Lane: Gregory,

      Malwarebytes is not an anti-virus program. I had trouble with PCMatic years ago not working well with my previous ant-virus and my PC in general and uninstalled it.

    2. Thank you for your support! Please share your thoughts with Malwarebytes as well at
      Malwarebytes Facebook page at
      Malwarebytes Forum page at
      Malwarebytes Twitter page at and include them in your Twitter conversations with their handle @Malwarebytes
      Contact Malwarebytes via email at

      There is power in numbers!! Thanks in advance for your support, and have a wonderful holiday!

    3. What do you expect from the same company that supports Comcast, Office Depot’s “Tech depot,” and SuperAntiSpyware? is the company that responds to all support tickets and their customer service is horrid. Mostly all of them are work-from-home with hardly any training at all. Just something to be aware of.

    1. All prior indications were that Malwarebytes was removing PC Matic. That may no longer be the case–but initially that was what was being reported.

  22. Hi,
    I have been using PC Matic for a few years now. I was using Trend Micro Internet Security. I have never had a issue at all with this product. My wife and I have had a couple of viruses pop in and PC took care of it. I have also gotten Excellent support. I mean right away most times. I have been with computers since 1990. So I have seen alot of programs come and go. I can honestly say that I trust this product. Thanks.

    1. @Layn Callahan: Layn, You should never have two Anti-Virus programs running on your machine.
      Why Using Multiple Antivirus Programs is a Bad Idea
      September 9, 2013
      Security Article bySerge Malenkovich
      You might think that, much like a pirate going into battle, the more weapons you have at your disposal for your protection the better: cutlass in one hand, pistol and the other, knife held between the teeth (hence the expression ‘armed to the teeth’). But while that may work in old-fashioned combat, it is not the case when it comes to protecting your system from the sea of danger it constantly faces. Running two antivirus programs at the same time is, in fact, a very bad idea. There are three reasons why:

      They will try to kill each other. Because antivirus programs search your system for programs that are monitoring and sending information about your system, a competing antivirus program that is monitoring and sending information about your system tends to look like a virus, so it will attempt to block it and remove it.
      A competing antivirus program that is monitoring and sending information about your system tends to look like a virus.
      They will fight over viruses. When an antivirus program encounters a virus, it removes it and quarantines it. But if a competing antivirus program sees that quarantined file and wants to remove and quarantine it in accordance with its own objectives, then it will repeatedly send reports and notifications about this virus that it is detecting, even though it is no longer actually a threat to your system. If you don’t want to continually get bogus warning messages, this will be a problem for you.
      They will sap your power. Antivirus programs use a lot of your system memory to conduct system scans and other related operations. If you have two of these operating simultaneously, your system’s effectiveness can be greatly diminished or completely wiped out altogether, and without any benefit, since the two are performing redundant operations.

  23. PC Matic is the phoniest bit of software available The $ 50 cost is deceptive as it only applies to basic useless crap ..if one wants real coverage then one must pay.
    Malwarebytes outperforms the hand waving PC Matic clown on TV ads spewing ridiculous claims of superiority.
    Want a real security program ??? Malwarebytes is it. I have had both.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Don. To clarify there are no extra levels to our service, $50 per year gets you a fully functioning license for 5 computers. There is no extra cost for support or any hidden features that would cost more. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

      1. @Devin Bergin:
        Devin, I have been using PC Pitstop for as far back as I can remember. When PC Matic came out, I jumped right on it. A few weeks later I started getting problems with my PC. It was gradually slowing it down and a host of other annoyances, including findings to delete, etc,. that I did not feel should be touched, and I I uninstalled it and my PC ran fine.
        Several times after that I tried it again and ran into the same problem different PC’s different Operating systems., have 8 GB’s of Ram at 3.2GHZ. on a 50 MBS fiber optic line. Should not happen.

        I have never had a problem with Malwarebytes and as a second opinion scan, I use Hitman Pro. Neither have given me a problem with my PC

        I have also noticed a change in PCPITSTOP. Not crazy about findings that tell me I have problems and should install one of your products to fix it. But, of course I do realize you are providing the service for free.

    2. At least they got the name right…..MAL-WARE-BITES!! In reality it SUCKS!! Do you realize that malware bytes actually leaves its own malware on your computer when it is installed. If you doubt me then go back and get a college PhD in computer science like I have from Chico State!!!!!!!!!

      1. @Marion Standifer:
        thats a joke right what kinda test because having maleware bytes for over 3+ since i first got my computer i only had 1 virus because@David R Marks Sr: i went onto a questionable website

        if you travel south for 3-4 hours you can get to the collage it started up at 😀

    3. @Don Wendt: I bought pcmatic and then had issues with my computer. a friend said i had a trojan or 2 and said i should try malwarebytes. Malwarebytes found 50+ trojans on my computer that pcmatic never got close too. PCMatic is the biggest ripoff on the internet and tv since there owner advertises his lies there also

      1. I’m apologize for the issues you experienced while using our software. I sincerely hope you contacted our support team regarding these issues. We are consistently striving to improve our product, and feedback like this is critical. Thank you Bob, and enjoy your holiday!

        1. Thank you for your support Patrick! We are asking all of our supporters to reach out to Malwarebytes as well. You can do so at

          Malwarebytes Facebook page at
          Malwarebytes Forum page at
          Malwarebytes Twitter page at and include them in your Twitter conversations with their handle @Malwarebytes
          Contact Malwarebytes via email at

          Thank you in advance for your support! Have a wonderful holiday!

  24. I have tried several times to delete Malwarebytes and everytime I get this error message” Runtime error (at – 1:0): cannot import dll:C:\program files (x86)\malwarebytes anti-malware\mbam.dll. ” I went to the malwarebytes website absolutely worthless to go there I issued a complaint but, who knows if I will hear anything back from them. I just do not understand why I cannot get this program off my computer, can you help me?

    I love PC Matic and I am a lifetime member, keep up the great work.


    1. Thank you for your support Bernard. I would suggest you fill out a helpdesk ticket via Our support team should be able to assist you in removing Malwarebytes, if that is the course of action you wish to take. Our team is available to assist you 7 days a week.

    2. @Bernard Gray:

      I had that same problem recently. I seldom run Malwarbytes but l like to keep it as a backup. So I reinstalled the program. It worked well. Next time I ran PC Matic, I noticed that the pups removed included malwarebytes, I went a head and had pcm do its cleaning! It removed Malwarbytes. I posted that question on here a couple days ago but I haven’t gotten an answer. I thought Malwarbytes was deleting PCM and not the other way around? Still happy with PCM and have used it for years, but want to know what’s going on here!

      1. After Malwarebytes started removing PC Matic from paying consumers, we decided as a method to protect our customers–we would remove Malwarebytes.

  25. Before getting PCMatic, I had Iobit for years, then they kept leaving out an important exe file when I tried to remove it it would not allow me to proceed. I contacted Avengate and they referred me to their techs who insisted I get their “special on-line help” for…wait for it……$179.00 a YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought then told them to resell me the advanced system care 9, gee to my surprise (not really) they dumped the program. So I got Malwarebytes……same story. It constantly froze my computer. I can tell you this it should be renamed as Male-ware-BITES!! The program sucks!!!! In addition it was buy this, buy that EVERY FREAKING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I noticed the ads for PCMatic on CNN in the early morning hours and thought, why not. Believe me, anyone and I do mean A-N-Y-O-N-E who has a computer…………..GET THIS PROGRAM………NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your support! We encourage all of our supporters to reach out to Malwarebytes directly, in an attempt to fix the issue. You may do so at
      Malwarebytes Facebook page at
      Malwarebytes Forum page at
      Malwarebytes Twitter page at and include them in your Twitter conversations with their handle @Malwarebytes
      Contact Malwarebytes via email at

      Thank you again for supporting PC Matic!!

  26. Thanks for all the info and warnings, but as a non-tech person I must say that I have know idea what this is about! Don’t mean to come across as a dummy, but I wouldn’t know Malware from underwear. I paid for PC protection from PC Matic because I wanted a US based company to protect my PC and I loved what I viewed on FOX regarding PC Matic. That being said, please explain in laymens terms what I need to do on my end and I’ll do it. I do not use any social media other then email. Need I do a search for this Malware and remove it from my PC or is this something that can be done on your end?

        1. Malwarebytes is a security program that some PC users download. What is happening is, for the people who were using both Malwarebytes and PC Matic–Malwarebytes is removing PC Matic. This leaves our customers unprotected. I would assume you do not have Malwarebytes on your system, since you are unfamiliar with what it is. But to be sure, you can go to the start menu, select All Programs, and then look for Malwarebytes. If it is not there, you don’t have anything to worry about.

    1. @Gary Meunier: Hi Gary, I agree with you about not being on social media. I used to belong to FaceBook until I found out they recently partnered with the CIA. Prior to that partnership I found out years ago that attorneys were using FaceBook to screen for jurors. As with you, I was not aware of the issue until I received this alert. I also found your comparison of “Malware from underwear” quite humorous. In regards to your problem, I would communicate with PC Matic if the “scan” finds and removes “Malwarebytes”.

    2. @Gary Meunier: gary to find out if it is on your computer, on you home page find the symbol in the lower left corner and click it. A sub menu will appear . Click on Control panel. Another sub menu will appear, click on uninstall programs. This should bring you to ALL the programs on your computer. Go through the list. 1. If you do not see it listed no problem 2. If you DO see it listed highlight with a left click, go to the top of the page and click uninstall. Then just follow the prompts. After uninstalling it search the list again, if it is still there click it again and it should disappear. Then restart your computer.

  27. I’ve been using PC matic for years. I just reinstalled malwarebytes a few days ago ’cause the previous one was not working. It ran well after reinstalling it. I use it about 2 or 3 times a year just as a backup! After reading this article, I decided to run PCmatic to make sure it was still working and it was! Hooray! However, PcMatic deleted Malwarebytes! Huh?

      1. @David R Marks Sr:

        So PCM does the same thing that this thread is about…that Malwarebytes deletes PCM? Why don’t you tell people that to begin with….that neither program plays well with each other! Malwarebytes never has deleted PCM and I’ve had both on my computer for years. I’d never had problems with either one until PCM deleted it. Now I know why I had to reinstall Malwarebytes when it wasn’t working a few weeks ago. Thanks for the reply anyway. I’ll keep PCM though! I do like it!

  28. My 4 machines run PC Pitstop with no problems. well protected and always up to date.
    So Far.,. So Good

    Thanks PC Pitstop for your fine program.

    1. Thank you for supporting PC Pitstop’s program, PC Matic. We would truly appreciate it if you would share your experience directly with Malwarebytes. You may do so at:

      Malwarebytes Facebook page at
      Malwarebytes Forum page at
      Malwarebytes Twitter page at and include them in your Twitter conversations with their handle @Malwarebytes
      Contact Malwarebytes via email at

      We appreciate your help in resolving this issue. Have a wonderful holiday!

  29. I like PC Matic, but it failed a few times to protect me. Anyway, that’s not the important thing here. What is important is that PC Matic is NOT a malware. It’s a legitimate program and MBAM has no moral right to do such douchebaggery. Shame on you, Malwarebytes! I will never use your software again!

    1. Thank you for your support! Please feel free to reach out to Malwarebytes directly to express your concerns. You may do so via:
      Malwarebytes Facebook page at
      Malwarebytes Forum page at
      Malwarebytes Twitter page at and include them in your Twitter conversations with their handle @Malwarebytes
      Contact Malwarebytes via email at

      Thank you in advance for your support!

  30. I recently uninstalled PC Pitstop after using for years because it was behaving like malware and I was sick and tired of its constant toaster popups and how it interrupted my workflow and slowed down my system. I never wanted all of its constant monitoring features — only used it on demand as a double check on my regular antiviral. But PC Pitstop became more and more difficult to block from starting automatically and their damn toasters kept popping up despite my checking that I didn’t want them. I use malwarebytes as a backup to my regular antiviral and it works fine. I will never recommend PC Pitstop — it *does* behave like malware.

    1. Mary – Thank you for your feedback. Were you able to contact our support team regarding the issues you experienced? We are always working to enhance our product, and it is feedback like this that we must hear.

      1. @Kayla Thrailkill: I did contact your support team and I followed their instructions for blocking the toaster popups. But they kept returning and you guys seemed to find newer ways to intrude on or slow down my workflow over the past six months. I disabled everything I could through the PC Pitstop interface, but disabling InfoCenter on startup (even through both system configuration AND component services) didn’t work — it kept loading anyway. So I uninstalled the whole damn mess. I’ll never use your product again, but here’s a helpful hint: When you introduce new “features”, inform your users of what those “features” are and give them the information and options to opt in or out — don’t just spring these things on them and force them to contact you to figure out what the hell is going on and how to opt out. Don’t run new crap in the background that slows everything down and isn’t apparent until the user closes everything else trying to figure out why their system has slowed to a crawl.

        Great way to erode customer trust, even if you have a good product, which I’m not convinced anymore that you do.

        1. I apologize that our remediation efforts did not work. It is not our intention to slow down PCs, or bog them down with programs running in the background. That is actually the opposite of our software’s goal. I appreciate your feedback, and will be sure to escalate the issue so other consumers do not face similar issues. Again, thank you for speaking up. Without people like you, we cannot make the necessary enhancements to our security solution. Have a wonderful holiday Mary!

  31. Posted on MB Facebook page:
    I don’t appreciate Malwarebytes arbitrarily blocking sites and/or software that I want to use just because MB doesn’t like the product or service. I PAY for BOTH MB and PC MATIC. MB also blocked a Canadian Prescription site that I use! It is a big nuisance taking much of my time as MB time to unblock what I want. In fact I have contacted MB support almost daily because MB has not functioned properly since the PC Matic issue.

    1. all i care about is no virus. i do not want malware blocking a website i approve like pc pitstop. microsoft and others are lazy and terrible customer service about fighting false virus under thier name. Companies need to maintain local support, not foreign support. We need safe secure phone and pc protection. it that requires teaming up then team up makware and pc pitstop.

  32. I pay for BOTH Malwarebytes and PC Matic! Obviously I want both. I have been in contact with tech support of both. My understanding of the response from Malwarebytes is that they consider PC Matic to be malware. It has been a constant nuisance and battle trying to uninstall, install, and whitelist both!!! I wish this issue could be resolved between the two!

  33. I have been using Malwarebytes for a decade; it does what it does quite well. I added PC Matic to the team and it has been serving me will together with Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes has now taken out my PC Matic (which is a paid subscription. I am also a paid subscriber to Malwarebytes. Please STOP destroying PC Matic’s ability to do it’s job on our computers; otherwise, I have to get rid of someone, probably Malwarebyes.

  34. I keep hearing all this stuff about PCMatic being a scam and rip-off, but I don’t believe it. I already had Malwarebytes running on my computer several years , when I decided to add PCMatic. I was having all kinds of irritating problems such as freezeups and just any problem that would slow you down on your computer, when I decided to try the PCMatic. Well, I don’t pretend to know what all it does or how it works, but I do know that it has been several years since I have had any of those old irritating problems. So we run it on all our computers at home. So if the people at Malwarebytes have decided to make me choose one over the other, than PCMatic will be the program that I will keep.

  35. As virtually everyone has stated, PCPitstop IS malware. It’s ad-infested junk and always has been. Stop pretending you’re anything else. Those of us that have been in the industry for years know. This attempt to fool new techs and unsuspecting users is ridiculous. Malwarebytes is a true champion in the anti-virus/anti-malware industry.

    1. Kyle- We too have been in the industry for years–17 to be exact. With our experience and independent third party testing, we are simply educating PC users on what security solution will provide the best PC protection; which is critical to effectively protect one’s data against today’s modern security threats.

    2. @Kyle McHattie: Another ignorant person sitting behind their computer eating cheetos and talking trash without doing research. Supply some absolute proof that PC Matic is malware!! Where is the proof, other than your ignorant opinion? I am a satisfied customer, as well as my entire family and close friends. I do not see any pop up ads. All I see is my computers are running in top “like new” condition, even my old laptop with Windows XP. It is easy to use. I get an email everyday letting me know my machines were scanned, what optimizations were performed and all I know I have been virus free, malware free and ransomware free for many years thanks to PC Matic. I purchased it from Amazon several years ago after reading some amazon reviews and have been happy ever since. I am happy to share my scan history for proof PC Matic works and is absolutely not malware. How can you back up your comments guy? How about you stop pretending you know what you are typing and stick to actual facts. And “virtually” everyone is not saying PC Pitstop is malware – get your facts straight. Everyone has their own experiences with software they have used. Have you actually used PC Matic before? I have been in the industry for years – so I DO KNOW!!!

      1. @MSP_man: Thank you, I am Not in the industry but i have been using p.c.matic for three years now and my wife, two sons, and myself love it. we have not had one problem and only the benefits that you mentioned. we have recommended it to Several people.

  36. PC-Matic hasn’t ever qualified for AV-Test certification in 17 years. All major industry applications flag it as PUP or malware. The anecdotal evidence of MBAM performance and efficacy across the internet is overwhelmingly positive. Your articles and ‘involuntary scans’ from no-name groups are nothing beyond self-serving.

    When there’s this much information identifying your product as junk, perhaps it’s actually right, and you’re just too in the weeds to fix it rather than continue a sunk-cost venture.

    Perhaps stop pissing and moaning and make a product worth an AV-Test certification. Then come talk to us about an anti-malware app removing PUPs and malware.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, we have never submitted our product to AV Test but will consider doing it in the future as we continue being publicly tested. Have a great holiday!

  37. I’ve been in the game for over a decade. When i found Malwarebytes back in 2008 or 2009, it became my immediate go-to tool for removing viruses from infected machines until combofix came around.

    I still use Malwarebytes extensively since Combofix doesnt play nice on Win10. I’ve rarely had an infection that Malwarebytes couldnt outright remove, and that was before they made a full on antivirus.

    That being said, i’ve never heard of or used PC matic or any of the other products they push. I can say that just by looking at the name it sounds like something that would get flagged as a ROUGE ANTIVIRUS and removed, along the lines of XPcleaner2014 or any of those other crap programs.

    Either way, industry standard says to NOT run multiple AVs at once. MBAM has always worked well for me as an antimalware scanner, and for my home rig i only have MSE as my full time AV.

  38. Malwarebytes is only agreeing with many other security groups that PCMatic is a PUP. When you search for PCMatic on Google, most of the results outside of pcpitstop are removal instructions that clearly indicate that this is an ad-driven PUP, and many go so far as to outright label it a virus. On top of being ad-driven, there are clear indications that PCMatic also acts as a RAT, opening a port on your PC to allow PCPitStop to intrude on your computer as they wish.

    1. @IT Guy: PC Matic most definitely NOT A PUP!!! I am sick and tired of people calling it something it is not. I wanted PC Matic, I paid for it and installed it, therefore it is not a pup. It has worked great for me and all of a sudden malwarebytes removes it from my machine a few days ago!!! Who gives them the right to do this, I want my pcmatic back. I tried contacting malwarebytes support and they will do nothing to help.

      1. @Simon: Further, YOU gave them the right to do this, as you agreed when you accepted the EULA, which is a binding contract under United States DMCA laws.

        1. @IT Guy: I did not give malwarebytes the right to remove software from my computer that I paid for and is not malware. Are they going to reimburse me for the software they removed, no because malwarebytes is a shady fraudulent company.

          1. You installed the software, and by doing so you accepted the EULA. You most definitely gave them permission to remove malware. The fact that you paid for the malware is irrelevant. Maybe next time read the legal document before you sign it.

            1. @IT Guy: Again, I may have agreed to have malwarebytes remove malware… BUT FOR THE HUNDREDTH TIME, PC MATIC IS NOT MALWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your facts straight “Ignorant Tool Guy” I mean IT Guy.

  39. I’m sorry, but I believe this entire article and indeed the involuntary testing is just a marketing ploy.

    It has long been an industry standard that you don’t use more than one antivirus program for this exact reason. It is not uncommon for one A/V program to see another as a PUP or intruder.

    From the Microsoft blog:

    “You should never run more than one antivirus program at the same time. The two programs could slow down your computer, and they might even identify each other as a virus, which could lead to file corruption or other conflicts and errors that make your antivirus protection less effective—or not effective at all.

    This is known throughout the industry and yet PCmatic makes this article?

    When I have an infected PC, I do use more than one A/V to insure it is clean. But after I clean the PC; I remove all content of the numerous A/V I used and leave only one and after this political half truths, I can tell you PC Pitstop products will never be used on any of our 100+ clients.

    So, PCmatic – Why don’t tell people here that it is unadvisable to install and run two anti-viruses at the same time as they can (and again I quote the MS Blog) IDENTIFY EACH OTHER AS A VIRUS.

    So why are you blaming Malwarebytes for what is known to happen? This is a ludicrous attempt to defame that company and create a marketing drive that is dishonest and deceitful.

    I don’t expect they will leave this up for long since it completely debunks this article. It’s all about business folks. Don’t buy into this.

  40. ” Malwarebytes has broken a rule of security. Never remove an AV product without replacing it with another.”

    Except that you’re not considering that MBAM 3 (Premium) is now touted as a full AV by itself.

    1. @George_Spelvin:

      Who is doing this “touting” that Malwarebytes is now an AV? Certainly not the owner, staff or any actual representatives from Malwarebytes.
      Malwarebytes is not and has never been an anti-virus application.

      David Lipman ~ Malwarebytes Expert
      “MBAM is not an anti virus application and does not replace an an anti virus application. MBAM is an adjunct, complimentary, anti malware application.”

      Please post any evidence that anyone from Malwarebytes is actually calling and/or supporting Malwarebytes as an anti-virus program. Thanks.

      1. @Y kawika: So MBAM is an adjunctive, “complimentary, anti malware application.” Why not just uninstall it (Malwarebytes) or PCmatic and run with the one you think protects you best?

        While I would agree it is heavy-handed that MBAM uninstalls another mfgs. program that has coexisted with it for years, it does appear to be a loophole that is allowed in the EULA.

        Perhaps the question should be what changes caused MBAM to begin their jihad against PCmatic? Was it programmatic or competitive? Was it some change in the MBAM software or the PCmatic software? Or simply that they (MBAM) are feeling some competitive heat?

        I have both, and will uninstall both, as I don’t like whizzing contests between programs that I have (of my own free will) entrusted the security of my computer(s). There are other choices and the AV battlefield should not be denigrated to schoolyard juvenile tantrums by either company. They are acting like children…or politicians that can neither work together to solve differences nor speak together as mature companies.

  41. I’m a life time supporter of PC Matic and I purchased the evergreen subscription.I also have a one year subscription to Malwarebytes that will be expiring soon.I have noticed over the past week or so the two software companies have been declaring each other as malware and causing havoc for me the customer.I will always keep both software because what one does not get the other does.At first all I had was PC Matic and I had a nasty virus that effected my PC performance and was very intrusive to my privacy.PC Matic failed to pick up the virus,so I downloaded Malwarebytes and it removed it, my problem was solved so I purchased a subscription for one year.As a customer I rely on both companies to protect my system because no company is perfect regardless of how good they are.I would hope as a paying customer that all companies would work together as one team to fight cyber crime and to protect their customers.Stop attacking each other and start protecting me the customer the one who pays your salary.It’s one thing to compete,nothing wrong with competition but whats going on here is childish behavior between to companies.Remember as you continue to attack each other you are failing to protect me the customer because your so focused on beating or out doing the other.It’s not about you the company its about me the customer and about defeating cyber crime.Fighting cyber crime is a team effort that everyone must work together on even me the customer.Lets work together and get the job done.

    1. @Doug: Thank you for the feedback Doug, we apologize for any problems this has caused you and hope we can continue to work together to get the job done in the future.

      1. @Devin Bergin: Because of the dispute between PC Matic and Malwarebytes I lost a subscription for Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium that I had paid for.Your dispute or discrepancy is not my problem.I paid for the rights to a product that was removed from my machine with out my permission and someone owes me.I’m not a happy customer for this.Another thing the software that was removed against my will was set for auto renew which means I’m going to be charged for a software license I no longer have or can re download.

        1. Doug I’m sorry that this has negatively affected you. Please reach out to our customer service team at and they can assist you to help solve this problem. Have a wonderful holiday!

    2. @Doug: I suggest to just use Microsoft security essentials or what ever the default antivirus that comes with windows 10. It works wounder with malwerebytes. I also suggest to downloaded WOT to help see if a site is a danger(sites rated by the users who go to it) and keep your system update and things like java update.

  42. I don’t know what you are talking about but I am a certified Microsoft tech who recommends malwarebytes or avast if you don’t trust windows built in securities I’ve installed both on many systems and not one complaint the only way anything malicious can get inside your system is if you open that backdoor for them I’ve heard of pc pitstop and it is considered malware

    1. Wow, throwing around the “Microsoft” name drop, like that really makes a difference. Microsoft is a joke just like Malwarebytes.

  43. Hey! I’m the guy who has built 10 of his friends last 5 computers, and the person everyone turns to for computer help.
    Ive used a comprehensevie suite of free tools to keep my computers safe for years. all these ransomware programs started out as “Fake spyware dectectors” which were all variants of the ROUGE Virus

    The tools I use are AVG Free, Spybot Search & Destroy, Spyware Blaster, and Zone Alarm. I rareley rarely ever get infected, but one time a free book link to a .pdf i clicked on was attacked by a brand new virus that attached itself to known good documents. MALWAREBYTES got rid of it.

    I cannot tell you the number of times someone has brought me their infected laptop, or desktop, because they used limeware or pirate bay or some other questionable source or site and got burned. In every case, i was able to LOAD malware bytes and completely remove their problems 100%. It is one of the ONLY programs that is smart enough to LOAD itself after you get infected. In a real sticky icky situation you may need to install it in safe mode, run it, reboot and run it again. But if you have NO OR LITTLE PROTECTION, Malwarebytes is the ONLY thing that will solve your problem. It has saved me and my friends in parcticular, countless times with great results.

    The damage that CAN be caused is immense, having to reformat and start over isn’t so bad, but losing all your photos and Data IS. as such, the suite of above tools will keep your computer clean if you keep them patched up.
    AVOID like the plague doing WINDOWS updates constantly. Keep to he major service packs only. Windows incremental updates break machines constantly. KEEP all your important documents and Data on a drive or partition OTHER than the main system partition. Disconnect those other drives when you HAVE to do a re-format.
    following these simple steps will help avoid future loss of Data on a PC, but again, if someone you know or YOU are already infected and your paid or free tool isn’t cutting it. Malware bytes was the only thing ever that saved me or my friends from losing everything. I swear by it, and it is the very first thing I will try to rescue a hosed machine. In every case, it has removed the b.s. and I have saved them. over and over. Malwarebytes is a miracle free product.

    1. @David B. Ingram: Wow, I guess we should all take the word of “the guy who builds his friends pcs and who they turn to for help”… what kind of credentials are these? Anyone can do that, hell I have built hundreds of pcs in my 64 years so I guess that makes me an expert and I am a current PC Matic customer for life. Malwarebytes is trash and a deceptive business to pull stuff like this.

  44. I like to keep up to date on the latest and greatest Antivirus and AntiExploit software and I can say you claim to be a thing for 17 years but like many others commenting I have NEVER heard of your software and I’ve tried some really old ones that weren’t very great like the PCMechanics software and such (don’t think I’m bashing though) but I will say I would much rather trust Malwarebytes, it has saved me, family members and friends from LOTS of nasty viruses and even an early form of Cryptolocker. I will do my research inside of a virtual machine on your software and even do my own little test with the MBAM issue.

  45. I don’t think Malwarebytes is any good period. The only product I use that has their name on it is Junkware Removal Tool, which was in public domain until Malwarebytes bought the rights to it. It’s still a fine piece of technology but it’s sad to consider they have to buy software and slap their name on it to earn respect. Sounds like another company that sounds like Bikerosoft.

  46. I think a lot of people are missing the point here. People paid subscriptions and Malwarebytes renigged on those subs that included the PCM software so people ended up losing money because Malwarebytes didn’t like that their product got tested and failed publicly, instead of trying to fix the issues that caused such a poor performance.

    1. @Theodore Pollock: People get conned into buying some garbage system optimizer/registry cleaner/driver updater does that make the software more valid just because they paid for it? No. No, it doesn’t. I remove all kinds of garbage software off of my clients’ systems all the time and that doesn’t mean I’m “renigging” (seriously, it’s “reneging” and look up what it means because it doesn’t mean what you think it does) on anything.

      1. @George_Spelvin: Regardless, it does not give malwarebytes the right all of a sudden start removing paid pc matic from end users. They just started doing it after PCPitstop posted their horrible detection rate scores, so like an uoset little girl they updated their crappy program to block everything referencing pc matic and to remove pc matic from en users machines. Malwarebytes is a deceptive business with shady business practices and their actions here proves this. Not to mention they are not even a US based company!

        1. @Richard: It does because the *user* confirms the removal. MBAM is flagging garbage software for what it is and recommends removal. The user confirms it. you know what IS shady, though? Commercials that prey upon the naivete of consumers and promise to “never get a virus again”. That’s shady stuff right there.
          And who cares if they’re US based or not? You guys just elected the master of shady business tactics who is already publicly admitting to lying in order to get elected. Buncha suckers.

          But it’s nice how PCMatic employees like yourself are posting here.

          1. @George_Spelvin: Who the hell is this George Spelvin idiot? Why do you keep accusing people of working for PC Matic just because they dont agree with your ignorant posts?? I am not a tech expert and I most definitely do not work for PC Matic but I do know that I am a satisfied PC Matic customer for over a year now. How long have you worked for Malwarebytes by the way?? And who the hell are you to assume who I voted for???? I most definitely did not vote for Trump and politics has nothing to do with this.

            1. He’s probably just a troll and by the looks of it, doesn’t actually have any IT experience. Otherwise he wouldn’t be trolling people on help desk type issues.

          1. @IT Guy: EULA does not state that malwarebytes can remove any orogram from a machine that is not malware, which PC Matic is not, so why is it removing legitimate AV competitor software? The answer is because they are cry babies and are upset their low detection rates were made public.

      2. @George_Spelvin: You spend a certain amount of money which grants you access to software for a certain amount of time, and you suddenly remove access to that software with no notice, or reimbursement, that qualifies going back on a contract. I’m not arguing over the quality of software as I’ve never used PCMatic. Seriously.
        And I’d be willing to bet money if you started removing applications that your client’s paid for, and thus by removing them would cause them to no longer have access to the software in such away that they couldn’t re-install, and did so without their consent or notifying them, you’d have upset customers irregardless of whether you view the applications as garbage or not.

        If Malware notifies the people that paid for the subscription before hand that they view it as “garbage” and gives people the option to remove it, then there is no problem.

  47. I’m a Technical Customer Specialist and we use Malwarebytes all the time. I have NEVER in my career heard of pc matic. If malwarebytes detected issues with your software, it’s not a mistake, and there is probably good reason for it.

    1. What is interesting is, Malwarbytes didn’t have issues with our product until we advertised the AV Comparatives testing, which they failed miserably. We can appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

      1. @Kayla Thrailkill: “What is interesting is, Malwarebytes didn’t detect us as malware until we brought undue attention to our malware by PAYING an alleged ‘independent’ AV tester to talk us up, which is clearly indicated in the PDF files they produces. We didn’t bother (and haven’t, apparently, in 17 years) to get AV-Test certified, which is the current industry standard.”

        1. @IT Guy: What is “alleged” about AV Comparatives?? There is nothing alleged about them, look them up! They are a legitimate and reputable independent AV testing company!!! There is nothing biased about the report. It doesnt show PC Pitstop as the best, there are several others that also got a 100% just like PC Pitstop! They published this report to jelp educate us consumers so we csn make the best decision and see the best detection rates. This is a good thing, why is everyone so upset at PC Pitstop for publishing this for us consumers.

    2. @Joe Blow: So, what exactly is your “career”?? You mention you have not heard of pc mstic your entire career but you do not give any background to your Joe Blow tech customer specialist career. Os it 1 year, 2 years… what? Regardless, just because you may not have heard of a product does not mean it should be categorized as something bad. I have never heard of Joe Blow the tech specialist, so I can then make the assumption that you are a moron then if I use your same methodology.
      Well, I have over 22 years as an IT professional and I service thousands of endpoints and I have been using PC Matic for several years and it is fantastic and makes my job much easier. How about instead of making ridiculous posts like this, as a so called tech specialist, attend any of the well known IT Security conferences held each year like IT Nation or MSP World where PC Matic has had a booth for numerous years, then you can learn more about them and actually be able to say you “heard” of security companies in business today.

      1. @MSP man: PCMatic is hardly an enterprise application so I wouldn’t be surprised that someone in enterprise security hasn’t heard of it. The same was true of MBAM until recently as well. Sure an MSP doing a thousand endpoints here and a thousand endpoints there might be more aware of it but I’m sure you also revel in the days of Spybot Search and Destroy and DJ Lizard. 22 years means nothing in this field if you fail to keep up with the times.

        1. @Gonzo: Again, someone who does not know what they are talking about. PC Matic offers a PC Matic MSP and PC Matic PRO product for enterprises!!!! Do your resarch before posting!!! Ignorant people!!!

  48. I tried PC Magic and it did not catch what Windows Defender did. I had a virus and a PUP on my system. PC Matic did not catch either one. It is the most troublesome piece of software I have ever used .

    1. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with our product. If there was a file that was not detected please reach out to our support team in the future and they can help with any issues. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to improve our product.

  49. It seems that your company is upset that someone is finally standing up to PUPs that are borderline malware and spyware.

    Malwarebytes has a reputation behind it, and your application is a PUP, thus it is now being detected properly.

    It seems that the reason you gave, that Malwarebytes is detecting you because of a detection result you posted, is an excuse to make Malwarebytes seem like a unfair company. Is it not true that they also have gotten more aggressive with MANY PUPs besides your application? Sure it is, you even have a different post about it with engima, which is also a PUP.

    You got the idea wrong here. Users conflicted with this issue should obviously keep Malwarebytes, and allow PCMatic to remain uninstalled. If you truely cared for users having security against Ransomware, you would also agree.

    1. @Nicole Getz: Thank you for the feedback Nicole, our company has been fighting against malware of all kinds for over 17 years and we take great pride in the protection we provide our customers. If you have evidence of it behaving maliciously please let us know so we can investigate it.

    2. @Nicole Getz: PC Matic IS NOT A PUP!!! I am sick and tired of people calling it something it is not. I wanted PC Matic, I paid for it and installed it, therefore it is not a pup. It has worked great for me and all of a sudden malwarebytes removes it from my machine a few days ago!!! Who gives them the right to do this, I want my pcmatic back. I tried contacting malwarebytes support and they will do nothing to help.

      1. @Simon: You gave Malwarebytes the right to remove PC Matic, probably by accepting the default setting under “Detection and Protection” in Malwarebytes to “Treat [PUP] detections as malware”. You could have changed that setting to “Warn user about detections”. You would then have been notified that PC Matic had been detected as malware and you could have added it to “Malware Exclusions”.

        I have several utilities and programs that various programs — including PC Matic — have flagged as PUPs at one time or another. I was able to deselect them and/or whitelist them to avoid having them deleted at that time and in the future.

        If I’ve learned nothing in my 30+ years of using computers, working in user support, and training users, it’s to read the documentation and check the default settings and change them if necessary. Know what your software does and doesn’t do, and never accept recommended deletions or corrections before reviewing them.

  50. The article indicates that Malwarebytes is removing part of PC Matic and by doing so leaving the system unprotected. However if MBAM is installed on the system to the point where it is flagging PC Matic, I am not seeing how the system is left unprotected. MBAM also contains anti-exploit and anti-ransomware components.

    Next time please provide information like hashes of the files tested as malware, how each product was configured and where 5000 brand new pieces of malware came from or if they were just mutexes. The lack of data and context around the initial test is reminiscent of a nine year old.

    1. @Gonzo: “and by doing so leaving the system unprotected.”

      Agreed. It’s definitely not. MBAM 3 Pro is a full AV by itself. They can’t say one full security product removing a shady security product is leaving the system unprotected.

  51. Malwarebytes is a joke and a fraudulent company! Just check out the complaints on…

    From 1 day ago:

    “Malwarebytes – Horrible Business Practice”
    Malwarebytes is now in some dispute with PC Matic.It just removed my paid up PC Matic program from one of my computers without any notice.

    I have the premium Malwarebytes and paid the premium a couple of months ago. Now it removes another paid program with no notice. The money on one of these licenses is not wasted. Have demanded a refund from Malwarebytes, but absolutey no response.

    No phone number to call, no customer service other than taking a day for someone to email back……no apology….no nothing! Absolute worst purchase I’ve ever made. Some lawyer needs to make a lot of money by filing a class action suit.

    I’m notifying my congress people and my state’s attorney general.Hoping that someone can dig in and stop this horrible business practice.

    December 10th:

    “Complaint on Malwarebytes Service”

    Malwarebytes just removed my PC Matic program from my computer saying it was a PUP.I have used PC Matic, with great success, for much longer than I have used Malwarebytes.

    I immediately uninstalled Malwarebytes from my computer and do not intend to ever reload any product from this supplier. In other words their products SUCK. All of the removal of PC Matic was done without my knowledge, consent or prior notification.

    What a way to do business.Thanks to PC Matic and their great support staff I have now resolved my problems and have found other malware programs that are every bit as good as Malwarebytes..My Malwarebytes file for bankruptcy in the very near future.

    1. Malwarebytes isn’t a decieveing company at all. I use Malwarebytes Premium and it seems to work fine. Hell, it detects things better than whatever this program attempts to “detect”
      And I’m not arguing. Have a great day.

      1. @Miles Prower: Have you even tried PC Matic? How can you say it detects things better than malwarebytes when you know nothing about it!!! Ridiculous people making ridiculous posts.

        1. Randy mate,
          Your software that is promoted on this website is a full on Potentially Unwanted Program. Why can’t you just accept the fact that your program does nothing compared to Malwarebytes. Hell, my school is currently in the process of changing over. So I suggest you stop trying to support your PUP since almost all computer techs use MBAM. I’m not going to argue, have a great day.

          1. @Miles Prower: Miles mate, why are you referring to it as my software? I do not own this company or work for them. I do pay for an annual subscription to PC Matic. We do agree on one thing, PC Matic doesn’t compare to Malwarebytes because it is far superior than Malwarebytes, there is no comparison!! 🙂 And why do you continue to call it a pup, it is not a potentially unsafe program, I have used it for years safely, my kids and grandchildren use it safely, so what the hell is unsafe about it? Where is your proof that it is a PUP? Come on, start backing your talk up with some actual facts. And your school is in the process of changing over to Malwarebytes, what the hell does that have to do with anything. Is your school harvard, yale or another ivy league institution or is it a preschool? Where is your factual data that “almost all techs use MBAM”. I know this is not true far from it, as Malwarebytes isn’t even in the top vendors. PC Matic isn’t in the top either, but I never said they were, you are saying the Malwarebytes is used by most computer techs. AVAST, MS, AVG, AVIRA, McAfee and Symantec are all in the top… hmm where is your precious Malwarebytes? C’mon mate, let the actual facts speak for itself, not your made up comments.

    2. @James: Those are ridiculous. I love how people think writing their ‘Murican congressman will have any impact on a European company. There are tons of PUPs that charge for their garbage software and, if MBAM were to remove them, that doesn’t make it a worse product, it makes it a better one. I have no opinion on “PC Matic” which I never seen on a PC in 15 years but complaining that an antimalware removed a PUP is just laughable.

      1. @George_Spelvin. Apparently you dont know what you are talking about either! That article you are linking to actually is saying PC Matic is not a PUP and a good program. It talks about the high vb100 scores as well. Maybe you should read the article before linking to it, but hey it just helps pc matic!

        1. @Bill Hilbilly: Did you even look at the vb100 results you’re praising?

          Last 6 tests: 0 passed, 3 failed, 3 no entry
          Last 12 tests: 1 passed, 5 failed, 6 no entry
          False positives: 13,753
          Stability: Buggy

          OVER THIRTEEN THOUSAND false positives! The second worst has 6. So that 3000x worse.
          How can you possibly defend that?

          1. @George_Spelvin: The name is Bill Hilbutlrn, not hillbilly you idiot. Yes I looked at the results, where do you think I found the 99.87% RAP score, are you blind. They blew everone else away with this score!!!! The only reason PC Matic fauled is because of the false positives, but I would much rather have some false positives and block nearly 100% of all ransomware, viruses and malware!! With PC Matic supershield whitelist, I simply add any known good programs that I run that may have been blocked as false positive to my whitelist and it no longer blocks it… but still blocks nearly 100% of all bad programs and files!!!! No other AV out there even got close to PC Matics score!!! You are a moron!!!

              1. @George_Spelvin: what do you mean BUDDY?? Im not your buddy as I am not buds with tards. I am not affiliated with PC Matic at all. Look me up anytime if you are ever in Denver and maybe I can educate you some. I usually get paid $70 per hour but for you I may do it for free.

      2. @George_Spelvin: PC Matic IS NOT A PUP!!! I am sick and tired of people calling it something it is not. I wanted PC Matic, I paid for it and installed it, therefore it is not a pup. It has worked great for me and all of a sudden malwarebytes removes it from my machine a few days ago!!! Who gives them the right to do this, I want my pcmatic back. I tried contacting malwarebytes support and they will do nothing to help.


  52. I’ve used Malwarebytes for years without a problem until I read your article which admittedly was published by your company I have never heard of your product. Just from my own experience I would want to have both sides of the story. That said there is plenty of business for both companies to be able to compete

  53. Malwareyte is safe and really good. P.C. Matic keeps an open port on your computer because you gave them permission to enter yourcomputer and do what ever they like. Same as having a tech come to your house and you give him the password to your computer so he can fix it. Malwarebytes treats PC matic as an intuder.

    1. @Sonny: Malwarebytes is most definitely not safe and good for a pc, its the exact opposite. You have absolutely no idea what you are typing. If malwarebytes is so great why wont they publicly test their security detection rates? These articles that pc matic posts are extremely helpful and I am glad to receive them each week. Pc matics ceo is not trying to push his program down your throat, he clearly says that it is best for consumers to do their due diligence and research detection rates to stay protected. Malwarebytes is a shady ass company to be doing what this article says they are doing, blocking everything related to pcmatic. They are not only removing software without consent, they are blocking pc matic web sites, blog posts, ads… anything mentioning pc matic. What gives them the right to do this? How can they remove a paid program that users paid for with their hard earned money? I smell a big lawsuit coming and malwarebytes reputation will be tarnished for life.

  54. I use PC Matic/Super Shield by itself WITHOUT running it in tandem with any other product’s software. I even removed Microsoft Security Essentials, (running tandem/multiple programs often butt heads with each other and even slow a computer down). I have used other products in the past, free AND paid for. I’m no IT specialist and consider myself a touch above average user only. I believe until proven otherwise, that there isn’t a better product out there right now or I would have already switched to it, Free or not. Btw, I also believe that PC Matic’s included weekly news/tech bulletins about what’s good/ what’s bad/how toos, have been invaluable as well.

      1. @George_Spelvin: Here is ole George “Malwarebytes” Spelvin, too scared to even use his real name (uses a fictitious name from a cartoon) attacking other honest people for not agreeing with his and his employer’s (Malwarebytes) beliefs. What a shame. Do not listen to any of Geoge Spelvin’s posts as he is getting paid by Malwarebytes to spend his weekend posting here. What a shame.

  55. Well I’m a tech and I have had malwarebytes on my computers and also put it on others I work on and as long as they do as I say they have no problem on there computer. Now for your ad’s! I see them all the time and as a computer tech there’s no way any software can do what your saying your can do. Maybe that’s why malwarebytes removes your program. But hay I do got to say great ad’s but need to tone down the lies and tell them the truth. There’s no way you can do all that when I can’t when I’m sitting in front of the computer. So one more thumbs up for malwarebytes.

    1. @Jeff: I have been using PCMatic for years and not only has it kept my computer 100% virus/malware/ransomware free, but it also keeps my computer running like new. I dont have to do a thing other than schedule the scans. It optimizes my broadband speed, defrags, cleans up junk and temp files, removes unnecessary startup programs and more, as well as keeps it secure and protected. Now I know that many of these basic pc maintenance tasks can be performed manually, but at my age I dont have the time or patience to do these. It is great to have a simple and effective program like pcmatic to do all this for me. So, in response to your comment, I can attest that pcmatic does everything it says it can do! I agree the commericals are a little cheesy, but the software can speak for itself and I am a customer for life, literally as I purchased a lifetime license, which is another great deal they offer. No lies here or in their ads, just truth. Oh and hay is for horses, hey is the correct word you were looking for.

        1. Brandon-
          Great question! PC Matic actually includes an ad blocking feature, which effectively prevents pop-up ads and disables these unwanted sites from running in your background. By doing so, the broadband speed increases because fewer unwanted sites are using bandwidth. I hope this helps to answer your question!

            1. My apologies for answering your question. I’m sure Bill will provide an explanation soon, regarding his personal experience.

                1. Bill Hilburn, I don’t work for Malwarebytes. I want the response to come from a user, not an employee from the company. Yes I may behind a screen right now but I’d say the exact same thing in person! Yes I am grown up and have real world experience, I’ve been working on computers for several years now. Now as for your comment about joining one of the armed forces, I’d love to except for the fact that I’m in a wheelchair so how about watch what you say cause you don’t know everyone’s story!! *George Spelvin she mentioned that she was from the company in an earlier comment!

        2. Kayla already answered your question. Why reply with a jerk response like that? What is wrong with these hipocrite millennials who have nothing better to do then sit behind their computer and type bs like this and act tough from the comfort of their homes and the rest of the time probably playing stupid video games! Grow up, get some real world experience and be a frickin human being and be polite. Why not thank Kayla for answering your question instead of being an ass! You are such a coward, how about join the marines, army, hell even the navy and get some hair on your chest and become a man.

  56. I have been a victim of the New Ransomware Disguised as Microsoft Alert I had to pay more than $200 to be able to use my computer. I had the “Red screen of death”This was about 4 months ago. What if anything can I do about this…Can I get my money back, do I need to install another virus detector… I had Norton at the time of the Malwarebytes attack. What should I do now ? If it makes any difference I am 73 yrs of age.

    1. You have / had a bad Trojan on your computer, I’m sorry but you probably lost your money. You can format your hard drive and reinstall windows if you can’t get rid of it with an antivirus, but I’d recommend getting someone who knows what they’re doing so that. Also, don’t ever pay any malware anything, that makes cybercimals make more malware. One more thing, don’t trust this PCPitstop thing, it looks really phishy, and does things that aren’t possible (e.g. “optimise your broadband speed). Get a well known Antivirus like Avast and always keep it up to date, don’t visit phishy websites, don’t download anything you don’t trust (always scan suspected files on virus total).

    2. @Calvin Barr: Your money is long gone, maybe if you used a credit card to pay over the phone and didn’t have to wire anything, you could get a reversal, but in reality the money has been shuffled around the globe and isn’t retrievable. It is absolutely critical that you do not install another anti-virus program. Two different anti-viruses will compete against each other, and kill each other’s effectiveness to say nothing of all the resources it’ll suck down on from your computer.

      I’ve never been a fan of Norton myself and usually recommend AVG, but I wont peddle a competitor’s product on this page. Go to this page and register at the forums. Go to the Security sub-form and then General Security, and post this question on there. You should get plenty of help on what options you have open to you.

  57. seems that those who had positive things to say about Malwarebytes did not read this or were to confused by their built in prejudices to understand that this only effects people with PC pitstop software. Maybe they are employees of Malwarebytes.

    If this piece is the truth I smell a lawsuit.

    1. @John: The short answer is yes. My perspective is that Malwarebytes is the bad guy here.PCMatic is fantastic and as a competitor is perceived by Malwarebytes as a threat to their business. Malwarebytes answer is to destroy their competitor.

  58. To the people saying that they haven’t had this problem with “another anti-virus software”; that isn’t the point here for several reasons. I speak as an IT professional of over a decade.

    The thrust of the argument is that this series of events occurred:

    1) PC Pitstop released a public test of AV software, that displayed Malwarebytes’ test results among others.

    2) Malwarebytes responded with an update that flagged PC Pitstop’s software as “malware” and removed it.

    This isn’t the behavior of a security company, that’s the behavior of the friggin’ mafia.

    Further: Just because you think you’ve never had problems… doesn’t mean that you’ve never had problems. Most modern sophisticated security threats are not detectable. They silently copy and send off data, and without appropriate protection many times you won’t even know you’re hacked. That’s why these results matter: the more threats you’re protected against (and the more threats your antivirus is aware of), the safer you ultimately are.

    1. Except, Malwarebytes is not the only company that labels PC Pitstop’s software as illegitimate. Coming from a person who used it, it does nothing except have ads pop up relentlessly. Many companies and blogs go so far as to label PC Matic a virus, and I would have to agree.

      1. Our company has been fighting against malware of all kinds for over 17 years and we take great pride in the protection we provide our customers. If you have evidence of our product acting maliciously please do reach out to our support team at so we can investigate and correct it. Thank you very much for the feedback.

  59. I’ve used Malwarebytes free edition for years in conjunction with a few other anti-malware, rootkit, virus software, and never had any issues, ever. Even to this day.

    1. The problem is with the new Version 3.0 that merges three Malwarebytes standalone products into one suite. It’s that new product that is removing other competing products. The original description and article is fair because it’s what’s happening. Just take the time to wade through multiple tech blogs and you’ll find it.

  60. I’ve had Malwarebytes and at least one type of anti-viral protection running in tandem for years. Never had even one problem such as you’ve described.

    1. IF PC Pitstop would just have an anti-virus /malware program and not a “optimizer” component this issue would not have happened. Malwarebytes has always played nice with AV programs with an exclusion here and there in some cases. MB is attacking all the registry, booster, and other types of optimizer programs because MB believes as does Microsoft that those programs are not needed and do more damage than good.

      Also for the record it does not call PC Pitstop or any other program MALWARE. it is considered a Potentially Unwanted Program PUP for short.

      1. Well every one to their own taste. What works for one might not work for another. I am happy with what I have, so if malwarebytes leave me alone I am happy. Funny thing PC Pitstop calls them pups.

        1. I want you to know that I have had many anti-virus , malware preventions, programs over the years and I am very pleased with the performance and protection that I have received from PC Pitstop, PC Matic Super Shield.
          I had many fail me and lie to me, let alone try and get help from them when I really needed it to save my computer from certain death.
          I still have two old computers in the closet containing some nasty viruses on there hard drives.
          The minute I was notified that Malwarebytes was maybe on my system I did a search and found it was, and deleted it just as quick with PC Pitstop Techs help now my system works great again.

        2. I have had many anti-virus , malware preventions, programs over the years and I am very pleased with the performance and protection that I have received from PC Pitstop, PC Matic Super Shield.
          I had many fail me and lie to me, let alone try and get help from them when I really needed it to save my computer from certain death.
          I still have two old computers in the closet containing some nasty viruses on there hard drives.
          The minute I was notified that Malwarebytes was maybe on my system I did a search and found it was, and deleted it just as quick with PC Pitstop Techs help now my system works great again.

      2. Don’t know what your smoking but I’m pretty sure it’s a hallucinogen. Unless you are a professional programmer or have a PhD in computer science (which by the way I do), then just STFU. When Malwarebytes is installed on your computer it also installs its OWN malware, it will even delete PCMatic, Avast, and when Trend Micro is encountered the two will cancel each other out and (in some instances) fry your bio’s. When that happens, it’s time to trash your computer and buy a new one, it’s worse than pushing the shift, control and alt at the same time.

        1. @David R Marks Sr:

          You can’t make a bigger lie. I highly doubt you have a PhD, or else you would know that MBAM is not an antivirus software, but is meant to be used WITH antivirus. It is a complementary service. Next you’re going to say that the “Clean This” antivirus is not a rogue and totally legit. If you don’t know what I am talking about, search on YouTube Clean This. There is that guy, RogueAmp, that made a video about it. You’ll see.
          By the way MBAM can’t install it’s own malware without triggering Windows Defender or MSE. Told you, you can’t make a bigger lie.

          1. Direct note to Mr. Cheng: Stop complaining about other applications disabling PC Pitstop software. I just completed a scan on my PC with my paid-for PC Pitstop program. I specified NO CHANGES in the options. So what did PC Pitstop do? Destroyed every entry in my registry concerning IOBIT products, which I have used successfully for years, and deleted half of the files in the IOBIT folder. How can you complain about other programs doing the same thing that you are doing? FIX THIS. (shouting deliberate).

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