Why Ransomware Continues to Spread

2016 – The Year of Ransomware

CIO from IDG recently published an article regarding the upswing our nation has seen in ransomware infections in 2016.  It is without a doubt, 2016 has been the year of ransomware.  However, very little headway has been made to prevent future infections.  It seems the common consensus is to throw more money at IT departments and expect them to buy the best security software available.

But how do they know what is the best?  How do they know what to look for?  That is part of the problem.  Very little focus is on detection rates when looking at enhancing their security solution.  Isn’t that an issue?  Would you buy a home without a full inspection?  Would you buy a car without knowing the crash test ratings or MPGs?  Probably not.  So why throw caution to the wind when looking at a security solution that is suppose to protect your most valuable data?

Finding the Best AV

You shouldn’t.  AV Comparatives recently released the results of their Antivirus Detection Test that was conducted on various security solution programs.  You are able to access the full report here.  Also, Virus Bulletin released their most recent Reactive and Proactive Test results, which can be viewed here.  Instead of basing IT decisions on brand recognition, perhaps we should look at the data.  This includes both proactive and reactive detection rates.

Additional Safety Tips

That being said, CIO from IDG also released 15 tips home and business PC users should keep in mind when attempting to keep their information safe against cyber criminals.  A few of the tips include implementing application whitelisting, using a virtual PC to open any risky programs, and making sure all programs are updated timely.  You can read the full list of their tips here.


Ransomware continues to spread every single day.  In order to prevent yourself from being the next victim, there are several steps you need to take to protect your data.  Not only should you follow the tips from CIO, but it is imperative you begin using a security solution that has strong and stable detection rates.

Stay safe out there.


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