Bulgarian Man Accused of GozNym Malware Distribution is Extradited to US

And Justice For All?

Typically when it comes to cyber criminals, we get the feeling there isn’t much the government can or will do to find them.  This is because a majority of the time the attacks are coming from overseas and are incredibly difficult to track.  This is also what the hackers rely on — for our government to say that it is too much work, or cannot be done.  For one Bulgarian man, that was not the case.

Alleged GozNym Distributer Federally Indicted

Bulgarian man, Krasimir Nikolov was in court today for his alleged involvement in the distribution of the malware, GozNym.  Nikolov plead not guilty to charges of conspiracy, unauthorized access of a computer to obtain financial information, and four counts of bank fraud.  According to ABC News, the following companies are identified as the victims of Nikolov’s malware tactics:

  • Nord-Lock Inc. where cyber criminals attempted to fraudulently transfer $378,500 from a PNC Bank account.
  • Protech Asphalt Maintenance where another attempted $243,000 wire transfer took place.
  • Foresight Sports, with another $118,000 wire transfer attempt.
  • California Furniture Collections’ with a wire transfer attempt of $728,000.

It should be noted that all of these attempts were unsuccessful.

If convicted, Nikolov is facing $3.5 million in fines and up to 100 years in prison.

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