PC Matic Dominates with Perfect Virus Detections on the Venerable VB100

In April 2016, we released PC Matic’s Super Shield 2.0 engine at no additional cost. There were numerous improvements in the new engine.

Super Shield 2.0 Improvements

  • enhanced signature based detections
  • enhanced hash based detections
  • enhanced DLL detections
  • 100% internally developed and implemented eliminating our reliance on Vipre’s black list engine
  • new script based detections which block malicious scripts run through Power Shell, wscript, cscript, MSHTA, and runDLL before they execute.

The potential for our new engine was enormous, but we first wanted to prove it in independent tests. In June 2016, we submitted the new engine to the venerable and well respected Virus Bulletin RAP test. They ran their tests in August 2016, and we received the first results in December 2016.

The Virus Bulletin tests are known for their large sample sizes. In this study, there were 50K viruses and 850K good files. These tests are in stark contrast to the rest of the AV testing agencies whose samples sizes typically measure in the hundreds. In order to test such a high volume of viruses, the Virus Bulletin tests are highly automated, and puts extreme pressure on the AV engines. Critics of the Virus Bulletin correctly argue that throwing 50K viruses is extreme and not real world. This is offset by the large sample sizes which provides a wider view of viruses across geographies, threat types, and threat behaviors.

PC Matic’s 2.5 year journey to perfection

We are proud to achieve the industry’s first perfect score on the Virus Bulletin RAP test. This is historic because perfect virus detection is what the market wants and requires. No one wants an AV that catches 90% of the viruses and lets the other 10% enter. We have a perfect score on what is arguably the industry’s most difficult test. So difficult, that many of the larger AV engines have not participated in years.

Critics point to PC Matic’s false positive rate which for this test totaled 13,753. There were 850,000 samples for an accuracy of 98.3%. PC Matic handles false positives in a unique manner. In the event of a false positive, PC Matic blocks the process from executing, but the file is not removed or quarantined. This gives the user the option to address the false positive in six mouse clicks. In parallel, the false positive is uploaded and analyzed by our research team in 24 hours or less. False positives are how PC Matic keeps its white list up to date, much in the way that false negatives are the way that the rest of the industry keeps its black list up to date.

This Virus Bulletin result shows the enormous potential of the white list – to catch every single virus before it executes. The trade off is a 1.7% chance of a false positive, which is an inconvenience. This test result makes the choice clear.

Test Notes

  • The VB100 is a free voluntary test. Virus Bulletin began the RAP test circa 2009. This is the same time frame that products such as McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro, and Webroot discontinued testing with Virus Bulletin. We are working with Virus Bulletin to include involuntary results in future RAP tests.
  • The RAP test is two separate tests, reactive and proactive. For the proactive, Virus Bulletin, installs the security product and disconnects the internet connection for two weeks. During that two week period, Virus Bulletin collects the viruses, and uses the new samples against the frozen security products. In addition to the large samples sizes, that is why some call the Virus Bulletin RAP test, the industry’s most difficult test.

Below is a table with all of the PC Matic Virus Bulletin RAP scores, as well as the highest, lowest, and average test scores.  You may access each report in its entirety by clicking on the month/year.

PC Matic Historic Virus Bulletin RAP Test Results

Date of TestRAP ScoreRAP AverageRAP HighRAP LowPC Matic Proactive ScoreRAP Proactive Average
April 201495.8087.7095.8066.2092.0078.92
August 201495.9890.8898.2040.8089.6080.55
December 201486.8982.4391.6322.5072.2869.72
April 201592.7983.2394.7914.8487.4976.85
August 201592.5275.5692.5225.1086.1065.72
October 201590.7187.3195.9564.386.4778.56
December 201593.4284.9993.5067.7089.8070.57
April 201687.0777.9087.4031.5087.7063.94
August 201699.9081.0399.9041.9099.9066.60
December 201699.9082.6699.9063.399.9064.35

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34 thoughts on “PC Matic Dominates with Perfect Virus Detections on the Venerable VB100”

  1. Still puzzled as to how my new Android smartphone became virus infected within 48 hours of being activated, and it’s inability to detect and remove with all available antivirus and cleaning APS available to Android OS?

  2. My family and I have had our pc infected before and it cost us more than just a lot of money to get things back to normal. We have tried other so called anti virus programs, let’s just say we are more than happy to see you come along. We won’t be going anywhere else for Our pc protection!.

  3. Funny thing my computer crashed in Oct with PC Matic .. Have asked a few times to get PC matic back up and running on my computrer with no response.. I will be asking for a refund as their American customer service sucks.

    1. Kayla Thrailkill

      According to our helpdesk records, we have not received any helpdesk requests from you since September of 2015. Please submit a helpdesk ticket via http://www.pcmatic.com/help, and we will get PC Matic back up and running as soon as possible. Thank you!

  4. This is my first time even heating about this, no one ever said anything about this to me. So I will have to use it and find out what it is.

  5. I used to use pc matic for about 4 years during that time I didn’t get any viruses or maleware that I didn’t want,It also kept my PC up tp date on all updates that it needed.I haven’t used it in 2 years due to money issues but I highly recommend this product it will not let you down.

  6. I have PC Matic !! Ilove it and I will stay with them they take care of my comp. Never had a problem with them .Truly happy with PC MATIC!! Loyal Subscriber!! Thank You PC MATIC!!

        1. I tried to get PC matic for my android just recently but was told it’s not available. What is the actual name of the app? I’m using avast right now and not really happy with it. I do love pc matic on my laptops

  7. I have an online service that ‘saves my ass’ when something goes wrong. The thing that bothers me is if I have ANY AV or Malware program in addition to Microsoft Essentials they disable it every time, saying you-don’t-need-any-other-program. Maybe they are Microsoft brainwashed? I haven’t had PCMATIC for a few years just because I got tired of having them going through and disable everything.

  8. I just got it a week ago. My PC already runs a lot faster and it took off a heck of a lot of junk I had on my computer. If you don’t already have it, get it.

      1. Virus Bulletin tests different security solutions. If PC Matic were indeed a scam, Virus Bulletin would expose that, not test it.

        If you have any specific questions about our software, I would be more than happy to discuss. Thank you, and have a great weekend!

      2. @Comment for Randall: Someone who is too ashamed to use his name or give any factual comments has no value in these posts. Please explain with actual facts why you believe this is a scam.

        We have been using PC Matic for 2 years now and I can factually say it is definitely not a scam. I saw an immediate improvement in my computer performance and I have been completely virus and malware free ever since.

        1. Randall McCraney

          @Jesse Campbell: I never thought PC Matic was a scam.The first I heard of that was right here. I wanted to purchase Virus Protection and I was trying to find the best. I really like PC Matic so I’m gonna buy it!

  9. I made a similar comment to a youtube video post that some guy made yesterday. He made a video talking some trash about PC Matic. He tried to debunk everything PC Matic says it can do. He says he is using a brand new machine with a virtual disk, but the funny thing is after he rad a PC Matic scan, the only fixes it found was some fragmenting and optimize some internet browser settings. He even agreed with some of PC Matic’s findings saying they were right in some places. But, if PC Matic was an actual scam, it would most likely scan and flag his computer was infected with something to get him to purchase the software. It did not do this at all. Yes, it found some fixes on his “new” machine, but they were very small recommended fixes to degrag some items, optimize browser settings and enable his system restore test! I think he was wishing for it to find way more worse items to fix, but to his surprise it didn’t and proves PC Matic is a legit AV.

    Now, as I posted to his video – I read this article above article on TechTalk and I also read the link to the virus bulletin results that the guy in the video shared. He goes on in the video to stress that PC Pitstop “failed” the vb100 tests so PC Pitstop is trying to manipulate the public and it is all a marketing ploy. However, what he is not comprehending is how the test works. Yes, it looks like PC Matic failed the vb100 test. This is because of the false positives they had when testing. However, what he does not explain is if you get even 1 false positive you fail the vb100 test. So, yes they failed – but the products that passed averaged a detection rate RAP score only in the low to mid 80% range. For example, AVG is a well-known AV product. It passed the vb100 test because it had 0 false positives. But it had a RAP detection rate score of ONLY 83.15%!!!! So, yes, they passed – but they are allowing 17% of viruses to infect a users pc! They won’t block a good program from running with 0 false positives, but 17% infection. Now, with PC Matic receiving a RAP score of 99.9%, it is virtually impossible to get an infection on my pc. Yes, they had false positives, which is why they did not pass, but as the article above states it was only 1.7% false positive rating and if a good program was falsely blocked, it is not quarantined or removed. The end user can whitelist the program so it no longer is blocked again in the future or let pc pitstop’s researchers whitelist it for them.

    So, to put in in perspective by reviewing the vb100 results – with PC Matic’s 99.9% detection rate you will not get any infections but there is a 1.7% chance it may block a good program from running (which you can still easily whitelist so it does not block it again). They did not pass the vb100 test because of the false positives. The products that passed will not block a good program from running, but there is a far better chance of getting an infection on your pc with most detection rate scores in the mid 80% range.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I do not want my pc to get infected with anything and if I can easily whitelist a program that has a 1.7% chance of getting blocked, it may be a slight inconvenience for me – but not near as much as an inconvenience if I get infected with ransomware!!!! It is clear now that my vote is PC Matic.

    1. @Bill Hilburn: I have had AVG for years because it was free. All worked well until one day I got a message saying my computer was infected and to call an 800 number to fix it. The message would not go away. So I called the number only to get a person in a foreign country trying to sell me a computer repair service. So I did my diligence and researched several computer repair services purchasing one to fix the problem, and they did at a cost of $300 for a 3 year subscription.

      I then purchased the AVG tune up software and must admit it has worked well for the entire year. Now expired it is suggesting renewal. In the meantime, my AVG is still running without the tune up in force. I decided to do my diligence again and look for what I thought was the best AV program and best tune up program. I have seen pc-matic commercials many times so I decided to check it out as well as 5 other programs. PC-Matic got the best score in my opinion. So I decided to download the free version which I suspected would be a time trial type of the real version. Guess what..? AVG detected the install program as virus and deleted it before I could install it. Wouldn’t this action be considered a false positive..? I think so. I would guess they don’t want the competition to even have a fair chance for the business so they remove it under the auspicious of being a virus.

      After reading the low virus detection rating and now this false positive on a competitive software program, it’s goodbye AVG for sure. As Bill Hilburn so adequately stated, I’d rather be inconvenienced 1.7% of the time with a 99.9% virus detection rate, than never inconvenienced with an 83.3% detection rate. Add in I won’t be purchasing a separate tune up program and probably not renewing the repair service, it’s almost a no brainer. If PC-Matic does all the things it says it will, I’m all in..!

  10. This is precisely why I love PC Matic! I also liked malwarebytes and used both. I read some comments about the false positives PC Matic had in the latest test and the comments made it seem like a horrible thing, but after this great explanation it makes me feel much more comfortable with using PC Matic. I would much rather guarantee I will not be infected with anything with the nearly 100% RAP score, and have a small 1.7% chance of blocking a good program from running, but have the opportunity to whitelist the good program so it is not blocked again. PC Matic is great and now my first choice.

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