Malwarebytes Removes PC Matic PUA Categorization

PC Pitstop is pleased to announce that Malwarebytes is no longer flagging PC Matic as a potentially unwanted program. Both applications can once again co-exist on systems.

The Malwarebytes detection began on December 5th, and we initiated efforts to resolve the issue. On December 23rd, we made contact with the proper people at Malwarebytes. After that point, the Malwarebytes personnel were responsive and professional, including working through the holiday weekend.

Malwarebytes focus was on the PC Matic’s performance optimization code and a potential customer’s prepurchase experience. Malwarebytes asserted that these features may have been appropriate for older systems, but no longer provided the benefits for newer systems such as Windows 10. Malwarebytes believed that PC Matic was overstating the benefits for these users.

Since the creation of Super Shield, PC Matic’s award-winning, white list real time protection, our company’s marketing and development focus has shifted to computer security and less on computer optimization. We have made hundreds of changes to PC Matic’s user interface to inform without overstating the benefits of using our product. The largest change was color coding certain features such as registry cleaning and disk defragmentation as purple rather than red.

I want to thank our customers. The outpouring of support during this tricky time was a source of inspiration and strength. Now that this episode is behind us, we will continue to work in making the absolute best American made security and proving it in public tests.


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49 thoughts on “Malwarebytes Removes PC Matic PUA Categorization”

  1. I wish the above headline were true. On 12 Jun 2017 it appears not, at least not on my Vista 64 machine.
    (Constantly updated) Malwarebytes Premium’s scan this morning returned 36 PCPITSTOP entries under the name “PUP.OPTIONAL.PCPOptimize.”
    – 30 were in various HKLM\SOFTWARE directories.
    – 6 were in HKCR\ and were PCPITSTOPERASE2 functions

    1. Unfortunately some of our other products like Optimize will need to be added to your exemptions list in Malwarebytes. However, PC Matic should no longer be flagged.

  2. By the way, we were running Malwarebytes protection on a new computer after a strong recommendation from the vendor. We had serious problems on several occasions that required a wipe but the vendor insisted on using Malwarebytes. I finally installed PC Matic a couple years ago and all our problems disappeared. This software is magic.

  3. Our daughter had Norton Antivirus on her computer and it became infected. She took it to a repair shop, they cleaned the hard drive and within one week, her computer was infected again and almost inoperable.
    We added her computer to our 5 computer package and within a few hours, PC Matic had cleaned 2 problems up and her machine runs beautifully now. THANK YOU PC Matic!!!

    1. Malwarebytes did clear PC Matic and the PC Pitstop domains. There are however, a few non-PC Matic apps that they are still looking into. We anticipate a resolution quickly. Thank you!

  4. PC PItstain still IS malware; just that MBAM caved. They listed numerous reasons for it to be flagged correctly as a PUP and each one, individually, was sufficient. You guys must have lawyered up pretty well to make them change their minds.

  5. Thanks for the co-operation with both parties. I will re-installing Malwarebytes on both of my computers. I am a paid subscriber for both PC Matic and MB. I will now re-installing MB. There was no way I was going to uninstall PC Matic!! The folks at PC Pitstop have given me THE BEST personal service of any company I have ever dealt with. Previously, I tried to white list all PC Matic elements with MB. That didn’t work. I will report back this afternoon if I have a problem. This problem with MB should never have happened. All is forgiven – hopefully. May we all have a prosperous New Year!

    1. We currently have an android application in the google play store under PC Matic for Android. Just log in with the email and password on your account to activate it!

  6. 1/16/2017 1:30 pm just reloaded Malwarebytes, forced update. Malwarebytes still quaratines your infocenter as a PUP thanks for any help

    1. Larry, can you please let us know what version of Malwarebytes you are on (2.0 v 3.0) and what version your definitions are? You can find this by going to the about section in the settings of the program and looking under “Update Package Version”.

      1. Hi Devin,
        Component package version 1.0.43
        Package Version 1.0.1030
        I’m going to uninstall and reload to see if that fixes it.
        Thanks for a reply.

        1. Thank you for the information Larry! That version should not be detecting infocenter as a PUP any more. Unfortunately if you re-load it and still see the detection you may need to reach out to Malwarebytes to see why it is still showing the detection. It may also help to do an uninstall and reinstall of PC Matic.

          1. I reloaded Malwarebytes and it seems to be working right and did NOT issue any warning about PC Matic PUA categorization.
            Thanks Devin for the great customer support with the quick reply.

            1. Larry that’s great! I’m glad to hear everything is working out now. I hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

  7. PC Matic is Malware and pretending that it isn’t doesn’t make it so. None of your products claim to do what they say they do and most are dangerous at best.

    1. Kayla Thrailkill

      I am sorry that you feel that way. However, PC Matic is most certainly not malware. It is a certified ICSA Labs anti-virus solution. It has also been tested by Virus Bulletin and AV Comparatives as a legitimate security solution.

      May I ask when you tried PC Matic? I would be more than happy to review your account to investigate any issues you may have experienced while using our product.

    2. @Rockn: Rockin must be on another planet! I’ve been using PCMatic now for at least 4 years and I know it’s NOT MALWARE!!! PCM has even cleaned ransomware after I pulled the battery and rebooted from scratch direct into PCM. You won’t be getting me to switch to any other antiVirus or malware progs! RapidRabbitt

      1. @RapidRabbitt: Yes, the planet is called Earth. So you are now claiming that PC Matic will clean ransomware? Good lord is there anything that it cannot do, it can even unencrypt encrypted files? I smell snake oil and a PCM employee posting.

  8. I sent malwarebytes an email asking why they started identifying PC matic as an threat – their reply didn’t come close to even acknowledging the question. I uninstalled malwarebytes and wont be doing business with them again!

    1. Suzzy, please confirm that you have Malwarebytes upgraded to the latest definitions so that there is no longer a detection. If you are using Malwarebytes 3.0 click “Current” on the right hand side to force an update. Please let us know if you continue seeing a detection.

  9. I uninstalled Malwarebytes quite a while back and have no plans to put it back. I had some pc’s with both and some with PC Matic only and I saw no difference in performance. IMHO PC Matic is the superior product.

    1. We just received confirmation from Malwarebytes. The problems you were experiencing earlier should no longer be an issue.

      1. Thanks for update. As a temp workaround, Malwarebytes does provide a screen to indicate which urls to allow. PC Matic / Shield is flagged even with new 3.0+ Malwarebytes release. So others not familiar with workaround may want to know.

        So we are good. Thanks for the follow-up…Much appreciated.

        1. @Harvard Miller: Harvard, make sure to update Malwarebytes to the newest definitions to see it stop flagging our program. If you’re using Malwarebytes 3.0 click on “Current” on the right side to prompt an update.

          1. I have malwarebytes pro with a lifetime license. I updates automatically. This isn’t the problem.
            This started a couple of weeks ago. Never had a problem before.

            1. @Harvard Miller: Yes, Malwarebytes had categorized our product as a PUP for a few weeks however it has now been corrected. Malwarebytes Pro does update automatically however it may be set to only pull down updates 1 time per day. If you’re using Malwarebytes 3.0 make sure your version is 1.0.988 or higher. If you’re using Malwarebytes 2.0 make sure you are on version v2017.01.12.09 or higher.

              If you are on those versions and are still seeing a detection by Malwarebytes you may need to reach out to their customer service team.

  10. I read this article on the 10th so I downloaded the Malwarebites current software and it immediately flagged a pcmatic action as a pup and quarantined it forcing me to restart my computer and try to work through the false positive. (The quarantine of the pcmatic pup disabled pcmatic so I just, once again, removed Malwarebites from my computer and reinstalled pcmatic.
    Can you tell me if it is safe to reinstall Malwarebites now?

    1. Kayla Thrailkill

      There are still a few outstanding detections with MalwareBytes, so I would hold off until early next week. While the detections should not disrupt the use of PC Matic, we want the user experience to be one where there are zero detections on PC Matic by MalwareBytes.

      1. @Kayla Thrailkill: Ditto, and Malwarebytes does catch URLs which PC Matic does not, however, I do enjoy, like, and will continue to deploy both security software architectures/infrastructures. Please address the Malwarebytes blocking – Malwarebytes 3.0 – release.

    2. @Carey: Ditto, and Malwarebytes does catch URLs which PC Matic does not, however, I do enjoy, like, and will continue to deploy both security software architectures/infrastructures. Please address the Malwarebytes blocking – Malwarebytes 3.0 – release.

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