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PC Monitor Display Sizes Continues to Grow

Our analysis shows that PC monitor display size continue to grow.   The average desktop monitor diagonal size at the end of 2016 is 22.1 inches.  While on the portable PC side, the average display diagonal size comes in at 16.1 inches.  (Note: This analysis focuses on simple diagonal monitor display sizes.  Obviously aspect ratio, the ratio of height and width, also plays a role in the viewing size of a given monitor.)

Average Desktop and Portable PC Monitor Display Size
PC Monitor Display Size
Average PC Monitor Display Sizes

Popularity of Monitor Sizes

Over the pass seven years, larger desktop monitor sizes continues to be the trend.  Our data shows that in 2016, over half of all desktop PCs are 20 inches or larger.  Large screen LED and LCD monitor prices continue to decline.  Another driving force of the larger monitor display size is a reflection of how PCs usage has become more focused on entertainment.  Larger screens are often desired for tasks such as  streaming video, displaying photographs and playing action games.

Desktop PC Monitor Size Trends

The portable PC display size landscape show a little different picture.  Our analysis below reveals relatively flat display sizes over time.  Obviously, the 18 inch and larger displays reflected in the chart below are likely due to external monitors being attached to portable PCs.  The data shows that the 15 inch display size represents approximately 75% of the portable PCs in use today.  In addition, approximately  15% of users prefer the larger 17 inch displays for their portable needs.

Portable PC Display Size Trends

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