HP Recalls 101,000 Lithium Batteries Due To Fire Hazards

HP Recalls Thousands of Lithium Batteries

HP recently disclosed they will be recalling an estimated 101,000 lithium batteries due to overheating and fire hazards.  According to The Verge, the devices impacted include HP ENVY, HP ProBook, HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario’s that were purchased between March 2013 to October 2016.  HP has created a recall and replacement site, which can be accessed here.  It is most certainly worth taking the time to check and see if your device needs its battery replaced.  If it does, HP will provide one, free of charge.

Ongoing Dangers of Lithium Batteries

Lithium battery recalls have been an ongoing trend for some time now.  The fire and overheating risks aren’t new, but more and more devices continue to be impacted.  In 2016, the most publicized recall for lithium batteries was probably for the Samsung Note 7.  What you may not know, is Toshiba also recalled thousands of PC lithium batteries in 2016 for the same hazards.

In 2006, PC Pitstop helped to expose the dangers of lithium batteries. In 2013, a similar study was done by PC Pitstop, in hopes the risks would no longer present themselves.  However, the results were disturbing.  You can view the study, which exploits the overheating and fire hazards with these batteries below,

At some point, manufactures must understand these batteries are hazardous and an alternative powering solution must be created.

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10 thoughts on “HP Recalls 101,000 Lithium Batteries Due To Fire Hazards

  1. OMG, did the conversation above really take place? How the heck is politics connected to decisions on batteries? Time marching forward and not wanting to be left in the dust, it seems like all companies that had power operated goods, whether they be laptop computers cell phones, drill sets, or even those cute little things on wheels that you could ride down the street on jumped on the bandwagon and went to using the lithium batteries. It did seem like a great decision, as they supplied a constant level of power and outlasted conventional batteries, but it would seem that even good intentions do not always work out for the best. From there the finger pointing starts. No one seems to want to take responsibility. I have two Dell laptop computers and both are having problems with the batteries yet I have not heard y phone ring or received anything in the mail saying that there seems to be a problem with the battery in your computer and we need to replace it. Why? I suppose we are talking a HUGE expense here and nobody wants to be associated with that. So there you have it. Stop the idiotic pointing out of politicians and blame the real culprits: Corporate greed!

  2. was a loyal hp buyer for the last 15 years, but my last 2 desktops left me in a bad mood…a corrupt hard drive after a year, and the last one had problems right out of the box, and to make matters worse, customer service doesn’t speak very good english…never will buy hp again!!!

  3. When a large company is stupid enough to engage in political favorites like HP did with their public support of Obama & Clinton………..THEY ARE REALLY STUPID ENOUGH TO PUT A FIRE HAZARD IN STUFF THEY SELL TO THE PUBLIC……….
    Where do you think their stock price will be in 2018-2020?

    • @Harrycigar: It was their support of Obama & Clinton That swayed me to support & buy HP. If they are smart enough to know who to support someone who would be the BEST for America Then they must know what is best for their company & customers. 1 Mistake vs thousands of bad decisions & mistakes that Comrade Trump & his republican party makes that’s detremental to their customers Us Americans I’ll settle for

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