PC Pitstop’s First Retiree

As of January 31, 2017 Doug Bender, a dedicated PC Pitstop employee, will be entering retirement.  He is PC Pitstop’s first retiree.  To say he is a valued employee is an understatement.

Doug has worked for PC Pitstop since 2005.  Throughout the 12 years of his employment he has worn several hats.

Doug worked diligently on malware research, testing and categorizing any “unknown” files as either safe or malicious.  He also worked in technical support, assisting customers through the helpdesk on various issues from billing to troubleshooting.  Adding to his responsibilities, he contributed with training new employees and team development needs.

PC Pitstop CEO, Rob Cheng, shared what an asset Doug had been for the company,

“He was a rock and someone we could count on when we had a tricky customer situation.  Doug, thanks for all the great service.”

Doug plans to enjoy his retirement by spending time with his great-grandchildren and taking day trips with his wife of 37 years.  He also plans to visit the local stables, work on his golf game, attend Bible study classes, as well as exercise.  When asked what he would be doing with his time he summed it up perfectly with,

“There’s plenty to do around here, we just need to get out and do it.”

Enjoy your retirement Doug.  You will most certainly be missed!


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4 thoughts on “PC Pitstop’s First Retiree”

  1. david reynolds-moreton

    Thanks for all your hard work over the years Doug – If it were not for people like you, we would all be deeper in the
    mire of hackers than we are today. Sorry to see you leave, but you’ve earn’t you time off!
    Kind regards, David R-M.

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