PC Matic Pro Increases Exposure – Attending and Presenting at Multiple Events

Throughout the fourth quarter of 2016, the PC Matic Pro team continued to travel to various trade shows and conferences to maintain exposure of our product.  These events included the Virus Bulletin Conference, IT Nation, MSP World Fall Conference, AMTSO Conference, Varnex Fall Conference, SpiceWorld and several Secret Sauce events.

Hope Gauthier, Channel Sales Manager for PC Matic, presented at a Secret Sauce event which included an estimated 40 resellers.  She shared how PC Matic Pro can protect our partners’ customers from becoming infected with malware, including the most popular form, ransomware.

Mike Sexton, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for PC Matic, presented at the Varnex Fall Conference.  His break out session was titled PC Matic Pro: Winning the War Against Ransomware and had more than 30 of North America’s most prominent resellers in attendance.  Mike’s presentation focused on the growing ransomware epidemic, and how PC Matic Pro can effectively protect against today’s cyber security threats.  During his presentation, Mike asked for the attendees to raise their hands if they have been a victim of ransomware, or know someone who has been struck with ransomware.  Every person in the room raised their hand.  After Mike’s presentation, a representative from one of our current resellers raised his hand and informed the group that they have been testing our product along with many other security solutions, and PC Matic Pro was the only solution that stopped every piece of malware they threw at it.

You can read the full PC Pitstop fourth quarter newsletter here.

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