PC Matic Television Ads – Q4 2016

As a product, PC Matic stands out against our competition in several ways. However, our products aren’t the only thing that set us apart.  Over the past few years, PC Pitstop has been able to make sales in a way that no other security software provider has been able to do: television advertising. We update our commercials frequently; announcing new PC Matic features, alerting consumers to new security threats and demonstrating how PC Matic’s whitelist is the only security product that blocks every type of virus and malware, including zero-day threats. We released one commercial during Q4 of 2016:

PC Matic Detection Rates

In the recent AV Comparatives detection rate test, PC Matic’s whitelist detected 100% of the virus samples and 100% of the ransomware samples. The message of this commercial was simple, yet critical: Security products should be based on detection rates. As we continue to achieve top scores in detection tests, we will continue to remind viewers of that the key to winning the war on ransomware is to only purchase top-performing security products.

You can read the full PC Pitstop fourth quarter newsletter here.

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