Fake Adobe Update Leads to Support Scam With Ransomware Ties

Support Scam With Ransomware Ties

Another support scam has evolved, tying in the concept of ransomware to increase their payday.  The malicious attack occurs after the user chooses to download a fake Adobe update, or clicks on a malicious ad.  Upon doing so, the computer will begin executing a malicious “update”, which results in the following screen:

Photo by Extreme Tech

If you call the phone number listed, a “support representative” will request the PC user execute an already installed version of TeamViewer.  Unfortunately, that is as far as the user can go, until they pay the $250 for the unlock code.  According to Extreme Tech, it is possible to unlock the software yourself by clicking Ctrl+Shift+S.  If this does not work, you can also try other default key options.

This is not the first scam that attempts to extort PC users for cash, similar to a ransomware attack.  In May of 2016, we wrote about a support scam that executed after a fake Flash Player update was requested.  In December of last year, we also reported on Vindows Locker, the support scam that locked user files until a $349.99 payment was received.

The Giveaway

If you ever receive a Windows update error or Microsoft alert with a “support” phone number, it is fake and likely malicious.  Microsoft will never call you or provide a support number within these errors.

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