How PC Matic Pro Stacks Up Against Its Competition

What is PC Matic Pro?

PC Matic Pro, developed by PC Pitstop, is the professional version of the advanced security solution, PC Matic.  PC Matic Pro is researched, developed and supported in the United States.  This innovative security solution is available for businesses, government facilities, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

Advanced Malware Detection

PC Matic Pro offers an automated global whitelist approach.  This methodology has been proven increasingly effective as a malware prevention tool.  In the most recent Virus Bulletin Reactive and Proactive (RAP) test, PC Matic Pro exceeded all tested competitors in both proactive and reactive detection.  Our security solution earned a 99.9% weighted detection average.  To put it in perspective, the average RAP score was 82.66%.

Some businesses are resistant to implement an application whitelisting approach due to concerns with false positives (when a program is safe, but is categorized as unknown due to the program not being tested and deemed safe ), and the increased workload this methodology could create for IT professionals and the administrative staff.  Fortunately, our security solution addresses these concerns.

These two concerns go hand-in-hand.  If programs are not running, someone must test them and categorize them as either safe or malicious.  Often times, that task falls on the IT staff.  Instead of leaving that burden to the organization’s IT department, PC Matic Pro sends these unknown files to our in-house malware research team.  Within 24 hours these programs are tested and either categorized as safe or malicious.

Although the false positives are still a relevant concern, the increased burden for the IT staff is lifted by our malware research team.  Also, many IT professionals would argue that the inconvenience of a false positive is minuscule compared to a malware attack that could cost the company thousands of dollars not only repairs but downtime as well.  Since we understand most companies have proprietary applications needed as soon as the software is installed, the IT staff has the additional ability to override any applications unknown to the automated global whitelist within the management portal, allowing instantaneous access to this program if needed.

Stacking Up Against Competitors

Below, you can see how our security solution stacks up against various competitors in different areas:

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