Russians Attempt to Hack Cyber Security Expert

Russians Attempt to Hack Security Expert

Dodi Glenn, Vice President of Cyber Security for PC Matic, was recently the victim of an attempted hack.  Dodi received an email notifying him of a failed login attempt to his remote desktop.  Russians attempted to hack into his account, from Kaluga, Russia.  Below is the email Dodi received.

This isn’t necessarily shocking, considering there has been a large amount of speculation regarding Russia’s ties to criminal behaviors in the cyber world.  A recent report by Russian-based security company, Kaspersky, confirmed 75% of crypto ransomware had Russian ties.  So to think they’ll attempt to hack into personal accounts really doesn’t seem that surprising.

However, just because they’re trying to steal your information, doesn’t mean you have to be a victim.  To stay safe from cyber criminals, be sure to enhance your passwords with these three tips:

  1. Use capital letters
  2. Add numbers
  3. Use symbols

For example, say your password is “ashley”.  You could implement the above tips and change it to “@shl3Y”.

Another tip, do not reuse the same password for multiple accounts.  If you’re doing so, and one account is hacked, that puts all of your other accounts at risk.

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