Major Issues in the Cyber Security Industry

Cyber Security Industry Faces Major Flaw

The cyber security industry is facing some major issues, as cyber threats continue to grow at exponential rates.  One of the biggest issues the industry is facing is the lack of emphasis on malware detection.  Considering the concept of cyber security is to keep user data safe from malware threats, it should not be unrealistic to base your anti-virus (AV) protection based on just that — malware detection.

Unfortunately that is not being done by a vast majority of AV consumers.  Why?  Primarily because security solutions are choosing not to participate in independent third party testing.  If they do not participate, their malware detection rates are not available.

Virus Bulletin Detection Testing

A third party testing agency, Virus Bulletin, provides a free Reactive and Proactive (RAP) test that several security companies participate in.  The most recent results from their December 2016 testing can be seen below.  You may also read the full report here.

How did your security solution rate?  If your AV provider is not here, the vendor declined to participate, and you can draw your own conclusions about why.

Anti-Virus Protection and Automobiles

Think about automobile industry for a minute.  This industry focuses on crash test and miles-per-gallon (MPG) ratings.  Without these tests, we wouldn’t know how safe and economical our vehicles are.  Would you buy a car if the manufacturer chose not to participate in crash testing?  Or what if they refused to reveal their MPGs?  You likely would not buy that particular vehicle, and look for an alternative that did have these test results available.  As a consumer, we want to be sure we are making a reliable purchase.  Why would this same concept not apply in a security solution?

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The entire purpose of buying AV protection is to keep your information secure by protecting it from malware threats.  But how can you possibly make an informed decision when vendors are choosing not to participate in testing that allows you to make an sound purchase?

Time For Change

It is time for a change in the cyber security industry.  The only way that change can occur is for consumers to start making their AV purchases base on malware detection rates.  Once this starts occurring, vendors who do not participate in testing will see the value in doing so.  Once solutions are tested, and weaknesses are exposed, they can do better.  It again, is no different than other industries.

When consumers focus their purchasing habits on what is most important, in this case — information security, other providers will follow suit.

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11 thoughts on “Major Issues in the Cyber Security Industry

  1. I have been running pcmatic and super shield for the last 6 years with no problems at all. Also have it on my son’s computer with 3 grandkids playing games and running all over the internet on the family computer. We have not had any virus or malware problems as of yet with pcmatic or super shield. So I will keep on using pcmatic thank you.

  2. The above “grammer” issues seem to be code “grammer” related to different manufacturers, email handlers or browsers. My computer is showing the problem in the email but not in the browser.

  3. I have been the target of a major virus which has left my computer inoperative. PC Pitstop was unable to remove it. I have had to pay Microsoft techs to try to correct this and after 6 hours it still exists. Do you have any knowledge of this virus. I am running an old XP system and was told that this is vulnerable to threats. Thank you for any helpful input.

  4. PC Pitstop PC Matic: You are so full of shit, why do you falsify your reports you have a big red cross against your tests on the virus bulletin site.
    Malwarebytes was correct in blocking your program recently as you are misleading people and leaving them vulnerable to infection, PC Matic Home Security is one big ripoff with over 2000 false positives.

    • @Another John: visitors, please check out the Virus Bulletin site to see how careless the other John was – the article above i not lying – it got a 100% RAP score – that was outweighed by other factors – a consumer must decide whether those other factors make a difference to them

      Virus Bulletin acknowledges that PC Matic is designed for consumer usage – not servers – so which do you have

      when someone provide an childish rant like the commenter above – check the citation yourself – you’ll usually find out that the complaint is more emotional than rational

    • @John: Hi John. We are an alternative in the search for better security software. We embrace testing. We detected 100% of all the 50,000 viruses , and we missed 2000 good files from a list 850,000. Our false positive rate is less than the industry’s false negative rate. Wrap your head around that..

  5. Thank you, as a beginning cyber security study I am reading every article I can access. Very useful information. I do not see my av vendor up here so I may inquire as to their reliability. The vendor may be under an umbrella corporation.

  6. Please, please, please, hire a proofreader.
    By: Kayla Thrailkill | PC Pitstop
    “The cyber security industry is faces major issue, …”.

    C’mon, some of us actually can read.

    • Joey –
      I am not sure why it is showing incorrectly on your browser. I double checked, and all final edits were made on 3/1, which isn’t showing the grammar error you are referencing. I also checked the website, and it says “facing”. I apologize for the error you are seeing, but I am not seeing it on my end. Thank you for your feedback. Have a great weekend.

      • @Kayla Thrailkill:

        Here’s another for you: in your reply to Joey above, you say “…but I am not seeing IN on my end.” We all (including yours truly) make typos, but I think an automatic grammar checker would go a long way here.

        Thanks for keeping us up to date on the doings of the bad guys!

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