“Perhaps, as an industry, we’re going insane.” – CyberEdge Group CEO

CyberEdge Group Releases Cyberthreat Defense Report

CyberEdge Group, a research and marketing firm serving the security industry’s top vendors, shared the results of its fourth-annual Cyberthreat Defense Report.  Key findings suggest, the security industry may be going insane.  CyberEdge group CEO, Steve Piper states,

“If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result, then perhaps, as an industry, we’re going insane.”

Piper is referencing the industry’s continued efforts to stop malware and security breaches using the same methods over and over — yet expecting different results.  The Cyberthreat Defense Report that the CyberEdge Group is sharing exposes what top vendors identify as their biggest security vulnerabilities when it comes to breaches.  These include inadequate cyber threat training for employees, in a lack in proper patch management.  Yet, these issues persist.  Why?

Instead, of addressing these issues head on, companies spend astronomical amounts of money on security software solutions that are not providing adequate protection.  PC Pitstop, makers of PC Matic Pro and PC Matic MSP encourage industries to begin thinking outside of the box.  Traditional security methods are not cutting it.  It is time users begin implementing endpoint solutions that include patch management, as well as implement application whitelist solutions to significantly cut down on malware attacks of all kinds.

Also, companies must start making cyber security awareness training mandatory for all departments within an organization.  All departments within an organization are being targeted by malware attacks; therefore, it is imperative this training is all-inclusive.

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