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2 Years With PC Matic MSP and Business is Booming

Our first consumer spotlight on ALM Consulting Services Inc. was conducted 8 months ago. Since then, they have more than tripled their amount of endpoints.  ALM is a technical consulting firm located in Ennis, Texas.

How has PC Matic MSP helped you grow your business?

“We stumbled across PC Matic a couple of years ago, and it got our attention. I started using it with my clients that are on stand-alone machines; people that know me personally that want me to help them on their computers in their house. I’m an old school teacher and coach, and a lot of them were retired educators, some of them in their 90s, still using their computers. I felt comfortable putting this on their machines because they were always worried about whether they needed to upgrade Adobe or iTunes, and this way they don’t have to worry about it.

I can efficiently and effectively monitor and maintain more endpoints, and I can provide the service that my clients have become accustomed to, far better than the Symantec option we used before. It’s just a much more convenient way of maintaining connectivity with my clients’ workstations. And we can’t under-acknowledge the amount of support that David (PC Matic support) gives us. He’s just invaluable to us as a resource and an asset. We’re constantly increasing our client base, not because we advertise, but by word of mouth. We will be adding others in the near future, and hopefully for many years to come.”

PC Matic MSP keeps endpoints updated; all of them.

“Now we don’t have to depend on Windows to let us know anything.  Microsoft’s update capabilities just aren’t there. We needed to update several systems and PC Matic did that for us. When Microsoft started pushing for Windows 10, some of our customers didn’t want to move and Microsoft wasn’t going to support XP anymore. We needed something that would, and PC Matic was there for that. PC Matic has really been there to cover our bases for this whole two year period.”

For more information, go to https://www.pcmatic.com/msp

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