34 Smart Phone Models Sold With Pre-Loaded Malware

34 Smart Phone Models Infected With Pre-Loaded Malware

According to Beta News, 34 different smart phone models have been distributed with pre-loaded malware infections.  The infections were not installed by the manufacturer, but by the third-party sellers of the devices.  If you bought your phone from a legitimate phone supplier, such as AT&T you’re likely safe.  However, an individual who purchased their phone from perhaps a less legitimate source, such as Craigslist, may be a bit more concerned.

Smart phones being infected with malware is not a new concept.  However, this is one of the first occasions where the third-party sellers have infected the phones prior to selling them.  Most of the malware infections cannot be removed with a simple app, but require a new operating system to be uploaded.  For most basic users this task is too complex, and they will need to seek additional assistance.

Click here to see a list of all models with potential infections, as well as the malware variant installed.

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