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Don’t be Ignorant — Check Your Privacy Settings!

My Apps Had Too Much Access

I was looking through my computer settings, trying to figure out what would be most helpful for a “how-to” article for the week.  As I looked through my privacy settings, I was drawn to a complete halt.  Why do these apps have so many access rights?!

Why on Earth would I be okay with my speech and typing being watched?  So “Cortana” can give me the best suggestions?  No thanks.  Why would I need to allow apps to access my call history?  I don’t.  Disable.  Wait, what is this?  Oh, I am letting apps read or send messages on my behalf.  How convenient!! Turn that off.

My point is — don’t be ignorant, like clearly, I was.  Go through your privacy settings and confirm what your computer has “access” to do.

To do so, first you need to go to your Settings.  To do so, type “Settings” into the search bar by the Start menu, or you can access Settings via the Start menu itself.  Upon doing so, click on Privacy as shown below:

Then you will see this screen:

From here, you will want to go through everything on the left side bar (boxed above).  As you click through, each privacy setting will display what is being authorized.  As I stated above, I would encourage everyone to go through these settings to confirm what information is accessible to various apps.  To turn off the accessibility function, just slide the dot so “Off” displays, like what is seen above.

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9 thoughts on “Don’t be Ignorant — Check Your Privacy Settings!

  1. I must be blind. Where does it say that the Driver Update program, and other programs on this site, are designed to run on Win 10? I see where some of them say designed to run on Win 7, but like who cares?

    Look I have Win 10. Which of your programs do not run properly on Win 10?

  2. This is a great reminder to all and I want to thank you as I needed it. I know that the horse left the stable years ago thanks to the swamp people in our government. but it’s not too late to change it

  3. just mind, after you have turned off all these privacy settings, turn off Cortana.
    in the setup Cortana states that any previous privacy setting changes will be undone.

  4. I can’t recall when you got started, but I was one of your first customers. Sadly I only used you when I got in trouble, I didn’t read the articles, or use these little nuggets of information. Until now, and before the day is out I will be checking all my privacy settings. I have seen friends get new computers because they can’t get through different issues. You have always kept me going. But anyway, thanks for all your help from the beginning. Your systems, and your tech help and articles have been lifesavers.

      • @a: I agree there is no privacy, or very little. I was thanking them for helping me through the tech issues I have had in the past. Years ago I could hold my own on computers, but sadly no more. I have gotten very old, things have changed when I wasn’t looking. I need help with the changes, the updates. And as for privacy I play a game or two. So I if someone wants to watch that’s ok. And financially I wouldn’t wish my ID on anyone. 🙂 And if someone wants to track me I welcome them into my living room and they can watch me day after day, after day……

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