Windows Vista Extended Support Ending Next Month

Hasta la Vista, Windows Vista

Microsoft is scheduled to terminate their extended support for their Windows Vista operating system on April 11, 2017.  This means Microsoft will no longer be providing updates or security patches for this operating system.  If you are currently a Vista user, and love the operating platform, you can certainly continue to use it.  Just because support is ending, doesn’t mean the operating system itself will cease to function.

However, continuing to use an unsupported operating system can be risky.  Since Microsoft will no longer be providing updates and patches to Vista, hackers can easily find an unpatched backdoor to use to execute malware.  If you choose to remain a loyal Vista user, please consider implementing a security solution with real-time protection using application whitelisting technology.  PC Matic, a real-time security solution that implements application whitelisting, has been proven far more effective in preventing malware attacks, than its competitors.  When you’re using an operating system that is vulnerable to attacks, using a proactive security solution is critical.

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