Users Grant Malware Permission to Manipulate Contact Information

Crusader Malware Manipulates Contact Information

A new malware deemed Crusader has been found being installed on PCs all over.  The malware is actually an add-on to free bundle software programs.  By granting Crusader the permission they request, users are authorizing contact information found within ads to be manipulated.  Therefore, a legitimate ad could be altered to include fake contact information.  So instead of calling who you believe you are, you are contacting hackers.  There is no limit to the contact information Crusader can manipulate.  ZD Net states,

“Should a victim type “Dell support number” or “Norton support number,” then these keywords are picked up and the phone numbers are replaced with details leading to call centers where operators will pretend to be from these companies — potentially leading to the ‘representatives’ persuading victims to hand over account and bank details, or even install additional malware on their system.”

The good news, if you can call it that, is so far this malware appears to still be in the developmental stages.

Tips to Prevent Infection

  • Install an adblocker, if you don’t have one already.  For those of you who are PC Matic subscribers, you have an adblocker available to you.  To learn more about PC Matic’s adblocking technology, you can do so here.
  • Be aware of the correct contact methods to reach your security software program is imperative.  For PC Matic users, support can be found at  We do not offer phone based support.  Therefore, if you see an ad or a website with a phone number associated with PC Matic, do not call it.  The only legitimate phone number associated with PC Matic is our automated refund line, which is 843-203-0422.  If you call this number, you will not reach a live person.  Again, all tech support request must be submitted via our online support option at
  • This malware is bundled in with free software downloads.  Therefore, if you tend to download free software bundles, be aware of what you’re installing.  Read the End-User License Agreement, and which programs are associated with the bundle.  Often times when we download something there is an “express” or “automatic” process which is always recommended, or a “custom” or “manual” installation.  By customizing your installation, you have the opportunity to be in control of what you’re putting on your PC.  Unlike the automatic method which, is faster but, will download everything whether you want it or not.


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