Are You Backing Up Your Data?

Several people believe backing up your data is critical to staying safe from malware attacks.  However, backing up your data has benefits beyond a malware attack.  For instance if your hard drive crashes, you’ll lose everything.  Unless you’ve backed it all up.

So, do you back up your data?  Please take part in our survey and let us know if you’re backing up your data now.  You can access the survey here.

The survey will be live for two weeks.  Look for an updated post on the results once the survey is completed.  If you choose to take part in the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card!

Take the survey now!

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3 thoughts on “Are You Backing Up Your Data?”

  1. Milo Hawkinson

    I leave my external back up drive off until the Weekly back up schedule day, then shut it back off. I am using the back up program included in Vista and wondering if I should be using something different.

    1. What is the best program to use to backup your computers, no matter what kind of computer you have?
      What is the best way to back up computers?
      What steps do you need to do?

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