95K McDonald’s Applicants’ Information Was Breached

McDonald’s Canadian Website Hacked

An estimated 95,000 people applied for jobs at various Canadian McDonald’s restaurants from March 2014 to March 2017.  Unfortunately, all of these applicants had their information recently hacked.  The leak was a direct result of the company’s online application site being breached.

According to The Record, the breach is believed to occur in mid-March.  The information breached includes names, addresses, employment history, and phone numbers.  It remains unknown if the information breached will end up on the dark web.  If it does, it could be used for identity theft or phone scams.

McDonald’s reported, they intend to notify all impacted individuals either by mail or phone, depending on the information provided within their application.

The careers section of the Canadian McDonald’s website will remain offline until they determine the source of the breach, and patch any security vulnerabilities.  If anyone is interested in applying for a position at any of the Canadian locations, it is advised they apply in person.

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