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PC Matic Pro CEO Talks Security Strategy & Reseller Incentives

Security Strategy – Shifting the Industry’s Focus

Rob Cheng, founder and CEO of PC Pitstop, the maker of PC Matic Pro, was featured on Malware Threats Exploding: Profit with New Endpoint Security, a channel cast  hosted by The Channel Co.  The channel cast is still available on demand.  To view it in its entirety, click here.  Please note, you will need to follow the registration prompts, then the presentation will begin.

Standing Apart from Competitors

Cheng firmly believes in the importance of preventative malware detection.  As well as stressing, security solution consumers need to begin using detection rates as a primary tool when purchasing an anti-virus program.  If enough consumers begin focusing on detection rates, companies will be forced to participate in testing, which will help make today’s security solutions better than ever and more effective against modern cyber threats.

Along with shifting the industry focus to detection rates, Cheng shared what sets PC Matic Pro apart from its competitors.

  • PC Matic Pro functions with application whitelisting as its primary method of malware detection, unlike competitors.  This method has been proven successful in preventative malware detection.
  • It also prevents a major cyber security threat facing today’s businesses, file-less infections.  File-less infections are malware infections that are executed via scripting engines.  Cheng shared, 25% of malware blocked by PC Matic Pro are file-less infections.
  • PC Matic Pro is researched, developed and supported in the United States.

These are all things the consumer will care about and want in and endpoint security solution; therefore, making the reseller’s job a bit easier to convert current customers to PC Matic Pro customers.

Benefits of Being a PC Matic Pro Reseller

By creating a product that meets the security needs of the consumer, the product is easier to sell.  However, there is still work to be done by the reseller.  Cheng understands when PC Matic Pro resellers are successful, PC Matic Pro will be successful.  This is why reseller incentives are critical.  PC Matic Pro offers the following:

  • Lower product pricing than all competitors
  • Resellers earn 30% deal registration
  • Profit margins start at 40%
  • For a short time, Cheng is offering all resellers $10 per endpoint they successfully flip within a 90-day period.  Flip 5,000 endpoints in 90 days and the reseller gets a check for $50,000.
  • All television leads are redistributed to our registered resellers

Cheng believes,

“This is a winning formula for resellers and PC Matic Pro to partner, to really start moving the needle and improving the nation’s security infrastructure.”

Learn more about PC Matic Pro now!

If you’d like to watch the full channel cast, click here.

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