Cyber Threats Popping Up in Prime-Time Television

Prime Time Line Up Includes Cyber Threats

Modern cyber threats have been showing up in various prime-time television shows.  The Blacklist featured an episode showing the vulnerability of computer systems being breached for the hacker’s benefit.  The Blacklist Redemption also showed systems being hacked due to an unknown backdoor being installed.  Just last week Chicago Med‘s episode featured the hospital being a victim of ransomware.

Prior to working in this industry, I would’ve brushed it off.  I likely would have thought it was just a television show and “those things” don’t really happen.  Most viewers likely still will.

However, it is important society understands these are real threats computer users face every single day.  Just last year, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was hit with ransomware, resulting in the hospital declaring an “internal emergency”.  The medical facility ended up paying a ransom of $17,000 after trying to remediate their servers for a week.

Breaches are also nothing new.  Whether it a breach involving payment information, like what GameStop recently reported, or patient files leaked, like what occurred at ABCD Pediatrics; these things happen every single day.

My question to you is — Does featuring today’s cyber threats on prime-time television shows boost security awareness?  One could argue it does, stating it spreads awareness that these things are capable of happening.  However, the alternative argument is, since it’s on television, viewers may not believe these are real threats facing business and home users.  What are your thoughts?  Share your comments below.

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