Hit With a Scam? Here’s What to do Next…

Never Ending Support Scam Window

There you are, surfing the web and BOOM.  You get the dreaded support scam scheme.  Some may know what I’m referencing, some may not.  For those who are unfamiliar, it is the pop up screen stating you must call “customer service” for technical support to get your computer “fixed”.  However, as I said, it is a scam.  No matter how many more browser windows you open, it will still be there.  So how do you get rid of it?

You’ll need to access your task manager.  To do so, click Ctrl+Alt+Delete.  From there, click on the browser you were using.  Then hit, “End Task”.  This will close out your browser.  After your browser has been closed, reopen it.  The scam screen should be gone.  On occasion certain browsers, specifically Edge, will populate the last pages the user was on.  Therefore, if you were using Edge when this were to occur, it is likely you will need to reboot your PC to remove the scam screen.  Either way, by closing the browser via your task manager, and rebooting your PC, the screen will disappear.  After doing this, I would suggest running a security scan to ensure nothing malicious entered your PC.  Typically support scams do not insert malware into your computer, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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4 thoughts on “Hit With a Scam? Here’s What to do Next…”

  1. William Rodgers

    With IE and Edge, you can force close the browsers and open Internet Options through Control Panel and delete the browsing history and downloads which should get rid of the ads without rebooting. I always worry about rebooting after catching something. It could allow it to install itself in the OS during the bootup process when the OS installs system updates.

  2. I once encountered this, and I got rid of it by uninstalling the browser (Firefox) and then re-installing it.

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