IBM Blasts Malware With Infected USB Sticks

IBM Unknowingly Sends Malware Infected USB Flash Drives

IBM has released a statement disclosing a number of infected USB sticks have been sent into the public.  The USB flash drives were shipped to include Storwize flash.  It is the Storwize flash that included the malicious code.  According to Hack Read, the infected models include drives that have part number 01AC585 and that were shipped with Storwize V3500, V3700, and V5000 Generation 1 storage systems.

If you have received a flash drive that is infected, you should dispose of it immediately.  Although, some professionals disagree.  Saying it is not necessary to dispose of the USB sticks.  However, PC Matic strongly advises any potential victims to do so immediately.  If you have already used a malicious USB stick, and have concerns it may have infected your endpoint, it is advised users run a security scan immediately.  By doing so, you should be able to effectively remove any malware infections that resulted from using the malicious USB.

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8 thoughts on “IBM Blasts Malware With Infected USB Sticks

  1. SO! IBM has been found out. It is a major distributor of Malware. Somehow some code got onto their USB sticks.

    Grrrooowwwlll….Marum (Die schachspielen Katze)

  2. Are you sure IBM actually manufactured the sticks or were they bought from CHINA (ChiComs) the malicious trading partner.

  3. What malware detection and removal tool is capable of neutralizing this malware. “A security scan” is rather vague.

  4. Where’s IBM’s quality control? It would seem that IBM would want to find the employee or sub-contractor and bring charges, to serve notice that such subterfuge is not acceptable at Big Blue.

    I am still smarting from an IBM saleman coming to my office in the early 80s and assuring me that his IBM computers would save us all the paperwork and we no longer would have to purchase file cabinets to store the paperwork. A few years ago when I had to purchase 17 new file cabinets to store the computer generated paperwork, I telephoned IBM and was told this salesman had passed a few years before. I told them he lied to me. They laughed. I didn’t.

  5. So my question is, did they arrest the IBM employee that infected the sticks? Given IBM was the manufacturer and I would assume no one broke into their factory and planted the malware.

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