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Which Operating System is Your Windows PC Using?

Which OS is Your PC Using?

With the latest exploit of a Windows vulnerability, it is important PC users know which operating system their Windows PC is using.  To find out, you will want to open your Start menu, and access the search bar.  Windows 10 PCs will have the search bar near the Start menu.  Once you have accessed the search bar, type “Computer”.  After doing so, you will see this screen:

You will want to right click on “This PC”.  From there, go to “Properties”, and click.

This will bring up the screen below, which displays your current operating system.

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12 thoughts on “Which Operating System is Your Windows PC Using?”

    1. PC Matic only works on Windows based computers and Android devices. Unfortunately we don’t currently have a version for Apple products.

  1. I never signed up or changed over to windows 10 !! I am still using
    the system that came with the pc purchase? I don’t want to use windows 10,
    if that’s what I have, I am unaware of the change ?

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