Kaspersky is having Twitter Trouble - U.S. government orders federal agencies to remove the antivirus.

Kaspersky Targets Microsoft in Complaint to European Union

Antitrust Complaint Filed Against Microsoft

Kaspersky has filed a complaint with the European Union (EU) against Microsoft.  The complaint claims Microsoft is putting up road blocks up against security companies from having the ability to compete on a level playing field.  According to Bloomberg, Kaspersky believes Microsoft is driving up the cost of third-party security software due to the implementation of their own security solution, Windows Defender.

Kaspersky states,

“With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft started to create obstacles to competing manufacturers of security solutions, and introduce different ways of pushing users to forgo third-party software in favor of its own Windows Defender.”

The official complaint will result in the EU investigating if Microsoft hinders the ability for users to download third-party security protection on their devices.  It will also determine if Microsoft reduces users’ level of protection after installing a third-party antivirus; as well as if Microsoft is giving vendors too little time to adapt products to Windows updates.

Windows Defender Protection — Superior Than Paid AVs?

Historically, Windows Defender protection did not even compare to that of paid security solutions.  Although, this is no longer the case.  PC Matic commissioned a malware detection test with AV Comparatives earlier this year.  The results showed Windows Defender performed remarkably well, for a free solution.  You are able to see the full test results here.

That being said, Kaspersky, PC Matic, and several other paid antivirus programs did perform better than Windows Defender.  One can’t help but wonder — is this complaint coming because Windows Defender is performing well?  The issue didn’t seem to present itself years ago when Defender was present but lacking proper performance.

Microsoft reported their primary objective is to keep people secure.  Isn’t that what every security should company want?

Your Opinion

What do you think about Windows Defender?  Do you like the idea of having a free security solution on your Windows devices?  Have you ever encountered a problem while trying to install a third-party security solution because of Windows Defender?  Drop your comments below.


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53 thoughts on “Kaspersky Targets Microsoft in Complaint to European Union”



  2. I find it interesting that Apple users get treated in a very similar fashion, yet all you hear is how much better it is. I guess joe average user feels better if a product is over prices and perceive to be cool. I have used and support every Windows version since version 3.0. There is nobody in this forum that has not had some monitary gain from Microsoft’s work. Possible the entire world was changed by their work. Stop expecting more from a company than you expect from yourselves. Most of the posts are complete bullshit, the rest are just whiners.

  3. When MS brought Win10 they didn it shove it down anyone;s throat, but as Win 10 matures, MS have been turning off support for XP (now unsupported), WIn 7 (only security support will run to 2020) and given that 48.53% of all machines use Win 7 that is scary. MS is no longer giving Win 10 away, but selling it, so in effect now they are shoving Win10 down our throats. Corporately we have 70,000 machines and we are not happy with our Win 10 tests and cannot move to Win 10 yet for many reasons including compatiblity to critical legacy systems.

    I completely agree with Kasperky’s complaint. I have tested Norton and found that recently we are getting the same messages regarding Defender as Kaspersky. Defender is not sufficient simply put. It does an Okay job, but in testing it did not cut the mustard. On a small network, I tested 8 machines in May, two running with Kaspersky, two running with Norton, two running with McAfee and two running with Defender. We had a separate system with an independent cable route and hardwired all machines. In a 24-hour period there were 4285 unauthorized attempts to access each computer on the independent network. All AV software (including MS) did a very good job stopping Virus and Malware but the non-microsoft AV applications did the best job. Both Kaspersky and Norton stopped all intrusion attempts. McAfee stopped 4283, while Defender stopped 4123. Had this been a critical system, I would have been concerned.

    Most disturbingly was during the 3 day test, Defender kept saying (once a day) that all firewalls were shut off on the machines running the non-microsoft AV. This is not acceptable and we will not switch to MS 10 at this time.

    Additionally, of great concern was how MS handles Software and its attempt to force you to use their store for software. It is really unclear how MS vets what software as being acceptable on their store. Many standard corporateware software is not found in the “Microsoft Store”, but we did find downloadable software in the store that clearly violates DRM and contain malware and viruses.

    In conclusion, I remember years ago when MS tried to force IE on every computer vendor and eventually the courts ruled it was inappropiate. I also remember how they tried to bankrupt niche competitors in the 1990s and early 2000s. I remember MS’ hollow promisies when MS used to role out its new OSs (Win 95, Win 98, Win ME and Win NT) and bundle it with incompatible hardware that they knew drivers would never be written for. I also recall all the media hype about MS had with its “open-sourcing” to devlopers. To me, its not open-sourcing if you design your protocol to give your own product the only advantage as the product rolls out it. So here we are in 2017, and it appears MS have reverted to their old ways and they’re employing the same tactics again.So I hope Kaspersky is successful in its efforts to curb MS’ bad behaviour and hope that both Veritas (Norton) and McAfee will join in Kaspersky’s efforts in court.

  4. WD interferes with our daily operations .

    The updates don’t fully update ergo WD protection is non existent . We have , and constantly have had to , turn off WD as it constantly tries to update and one month wen we tried to download W10 it used all our allowance for the month . This was 50G . We upgraded immediately BUT we then had the problem of the computer constantly rebooting and crashing . Upgraded RAM , still no performance and after a month W10 was ditched and we had to reinstall everything ! A great nuisance and a lot of work .

    Now MS have reportedly removed these bugs but we won’t touch it at this time . So we will stick to what we have at present .

    WD will have to re-prove itself to us .

  5. There has been too many holes in MA products so I choose a third party and that is of matic, the company I work at chooses mcafee and my sons company chooses kasperski. I can imagine MS making it harder for other companies but why? Let the free enterprise system be free.

  6. Im not commenting to support MS, But it seems to me in this day and age we need better security. The PC, internet, smartphones, Pads and so on… are getting more precious to every individual around the world. Whether we are IT brainiacs or just about manage to send an email. A lot of people, regardless of age, should all be informed as to the urgent matter of keeping their information safe.
    So, if we need the best protection, then I say it is upto the OS to make sure everyone gets the best and latest updates.
    I myself still use the W7 with third party AV with RTP and W10 with the standard Defender. Both are updated on a regular basis and do scans frequently. As you say in the review “Defender precedes most AV’s” and thats the way it should be. MS are doing a good job uptill now. I hope they can keep up the pace to protect their/our interest.
    MS is forcing us to update to the latest so they can provide better security. One of these days W7 will be the next in line not to get security updates. So be it! We’ve been warned, its upto every user to do what they think is best for their information. If Kaspersky can’t keep up with the best and latest……. Need I say more?

    If the chippy in town is better than the one round the corner. I go to town…..

    Take CARE and Be SAFE people!!

  7. thenudehamster

    As far as I can tell, Kaspersky is not complaining that Windows Defender is no good; their complain is that Microsoft is simply making it almost impossible for the less techincally skilled to install an alternative. That’s akin to monopoly practice in most fields.
    I’ve no idea whether Defender is better or worse than any other av suite; I just resent Microsoft’s efforts to force me to use only their products – most of which, over the years have proven themselves to be vulnerable to attack in different ways – as should any reasonably right thinking user.

  8. I will not align myself with a company like Microsoft that use deception and deceit to improve its market share.
    For example, I have learned through experience that many so-called Microsoft updates are not true “updates” – they are attempts by Microsoft to control the market and show no regard for consumers’ needs, time and energy. Some of these “updates” are even installed by stealth. In other words, Microsoft has completely broken trust with me.
    Why, then, should I continue to put my trust in Microsoft’s dishonesty and expose my computer to these “updates”?
    I now refuse to allow Microsoft to “update” my computer. I will instead make mirror images of my SSD and and will reinstall those images as needed.
    Yes, this approach also presents some problems. Yet, it requires far less time and energy from me than it does to constantly be forced to waste time and energy to cope with Microsoft’s incessant meddling with my computer!

  9. I don’t think it matters whether the OEM virus protection works or not as an issue. The allegations that Microsoft is putting roadblocks to installing superior products on Windows machines is very concerning. If Defender was clearly superior, most people would opt to use it rather than spend money. However, it’s not so MS is denying its customers the best. I say to them: make Defender the best, and let the market decide rather than being sneaky and making it hard to use 3rd party software. Typical “big company” attitude!!

  10. I use PCPitstop and love it..My new computer was preloaded with more junk and windows 10..I am mad I didn’t switch over to an Apple product when I had the chance..No more MS.! I’ve learned that MS doesn’t care about the end user and the windows defender often conflicts with my use of PC Matic..It is so disgusting that I spend most of my time on an old Vista machine..MS has gotten much to big for their own good..

  11. Still using xp with avs free and Malwarebytes, along with CCleaner. I have had few problems. Just sayin’…

  12. I work for an ISP and we provided a free to customer AV solution. Personally, I would not put their AV on my computers, but that is because I have a birds eye view of what works and what doesn’t. I am Technical Support and find that some AV software is just not good enough to truly trust. I do not use PC Matic, but have never in 8 years of taking 8000+ calls a year gotten a call from one of their customers with a virus. That being said, I do not use it either, I have used the Microsoft solution since Windows 7 and have had no problems with it allowing malware of viruses in.

  13. You would think they would be happy to have good protection available to everyone. A lot of people are ignorant about protection and now they have good protection built in. I applaud Microsoft for taking the initiative in this way and improving their product. A good OS should be able to protect itself. Third party anti virus vendors are too greedy and are frightened of the possibility of their products being no longer needed. I hope the judge sees sense and throws this out of court.

  14. I have Windows 7 and 10 computers in my home. I signed up for use exclusively PC MATIC and no complaints at all. It don’t believe in people like Microsoft trying to run off every system that is written to protect your information. I can not fathom why Microsoft would be better and do any more protection than PC MATIC and I do not believe Microsoft or any other designed can force you to purchase a specific vendor.

  15. SatisfiedPCMaticLifetimeSubscriber

    As I have mentioned before, I have PCMatic on every computer we own, lifetime subscription, great product and superior American service and trouble-shooting. My family and I have never had a problem. Even when a computer finally wears out and no longer will function, we can delete it and add the new “replacement” computer and not skip a beat at any time. I used Kaspersky along with most other pay and free services over the years, and all failed at some point. Once we purchased PCMatic, we have never had a problem that they could not fix quickly.

  16. Lab testing provides the answers – check the results. Windows Defender has always lagged behind most third party security programs. It is, of course, up to the user to run a threat evaluation and decide what program based on exactly what activity is done online. If that is too hard then go get the top performing program – but don’t just check one lab testing report – look at all and strike an average since different criteria is used by different testing facilities.

  17. I filed last week also to the antitrust commission of EU.

    I watched starting April 2016 the market for economic 13-14″ laptops without windows.
    I purchased 3 laptops without windows April to November 2016.
    Also in January 2017 had been offers from all major brands like Acer Asus hp Lenovo.
    All vanished in April 2017. Not a single offer left for economic 13-14″ laptops without windows.

  18. I used AVG and now have Webroot on my 2 Win 7 PCs and 1 Win I0 laptop, and have never had any problem with them (or others previously) that i could attribute to MS or Windows. Don’t get me wrong, I detest Win 10, and MS for what they have done to a previously great operating system (Win 7). But this is not a problem I have.
    However I’m amazed that no one has mentioned the fact that Kaspersky is now under investigation for spying for the Russian gov’t, which I believe is probably true. I suggest that the complaint is just a counterattack to get even with the US, and maybe try to get some leverage to stop our investigations.

    1. @Don: The BEST anti Virus out there today is SOPHOS. I have it on all four of my computers. Three in the radio studio and my laptop. You sign up and you can add up to several computers to your Sophos account.It’s free for home use. It’s used by many big corporations to protect their computers. Trust me, I’ve tried all of them. None can even touch SOPHOS!

    2. @Don: You believe it to be “probably true” because you want it to be true. The fact is that there’s no evidence to substantiate the claims with Kaspersky; in a Court such a case would be thrown out.

      You really should learn not to believe the controlled mainstream media with its agenda of mind control and deception.

  19. I do not want Microsoft to have a “corner on the market” for all our PC needs. Frankly, since Microsoft is a liberal loving company, and I am a Constitutional loving person, I am very leery about the underlying “filtering” that goes into the code. I am not that trusting.

  20. Everything HasitsPlace

    Eberyone who thinks Microsoft AV and protection is now ok to use is either an employee of MS or Tech ignorant. Microsoft is the most targeted software for hackers and every havker cuts hid teeth on Microsoft software, so good luck if you wish to be the sacrificial lambs to slaughter

  21. If you use Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and Malwarebytes free there is no need for a paid solution and that is what I tell all my frends. I have tested other AV software and found no problems with installation. Its a matter of money, and Kaspersky’s loss of market share.

  22. In Win 7 I was using the Defender version for many years. Then did the update for Win 10 & that had Windows Defender which I’ve been using for just over a yr, both with no problems at all. I also have free version of Malwarbytes & that works gr8 btwn the 2 scans. I also had Spybot Search & Destroy that I ran once in a blue moon, but I’ve uninstalled that one recently because I’m now trying a new antivirus/malware program from iolo because I have System Mechanic & btw keeps your puter in gr8 shape & I have used SM for 20 yrs at least…. it just didnt want me to have Sypbot, no biggie. So SM just disabled Defender, but I can still use it sometimes if I wanted to.

  23. MicroRipoff has been getting away with changing good features into bad features for decades because their customers do not YELL when they do so. There is, for example, no excuse for the W7 “search” engine. Fortunately, Agent Ransack provided an XP like engine. (Note to MR, buy Agent Ransack and fold it in as the standard Windows search engine.)

    Changing (the Ribbon) and eliminating (FrontPage) MR products is certain to continue so long as only a small number of MR’s customers choose to speak up.

    Windows Defender was junk, and I’ve never used or recommended it. If it has been fixed, using it now is an insult to the third-party developers who provided and are providing a useful AV product. MR now placing obstacles in the way of third-party products is yet another proof that Lord Acton was and is right.

    1. @D J W: This comparison is based on Microsoft vs. paid AV programs. I have found BOTH unsatisfactory.
      But any opinion or advice coming from Kaspersky ought to be viewed with great disdain and skepticism. It is in Russia, and has been part of hacking done in America. It shouldn’t even be for sale any more.
      I’ve never used Kaspersky, and yet I have a folder in my Registry from them – I can’t get rid of it. That tells me it is unfriendly and dishonest. Nothing coming from Kaspersky is credible, in my view.
      Other AV programs are burdensome on the system, most of which files are geared at getting you to buy an upgrade, and when you uninstall them, they leave TONS of Registry entries behind, which slows your system without even realizing it.
      I’ve found the free app, Clamwin, finds the most malware of any other free AV. Most AV programs find nothing at all, or occasionally some PUPs, even when I KNOW I have infections. Not even Clamwin can find them all, particularly the nastiest ones. The Internet today, is “every man for himself.” It’s disgusting.

  24. “One can’t help but wonder — is this complaint coming because Windows Defender is performing well? The issue didn’t seem to present itself years ago when Defender was present but lacking proper performance…” This is “circular reasoning” if Microsoft is cheating the market. This would be the same as people complaining after an competing athlete starts taking steroids, of coarse they will complain , its illegal.

  25. I use Windows just as one of OS, but most of its products I do not use … For almost 10 years I’ve been using Comodo Internet Security, and it is incomparably superior to any MS options …. besides, I do not trust too much Microsoft, but Comodo, absolutely: yes…. strongly recommend….There is a free version and a commercial version, easy to operate with a bunch of desirable options….

  26. I have been using Windows Defender for years and have not had any issues. Of course I practice safe browsing and do not click on anything that anyone sends me without first vetting it..

  27. Windows 10 and MS Office 365 are both clear examples of MS’s change to a far less user friendly attitude.
    Good for IT companies maybe but the level of aggravation among MS customers is an all time high.

  28. Jerry Lassiter

    I simply believe the choice and level of protection should be up to me…period. Defender regularly disables my PCMatic suite and I regularly turn it back on. I don’t like big M making decisions for me.

    1. You can turn off WD. I did. I use only PC Matic as an Evergreen customer and have never had a problem. One just has to use “safe computing” skills, especially in the Browser (I use Firefox; Edge is too buggy) and with email. WATCH WHAT YOU CLICK! Most viruses are introduced by phishing expeditions.

  29. This case looks like the former battle about web browsers.
    The solution could (should) be similar.
    The complaint by Kaspersky will have more then one reason.
    Complaining against false competition can have my support.
    That Kaspersky issues the complaint of course has a strong financial background.
    Which is understandable. every other healthy company would do the same.

    My opinion: Everybody should be free in choosing their solution, without pressure one way or another.
    That said, is there the issue of protection.
    I also think it is a good thing, that in case one does not want to install some specific AV solution, that Windows does install Defender by default.
    No-one should be left unprotected.

  30. Graham Igglesden

    I am comfortable with Microsoft’s Defender because it is fully conversant with its own Operating System. Third party solutions usually present with bugs that are not to do with the Anti Virus Program itself but with its compatibility with Windows. Installation problems, update issues, banking protection while you’re emailing!..

  31. I believe that if you use Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and Malwarebytes free Antimalware there is no need for a paid solution and that is something I tell all my customers. I have installed other AV software and found no problems with installation or protection. This all comes down to money, and Kaspersky’s loss of market share.

    1. @<@jdgremsjr: sa href=”#comment-1679669″>jdgremsjr: I agree. I have used Defender together with Malwarebytes for years without problem. Kaspersky sour grapes.

  32. I have had Bitdefender Total for several years without any problems. Since the introduction of Windows 10 the settings in the Bitdefender control keep getting changed or shut off, even with it password protected. Bitdefender automatically shuts MS Windows Defender off when it loads. It is really irritating that MS keeps doing updates and resetting everything to their Default settings. When I had Windows 7 I dual booted with Linux Ubuntu. When I tried to load Linux alongside Windows 10 my computer crashed, totally and locked the hard drive. Now with Windows 10S in the making no apps except MS will work with it. This to me is a breach of Free Marketing taking away the consumers choice and forcing, as with Win 10, consumers to use only MS products.
    MS has access to any computer or device running a Windows OS. They can interfere with and change settings at will. I have Linux Ubuntu running on my old Dell desktop and it works just fine. Seriously considering dumping MS Windows and loading Linux on my computers and devices if they are compatible. Wouldn’t it be great if all computers and devices would accept and operate on the Linux OS.

    1. You can put a Linux distribution on any computer, that’s part of the beauty of open source solutions. I’ve only been using Windows at work for a few years now and have been running Linux-based on all of my machines at home. I wish work would drop Windows, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  33. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Seriously though, while I don’t have hard evidence, there have been a LOT of assertions in the tech press that beginning with Windows 10, Microsoft had adopted the Google business model, of skimming user data and selling targeted ad space, rather that protect privacy. Third party security software could threaten Microsoft’s ability to monitor end users, something that would not be a problem with Defender, since Microsoft could easily engineer the product to ensure their own access.

  34. It seems my comments were not acceptable to Kaspersky and were deleted., what was the reason please.

    1. Kayla Thrailkill

      Not deleted — All comments must go through approval. Since it was after hours, it takes a bit. Sorry for the confusion, you should be all set now!

  35. If it works well and is free, no competition. Free will always win. Money is a premium product, the more saved the better.
    I have used paid av’s, as front line and with others including Defender. But over a period of time the quality of av’s diminishes and I have dropped back to using Defender along with one other and have found it works. Even for a short time Defender on it’s own and that was alright but no av is infallible, at least up to now. A good malware program along with defender works for me on all my machines.

  36. It just goes back to the direction that Microsoft has taken in the last few years since they have pushed and forced Windows 10 down every ones throat with no regard of the feelings or concerns of the many millions of Microsoft users. It really started with the debacle OS of Window 8 that was a deplorable disaster that created such a major uprising of criticism that it did get Microsoft’s attention. They pushed back hard against the wishes of the many users but reluctantly made some changes that were only compromises.

    Their customer service has plummeted down as far as it can go with all the problems encountered with Windows 10 with very little support. Most of the support we have relied on have been with the many brains of users that have spent countless hours solving complex issues with the OS. Microsoft has gotten to the point of letting the user quality test their software instead of perfecting it in house where it should be tested.
    This complaint from Kaspersky doesn’t surprise me. Microsoft has long wanted to become the monopoly of the operating systems not counting Apple. I am at this time seriously looking at Linux as an alternative.

    1. @Diganhal: I am a supporter of Microsoft and I believe in their product. like any other product there is a prototype full of bugs etc. Buds are ironed out especially in car productions and the likes. They are recalled and the faulty part removed and replaced by a better one. Not so Microsoft, because they can’t control the idiots who write virus, malware, ransomware and the like. As for companies who want to air their programs for consumers who use MS OS’s I believe they have to keep up with the play as it is I believe is controlled by the speed at which viruses etc are introduced. It’s a big market out there, a lot of money is made through ransomware etc and not only has MS got to keep updates flowing because of intrusive software, which I believe is also the reason for defender, but to keep their necks above water level. Keep at it MS.

    2. @Diganhal:

      Can’t agree with statement “since they have pushed and forced Windows 10 down every ones throat with no regard of the feelings or concerns of the many millions of Microsoft users”
      Many of my friends are still happily using XP,, Vista, and Windows 7&8.

      I have tried several third party Anti-Virus paid programs and they all noticably slowed down my PC and did not interact very well with my paid Anti-Malware programs, that includes both Kaperesky and PCPitstop. The only solutions offered in the end was that I disable my Anti-Malware programs. My response to that kind of answer has was no, I will disable your product which is causing the problem. I am running a system at 3.2 GHZ, 8 GB Ram and 3.7 TB’s of memory. So when anything makes my system slow down and gobble ram and memory I get more then annoyed.

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