Is Microsoft Ruining Software Companies Lives?

Does Kaspersky Have a Point?

Last week an article was written regarding Kaspersky filing an antitrust complaint to the European Union, targeting Microsoft.  Kaspersky claimed Microsoft has put up various road blocks for third-party anti-virus (AV) companies, making it impossible to stay on a level playing field.

The article published last week generated a large amount of feedback, from all perspectives.  Because of this engagement, it was believed a follow up post is warranted, explaining PC Matic’s viewpoint.

PC Matic’s Perspective

Antivirus solution, PC Matic, agrees that Kaspersky may have a point to their complaint.

Recently, Microsoft began requiring all of their supported AV programs to take part in performance tests that the companies have to pass in order to remain a Microsoft Supported anti-virus (AV).  If the software program does not pass the test, it is removed from the PCs when they are upgraded to Windows 10 and the security program is not allowed on the Microsoft Supported Anti-Virus list.

The issues with the performance tests are how often they need to be done, as well as the time constraints that Microsoft enforces.  First, testing is required multiple times a year.  During which, it has become standard that Microsoft has updated their operating system and/or Defender.  This means, security programs must ensure their programming is compatible with these enhancements.  There is also a timeline, setting expectations for when security programs are to complete, and pass the performance test.

From an AV company perspective, the consistent retesting can become quite time consuming; however, it must get done.  If it is not done so in a timely manner, or if the product fails, it makes it harder for paying customers to keep their third-party security solutions on their computers.

Overall Defender is becoming a better product, but based on test results PC Matic and many other AV products still do a better job at blocking the latest threats.  However, the performance testing and some of the recent changes to Windows 10, create a longer process for these AV companies to remain as a Microsoft supported AV.  The question now is, do these increased hoops security companies have to jump through outweigh the benefits for the end-user?

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27 thoughts on “Is Microsoft Ruining Software Companies Lives?

  1. Well crap this might be my last post. I am sure you’ll might be happy about that. I am tired of Microsoft’s problems with their OS. I try to be as safe as best I can when online. But one of the problems I have is if I go to a legit site and click on a link and get redirected to another site, is it safe you do not know. When you get redirected it then redirects you to another and then another. How will you know before you click. I use to and still do use Hirens boot disk to low level format my hard drive and do a DoD wipe on it once a month just in case. I have also set up a computer with a live cd in it and no hard drive kinda like a dumb terminal. This dumb terminal is used for surfing the internet reading news feeds and to click on the click bait articles and to do research with google because I never know where it may take me. If I want to try out some free software or the try it before you buy it software it goes to a sandbox for testing on the dumb terminal. The dumb terminal is never used to access my email or bank or anything that I do not want compromised. Will pcmatic offer a live cd to scan your computer and avoid the infected OS from being loaded. Maybe they should that way you might stop the malicious code from replicating. Something else we need is a way to know why our hard drive light is flashing. This may be normal if your word processor is auto saving but what if you are not in a program that has an auto save function. It may be a programs auto update how do we know. What if it is a malware snippet uploading you info to the internet. You go into task manager to try and see but what do you see, is it in there no it’s not they have ways of bypassing the task manager or the names of the processes that are running a so cryptic you don’t know if it is legit or not. You can get software that will let you see computer activities and even network activity but you have to be a IT guy for a fortune 500 company to be able to use it effectively we need something simpler. We need to have control over everything that our computers dose and how they do it. So therein lies the problem, someone is not going to be able to make money off you if you can stop them especially if it some of the big software companies the last thing they want is you in control and not them. You need to look no further then HP and their auto update for the 8621 officejet printer. While this is not on the subject of Microsoft’s treatment of AV companies it is a case study of how the industry can abuse code for profit. We are up against big companies and stand in their way of stealing our information to make a profit and we will always lose to them because they and they alone have the control. We need to look at the big picture not just one, two, or three parts independently because the severity or the root cause will forever elude the masses and nothing will ever change it will only get worse.

    These are my thoughts and opinions and not those of this website I have tried to be as accurate and honest as I could and Apologies for anything that may be inaccurate. Any and all corrections are welcome. If I am wrong click on the reply button to tell me.

  2. Looks like the use of Linux is becoming even more prevalent and for good reason. This move by Microsoft is arguably one of the best reasons to ditch this monopoly altogether.

    • @Leonard Smith: I agree. I use Kubuntu Linux and Linux Mint for just about everything except playing Windows games and that is done on my Kubuntu machine that’s dual-booted with Windows 10. To me, Windows is ONLY good for playing games and that’s ONLY because not enough games are coded for the Linux platform.

      So to M$ I say: Bite me!

  3. How do we fight back? I detest the idea that some outside person can dictate what I can and cannot put on my personal computer. I’m not a novice. I know what I’m doing and I do not need their help (which is usually anything but helpful!). I had to jump through hoops recently to get an upgrade to one of my programs to function because Windows kept blocking it even though it is a very reputable company. I’ve been trying to disable Cortana, but haven’t been able to do so. I don’t use it, don’t want it and do not want it using my resources. I also do not want them spyingn me. It should be my choice not theirs. I’ve had enough, but not sure how to fight back. Any ideas? Thanks

    • EULAs are what judges used to understand are one-way contracts.

      If you suffer monetary damages, perhaps sue MicroRipoff in Small Claims Court?

      A Class Action suit?

      • @D J W: Yeah right D J W have you followed any of the suits against Microsoft over the last 20 or 25 years. A look back might give you a glimpse into the power of Microsoft and the futility of a lawsuit against them. The only thing that is sure is the lawyers will make money, lots of money. And very little will come of it.

        • @gman: This is why I suggested Small Claims Court where lawyers are not allowed. Of course, if MR (MicroRipoff) loses, lawyers could appeal, but this would put MR in a very bad PR spotlight.

          • Ok I see you point about small claims court. I did not know you could do a class action in small claims. The biggest problem I would see is the cap on money awarded, it would not even come close to what it would take to make them take heed. I just don’t see it being enough to bring them to heel. As far as a PR nightmare no here today gone tomorrow the empire lives on. They are too big and entrenched in the lives of the masses.

  4. I’m using Microsoft antivirus program since 2007 and I can promise to anybody that I have never had any problem with any viruses on my laptop …
    It only needs to download updates which I do everyday and it’s all free compared to other AV companies!!!
    So for me the number one antivirus is just the Microsoft product…

  5. I love PCPitstop/PCMatic! I have been using it for several years now. I love your tests and easy for me to understand reports with links for explanations if I don’t understand something. I also run Norton Internet Security. Sometimes Norton disables Shield. So I immediately turn it back on. I keep Defender turned off. I use the new MS Windows 10, but I do not use Explorer. IMO, Explorer is where most of MS’s problems exist. Thus I use Firefox and put up with their eccentricities, which I find much easier to fix than MS’S OS. As with anything else, when companies become “too large to fail” and get too involved with Poilitics, heir customers suffer!

  6. This is the main reason everyone in computer science hates Microsoft. They have been a company that operates just outside of the law since they began. They do shady, underhanded things to eliminate competition and always have. This is a big problem when the software they produce does not work as described or promised. I find the updates to be super annoying and they don’t even bother telling the user that their computer will be unusable for 30 minutes after start up becasue the patches have to be initialized.

    I guess if you need to fire off an important email, tough. You are waiting and you have no recourse.

    • I fully agree with Frank Scurio frustration. Happened to me after updating to Win 10 : version 2017. My computer just display a dark screen!!! I have to use my Windows repair disk to boot up again to fix the problem.

  7. Kaspersky is probably very right. Microsoft makes software companies jump through their hoops for no reason at all. On the other hand, because Microsoft is not capable of releasing software that is bullet proof companies like Kaspersky can earn a decent living. Biting the hand that feeds you …
    I have dumped Microsoft Windows 10 for Linux last year. I am so glad I got out of that very indecent rat race that Microsoft orchestrades. I am laughing my head off when I read discussions like this. I am out of that race, no more Microsoft, never again any Redmond software on my PC! And I think that (at least) 5 out of every 10 Windows users would be perfectly happy without Redmond or Redmond related software. Fear for the unknown seem to restrain a lot of people. You should not be afraight.

  8. Well , well , well this is becoming ridiculous. I am 53 years old and I have been around the block a few times. Now most of you out there probably are too young to remember or just don’t remember when microsoft got in bed with Norton Utilities to improve windows ability to troubleshoot, windows and your computers hardware. The end result was called Dr. watson if I remember correctly, but that’s not the point. The point was what Microsoft did during the development!!!!!! they got Nortons code and 3/4 of the way through the development they kicked Norton off the bus and left them behind that was in the early 90s. So let us Look at the paradigm of the computer hardware manufactures and software companies versus the internet. You all need to quit snorkeling and start thinking deeper (that’s a gman original) if you want to take back control of your computer and lives online. Did I say paradigm, Why yes I did do you know what a paradigm is, better yet what the definition is well that’s too bad maybe you should look it up before you read any further. When it comes to software companies and the internet what is the PARADIGM you ask. Well I may be wrong as I am most of the time or so I am told so let us look at what is happening when you use a free or even a paid for browser or email or whatever. You are bombarded with mass marketing and some of this is targeted marketing!!!!!! how do they do it and why. Well let us answer the easy one first. Why????? Insert the lyrics here Money Money Money Mooooneyyyy you get the picture I hope. We know this by one perfect example Facebook. It,s free and yet one of the developers is a BILLIONAIRE yes a BILLIONAIRE with a B and what is the company worth. So now tet us look at how they do it. To start off they need to collect as much information on you as they can. What information you ask well anything that they can sell is the answer. Hard information like the web sites that you go to to the products that you buy, who you communicate with and so on. But that is not all they sell they run sophisticated algorithms that track and collect statistical data on you that they can sell or market to advertisers there is so much money to be made that ISP,s lobbied to get a law passed that would let them do the same thing. But wait we never said anything about how they do it so maybe we should look at how they do it after all that is probably the most important thing and the most relevant . I will not go into a detailed explanation of how I will leave that to the experts, instead I will be general in my explanation. So to start off we need to look at some of the major players in the cabal.
    This is not meant to be a complete list but just a few of the players.
    Tier 1
    1. Microsoft (Windows and their different add ons)
    2. Adobe (Flash player)
    3. Sun Microsystems (Java )
    To list a few.
    Tier 2
    4. Facebook
    5. Twitter
    5. Google
    To list a few.

    What do they have in common you need to ask. Well lets see! How many times have you have you gone to a web site and could not access it because you needed a tier 1 product update. Or how many times have you had to create an account or sign in with a tier 2 account. Now that would be the most obvious on the surface for a snorkeler. So let’s look at where do the VIRUSES, MALWARE, TROJANS and HACKERS attack, yes you guessed it tier 1 vulnerabilities. Web sites want to use these products to create flashy web sites, but that is on the surface so let’s ask the question deep down what else are they doing? And let’s ask the all important question what are the negative effects on our security. Now let’s talk about SDK’s (software developer kits) and software developers. They need to have access to what I call hooks (hooks are use to get to areas of the operating system to do what they do) with these hooks they can go to areas on your computer to do the voodoo that they do. So now why why why is it allowed. If the software companies did not have access to microsoft’s hooks why would someone write a program for the windows operating system and why would someone use java as the basic engine to run parts of their web page after all that would mean a loss of revenue for the tier 1 companies. The tier 1 software has so much access to you information and thus the VIRUSES MALWARE and HACKERS Have access to it too. And as a side note why is there so many patches and security updates for software companies I will let you ponder that one. Damn it I need to put the crack pipe down I may have smoked myself stupid because I almost have to agree that microsoft should make software companies prove their software is safe or works with their operating system, but they should be reasonable about it. The one thing that they should not be allowed to do is pick the winners and losers in the marketplace so it needs to be fair and open maybe even collaborate and work with AV companies to fix the tier 1 and 2 problems. They have created a juggernaut that they can no longer control and they will never give up the revenue they get from it so rest assured that we will always be at risk because of it. These ass clowns are writing software code that strips out your ability to control them and and anyone else as far as that goes from your data. Just look at the evolution of windows from let’s say windows 98 to windows 10. on the surface for the snorkeler it is flashy and cool but try to do What you could with xp. Yes yes yes you can still access the web write a letter bla bla bla, but can you get to all the same features that controls windows and if you can do you still have all the choices to configure Windows or do they just let you control it in a way that is beneficial to them and others that make money off your data. I have been using pc matic for almost a year and am quite happy with it. In August when it expires I hope they are still offering the lifetime for $150.00 because I will get it. If Microsoft defender does anything to it,,,, it will go and not pc matic. May be I should write a full article may be 2 or 3 pages and asked everyone what they think is going on under the hood of their computers so to speak. And maybe we should have some experts answer these questions. What do you think. These are my thoughts and opinions and not those of this website I have tried to be as accurate and honest as I could and Apologies for anything that may be inaccurate. Any and all corrections are welcome.

  9. MicroRipoff has been getting away with cheating customers for multiple decades because *customers* do not speak up. AV companies speaking up is like only a few employees in a company speaking up about a bad company policy. Mentalities at MR are capable only of reacting to volume of objection, not to validity of objection.

  10. In my experience dealing with Microsoft as a user of their products, as developer of Apps for Windows PCs, and as a negotiator of cross license agreements with them I concluded that its in their cultural genes to regard customers, suppliers, competitors, and all others as unimportant lesser beings than themselves. Its that intrinsic genetic character trait they have that causes them to refer to users as “eyeballs” rather than as people customers to respect and regard, and to care about. And their business conduct and actions that sting so much all follow from that attitude which drives their actions. While I respect, even admire their fierce competitiveness I dislike that trait they exhibit. Every time they exhibit it. Of course, I’ve been retired several years now and have not engaged closely with them, even gave up on PCs and switched to Apple McPro Notebook; so its possible my view is outdated. But it does not seem so, judging by complaints from many others about their heavy handed selfish actions.

    • @Charles warden: Charles no Microsoft does not need to get out of the AV business they need to acknowledge the problems with their software and that of the other major players and open up their code to AV companies. Why would they do this you ask, well it’s real simple they have the lion’s shear of the market and they have the worst code mongers banging out code. If they would work with the AV companies and form a think tank that addressed the gross negligence of their code mongers, company policies, and change the culture at Microsoft in order to make their operating system more secure and less vulnerable we might be a little more safer. But this only will work if they opened up and let others in. They have experts and damn good ones, but they are are dedicated to the Microsoft empire and are blind to the plight of the end user and their woes. They will put profit before the security of their customers after all, do they get hurt not really, they will lose very little while the end user could lose it all. The only way to stop the rampant malicious code bangers is to have outside programmers come in and review the OS code and work to secure it, they need some tough love and and they need to heed the warnings of others when they tell Microsoft they have problems with their OS’s code. Windows was crap when first wrote and they would not change it. They did a reset with the then new 98, they gave up on backwards compatibility and started over, they did that once more with xp kinda. As of today I don’t know what they are doing with the Windows OS and don’t really care, it’s still based on the same old code. Maybe they need to scrap Windows and start over, actually I have heard that too many times.


      Once again these are my thoughts and opinions and not those of this website I have tried to be as accurate and honest as I could and Apologies for anything that may be inaccurate. Any and all corrections are welcome just hit the reply button and let me know.

  11. I have experienced multiple occasions when Defender has disabled PCMatic and I had to manually reset PCMatic as my default program of choice. I am not a lawyer (thankfully) but I would think that since I have right under their licensing agreement to use their product I should be able to choose the AV program of my choice…not theirs. I hope they are prevented from further intrusion into private choices.

    • @Jerry Lassiter: No one HAS to use DEFENDER! If you don’t want to use it go to Settings and TURN IT OFF. I have it turned off and only turn it back on when PCPitstop is momentarily unavailable. Same with Norton.

  12. It’s clear Microsoft is and continues to be engaged in anticompetitive activities at a cost to their users. Their lack of security considerations in their OS from the very beginning is the core of this need. So let the experts do it. I think Microsoft needs to be knocked off their pedestal.

  13. If people like their AV program and think it works fine, then who is Microsoft to tell then they can’t have it. So it’s not PC Matic, but they like it, I say let them keep it, they paid for it.
    So, now I am wondering…after almost every update, my PC Magnum dies and I have to redownload and reinstall it??
    PC Matic keep on keeping on, your the best.

  14. the new update took out my PcPitstop!!!!! so what do I do now!!!! I paid for lifetime green!!!! If I try to download the program again will it kick it out again!!! Feel cheated!!!!!!
    what can I do???? HELP!!!!!

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