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Apple Declines to Comment on Growing Malware Threats

Ransomware & Spyware Targets Apple’s Mac Computers

With Apple’s market share growing, it is fair to assume cyber criminals will broaden their hacking horizons beyond Windows PCs.  Recently, ransomware was found targeting Mac computers.  Ransomware, or the malicious software that encrypts user data and demands payment in order for the user to regain access, has been known to target Windows PCs.  However, Apple is no longer immune.  Unfortunately, the ransomware that is targeting Macs has been found to completely destroy the files without an opportunity to retrieve them after the payment has been made.  Of course, the user doesn’t know that.  Assuming they pay the ransom, which is NEVER recommended, they will not see their files again.  Even if the cyber criminals wanted to retrieve the files, they could not do so.  Whomever wrote the ransomware did a poor job maintaining the decryption keys; therefore, whatever data is locked, will remained locked.

Another form of malware, called spyware, it targeting Mac users.  Spyware sits on the device and collects data about the user — what they’re doing on the device, tracking keystrokes, etc.  The spyware targeting Macs, Macspy, is able to log keystrokes, access the computer’s microphone and take screenshots.  According to the BBC, Macspy is highly evasive, avoiding detection from basic security programs.

At this time, Apple has not commented to the BBC regarding the increased cyber threats facing their product.

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