Girl Scouts Aim to Level the Playing Field in Cyber Security

Girl Scouts Offer 18 New Cyber Security Badges

Reports suggest only 11% of positions in the global cyber security workforce are held by females.  Therefore, the Girl Scouts are doing their part to level the playing field.  The organization is taking steps to peak young girls’ interests in cyber security, beginning as early as age five.

The Girl Scouts reported to We Live Security, they will be added 18 new badge opportunities for girls aging from five to 12, focused on cyber security.  The new badges offered will be available nationally.  Although, they badge opportunities will not begin until September of 2018.

Cracking the Glass Ceiling

This is not the first attempt for organizations to encourage technological avenues for young girls.  Techlicious posted an article featuring various computer coding games, apps, classes, and even camps catered specifically for young girls.

Hopefully, the increased opportunities, as well as the increased exposure of these opportunities, will spark the interest level of our youth to explore the cyber security field.

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