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Ransomware Attacks Two Medical Facilities

Two Medical Organizations Release Statements Regarding Ransomware Attacks

Airway Oxygen Inc.

Airway Oxygen Inc., a Michigan medical supply company, informed its patients of a ransomware attack that took place in mid-April.  The ransomware variant was not disclosed, nor was the amount of the ransom demand.  Airway Oxygen did not disclose if they paid the ransom, but did make a statement to their customers that the attack took place.  The primary concern was the privacy of patient data.  Fox 17 reports,

“The company says that there is no indication that health information of customers was accessed.”

However, Airway Oxygen Inc. is encouraging customers to keep an eye out for fraudulent activity on their credit reports.  If any questionable activity takes place, it is encouraged users report it to the credit reporting agency.

Cleveland Medical Associates

The Daily Post Anthenian reported four primary-care clinics were infected when Cleveland Medical Associated was hit with ransomware in mid-April.  A forensic investigation was launched into the matter, and found no patient data was compromised.  Even with the investigation report stating patient data was not compromised, the Cleveland Medical Associates is offering free credit reporting services to patients potentially impacted.

The ransomware attack did not affect business operations, allowing all infected clinics to maintain normal operations.  The ransomware variant that infiltrated the clinics’ systems was not disclosed, nor was the ransom demand.

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