Microsoft Database Leaks Unknown Number of Source Codes

Database Breached – Leaving Microsoft Source Codes Exposed

Microsoft recently confirmed an unknown number of source codes were leaked onto a repository named BetaArchive.  Exposing the source codes would allow hackers to find vulnerabilities in some of Microsoft’s most trusted pieces of its operating system.  Gizmodo reports,

“The Register claimed the data dump was 32 TB large, but BetaArchive tells The Verge that “the source code was just 1.2GB in size.”

Since, BetaArchive has removed the files.  However, they stated they were not forced to do so my Microsoft.  Therefore, the level of severity of the leak is believed to be minimal.  Although, this will not deter the hackers.  Cyber criminals will be looking at the source codes for vulnerabilities, and the government could be doing the same. Between the two, lucky Microsoft end-users will have new zero-day vulnerabilities to deal with.

Staying Protected

How do consumers stay protected when companies fail to keep their data secure?  Two words, application whitelisting.  Using a security solution that implements application whitelisting allows for only known safe programs to execute.  Therefore, if hackers and/or the government find a vulnerability in systems and attempt to launch a zero-day attack, they will not be successful.  This is because, every executable is scanned for security purposes.  If it is not tested and proven safe, it will not run.


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6 thoughts on “Microsoft Database Leaks Unknown Number of Source Codes

  1. What a world we live in!
    I’m still in W7, upgraded from XP. Other chose Vista (I know, right!!). Someone said “it’s the fault of the user not the app”. I looked at the W10 when it was free, haven’t made the switch, yet. You can’t blame Microsoft. You bought the car, the way you drive with it is up to you!

    People, if you prefer Linux, apple or whatever, that is entirely up to you. There is no need to brag about it. There will come a day when those OS will be targeted too. For now the most money is made by attacking MS users. It’s easier to rob a petrol station, than to rob the bank. And that is what they are doing. What my point is …. Nobody is safe.

    Tomorrow, a guy from a big security firm is coming here to convince me that I’m vulnerable to break-in and fire hazards. He just want to sell his product, but it’s up to me to buy it or not. Same with the PC, if I have AV’s, cleaners, protectors, firewalls, etc. When I’m targeted, there is nothing I can do about it.

    Hackers will be brought down and they will be made to pay for the inconvenience and costs they have caused over the years. Big problem with that is: there will always be one more that thinks he’ll get away with it. This is cyber war! You are not in danger, only your info and cash is. This might sound ridicules in this day and age, if you’re afraid of your information getting leaked, DON’T drop it on the internet. One person’s trash, is another person’s treasure!

    I am nobody, have nothing important, need not to share information about myself, have nothing embarrassing on my body to show the world and will never be a big name in history. If my PC gets killed tomorrow, I will maybe buy a new one and carry on, or do something else with my life. Like climb a mountain or swim a channel. Whatever I decide, I will try and keep my own doorstep clean and tidy, because that’s up to me.

    Be smart and stay safe!!

  2. I have not had any problem with Windows 10, I think it is the owners computer and not Win 10 that is the culprit.

  3. I have never been so GLAD THAT I GOT RID OF MY OLD PC THAT I HAD BEEN COERCED BY MS INTO DOWNLOADING WINDOWS 10!! From the time I installed it (from W-7) I had non-stop trojans, ransomware, malware, and finally one day my PC had EVERY BIT OF DATA DELETED FROM IT, including the Windows 10 OS. ALL I had was a gray screen with the error message: unable to locate any operating system on this computer. Now I am the proud owner of a Mac-mini, encrypted, and avoid everything that I know to be supported by MS. WINDOWS 10 IS WORSE THAN VISTA SINCE TECHNOLOGY HAS ALLOWED MS TO BE MORE INTRUSIVE INTO ALL YOUR DATA. Yes, it cost me more, but actually it has cost me less since I don’t have to spend hours just trying to get onto any website.

    • @pamela smeberg: Thay is utter drivel, a computer is only as good as the person that uses it, and the security that they use. If you don’t want someone snooping then don’t put it on a computer. All the crap that is posted out there on the internet s asking for trouble. Old thought, If you live in a glass house then don’t throw stones. Simple innit!

      • @Winerider: I’ll say amen to that. I really get peeved when people whine about this and that in Windows. No one has a gun to their head forcing them to use it. I’m on a computer 16 hours a day. I’ve never been infected and the only time one of my systems has crashed has been the result of my own stupidity in messing with something I shouldn’t have messed with. Anyone using a computer needs to have a little common sense on what links to open or what sites are safe to go to. They are stupid enough to put their whole life on a computer, have it save their passwords, etc and then blame MS when they get hacked. Most people won’t back up their data so they blame MS if they ever lose it. All it takes is a little common sense. Ridiculous.

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