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Huntsville Clinic Notifies Patients of Ransomware Infection

Ransomware Infects Huntsville’s Cove Family and Sports Medicine

Cove Family and Sports Medicine, located in Huntsville, Alabama, recently informed their patients of a ransomware attack that occurred in April of 2017.  The ransomware successfully infected with clinic’s systems, encrypting various files.  However, instead of paying the ransom demand, they were able to restore their own systems.  The Cove Family and Sports Medicine did so by reinstalling the operating system and using the backup files they had.  Unfortunately, some of the backup files in the last two years were also infected with the ransomware.  Meaning, they were also encrypted.  Cove Family and Sports Medicine does not believe the lost backup files will impact patient care.

As the investigation continued into the ransomware infection, it was determined patient data was not removed from the system.  The clinic did inform all impacted patients of the ransomware infection and states,

“We take patient privacy seriously, and are very sorry for any concern or inconvenience this incident has caused or may cause to anyone who has been affected.”

If any patients believe they have been impacted by this ransomware attack, they are encouraged to call Cove Family and Sports Medicine at (844) 828-3239.


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