Ohio Clinic Ransomware Infections Leads to Breach Concerns

Breach Concerns Raised After Ohio Clinic is Riddled with Ransomware

The Ohio clinic, PVHS-ICM Employee Health and Wellness, located in Dublin, recently informed their patients of a ransomware attack that hit its servers in May of 2017.  The ransomware only infected one location.  Therefore, all other locations were not impacted.  The ransomware variant that attacked the clinic is unknown.  It is also uncertain if the medical facility paid the ransom demand to restore the systems, or if they were able to remediate the issue on their own.

The ongoing concern is, if any patient data was obtained while the malware was installed.  Although, reports have stated there is no evidence suggesting any patient data was exploited.  As a preventative measure, the clinic is offering free credit monitoring for 12 months.  PVHS-ICM states,

“We value and respect the privacy of your information, and we sincerely apologize for any concern or inconvenience this may cause you.”

Ransomware Attacks

To see a full list of ransomware attacks that have taken place in 2017, you can click here. We have also created a ransomware map, see below, of the ransomware attacks that have taken place in the U.S.

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