500M Android Devices Vulnerable to SpyDealer

Malware Continues to Target Android Devices

Android devices have been found to be vulnerable to the malware variant, SpyDealer.  The malware has a plethora of capabilities to wreak havoc on the device as well as the device owner.  SpyDealer effectively steals personal data from various apps on the device, including Facebook and WhatsApp.  The apps themselves are not the problem, so deleting them will not do any good.  SpyDealer also has the capability to take over the device and record phone calls, take pictures, and even monitor the device’s location.  Creepy, right?!

The malware has been targeting older Android devices, released between 2010 to 2013.  Although the malware has been public for a couple of years, Komando reports roughly 25% of Android users are still operating these devices.  This means an estimated 500 million users are still vulnerable.

Tips to Stay Safe

The exact method of infection is still being investigated.  However, if you have an Android device, older or newer, it is best to follow these steps:

  1. Run a security software program on your devices.  If you’re already a PC Matic subscriber, you are able to add PC Matic to your Android devices as one of your five available devices.  You can do so, by accessing PC Matic for Android devices through the Google Play Store.
  2. Be cautious using public WiFi.  Since the SpyDealer attack method remains unknown, it would be best to proceed with caution.  Using a public WiFi can leave a door open for hackers, due to the lack of security on the network.
  3. Keep your system updated.  You can check for updates via your system settings on your device.
  4. Watch what you click.  Many hackers make links and attachments appear legitimate.  If you ever question the integrity of an email, it is best to simply delete it.
  5. Do not visit questionable websites.  It is important device users understand the websites they’re visiting.  If users choose to visit sites that engage in illegal activity, it’s likely they’ll end up with malware, as hackers have been known to target these sites.

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