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If Congress Gets Their Way – It’ll be Goodbye to Kaspersky Labs

U.S. Government Using Kaspersky Labs

As early as 2008, Russian-based antivirus company, Kaspersky Labs, has been used on U.S. government devices.  However, with the rising concern of ties between Kaspersky Labs and the Russian government, the United States Congress is taking major steps to prevent the use of Kaspersky on government devices.  In May of 2017, Florida Senator, Marco Rubio, questioned the Senate Intelligence Committee on their willingness to use Kaspersky Labs on their devices.   The consensus was an overwhelming no.

Since May, the U.S. government has been working diligently to create a bill that would prevent the U.S. military from using Kaspersky security programs on any of their devices.  Currently, legislation has passed both the House of Representatives and Senate Armed Service Committees preventing the use of Kaspersky on military devices; however, it still needs to be implemented into law.

Creating Backlash

If this law were to pass, the Russian Communications Minister has made threats against American software and hardware companies, stating their businesses would in turn be negatively impacted.  Slightly alarming considering Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Labs, has done nothing short of screaming from mountain tops that Kaspersky is not tied to the Russian government.  Yet, their government is threatening U.S. businesses if the Pentagon drops Kaspersky Labs as a security solution provider.

In an attempt to maintain relations with U.S. government agencies, Eugene has offered to release Kaspersky Labs’ source codes, as well speak directly to the U.S. Senate to answer any questions they may have.  He has also offered to move parts of the company’s security research to the U.S.  All of these attempts to save face are not too surprising, considering the financial blow Kaspersky faces if the begin to lose American business.  It is likely, if the U.S. government bans the use of Kaspersky, several other American users will do the same.  This would lead to a massive plummet in Kaspersky Labs’ revenues, considering approximately 60% of their sales are from the U.S.

Are the Concerns Legitimate?

It’s clear, the U.S. officials believe the ties between the Russian government and Kaspersky Labs are legitimate.  Additional affirmations arose when a Russian government official threatened retaliation if the Pentagon dropped Kaspersky as a security solution provider.  Also, a Kaspersky Lab employee, Ruslan Stoyanov, was arrested for treason.  However, the company claims that was for issues prior to his employment with the security provider.  Lastly, Eugene Kaspersky previous served with the Solviet military.  This may not be alarming, until a Russian ambassador stated,

‘In Russia we have saying that once you are a member of security service, you never leave.’

It appears the evidence is stacking up against Kaspersky, regardless of their attempts to reaffirm their government ties are nonexistent.

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31 thoughts on “If Congress Gets Their Way – It’ll be Goodbye to Kaspersky Labs”

  1. While I completely understand the concern of Kapersky that they are now ‘reaping the benefit’ of what Putin has been doing, it is time to make a decision regarding security on all Western computers. If Kapersky has to pay the price I cannot feel sorry for them, the West has to protect it’s systems. The problem with distrust is once it’s sewn, it is very hard to recover or reverse. I now ‘wonder’ about all Russians I come into contact with, and there were many that I worked with until 3 years ago, all seemed entirely nice humans, but who knows what people are secretly ‘up to’ !
    They should not blame us but blame Putin himself – he is the leader responsible for all Russian policies and it is HIS doing that the West is now asking questions about any Russian business, especially those with access to our computer systems. You could fix it Russia – get rid of Putin seems like a very good idea for starters !

  2. No one on these comments is saying/ realizing that Kapersky started in 2008!!! Who else started In 2008??? Hmmmm??? Oh yeah….the real Russian cohorts!!! Obama and Billary!!! Remember??? Oh and don’t forget her uranium deal? Selling 20% of USAs uranium to Russian govt!!
    Trump comes into office in 2016/17 suddenly he is the cohort, criminal etc!!! ReALLY?? It is a shit show!! The democrats have done so many criminal acts, scandal after scandal…and get away with all… Al Sharpton gets away without paying millions in back taxes, Benghazi cover up, fast n furious, the list goes on. Not to mention all the dead bodies in the Clintons wake!!! The foundation $$ is a real crime. Go after the real criminals…Donald Trump and family are trying to fix the mess the previous morons left!! I think the people that idolize Clintons and Obama need to wake up!!! That’s all I have to say…..let’s give Trump a chance, and stop the nonsense!!! The real Russian conspiracy lies at the foot of the Clintons and Obama!!!!

  3. More like the republicans trying to remove the focus from the real Russian issue.
    Here’s one for the paranoid,
    What about all those computer chips made in china in our gov. computers?

    1. @Hardware chip compared to a program’s source code???? Hmmmm, who is the naive one here??? I know Eric the genius.

      1. You don’t think they couldn’t engineer a little rom chip into some graphics chip or such,
        wouldn’t take much of an effort on their part, genius.

  4. As a European who reads this it occurs to me that the majority of the US citizens are simply sheep. You got the worst dogmatic government and yet you follow and believe everything they say. The heck! Even I don’t believe everything my government tells us! To see behind their agenda you have to question who benefits for making these bills?
    In my opinion is that citizens of all countries should Unite as one and get rid of these liars! Peace 4 all!!!

    1. @Dave d: Why Trump got elected: Because the American voter does not believe even half of what they are told. Why the Democrats lost: If you repeat a lie often enough, you even begin to believe it yourself.

    2. @Dave d: I don’t know what country you are from but you know very little about the US population. The majority of people are not sheep. You can herd a group of sheep to a common cause. Most US voters are too lazy or lack the common sense and wherewithal to research what they are told or probably just don’t give a rat’s ass what is going on outside their immediate circle of friends of whom they rely on for “the facts”. Sheep?? I think not, more like “….. a fence post.” and lacking motivation for improvement.

  5. Trump has Russia to thank for being in power.
    So why being so aggressive against a Russian product, just for its origin ??
    To take the attention away from your own shit ???
    Lets hope it doesn`t leave pcs more vulnerable just to save Trumps ass…
    Lets hope one can find a replacement product that is at least as good as Kaspersky.
    The performance of an AV product seems more important to me then its origin……
    Or am I crazy there ??

    1. It’s called “saving face” .. the end result is a lot of good people + good products get thrashed because of the mindless actions of “buttheads” … but that’s just my opinion

    2. @MK: That is the question….what is it’s performance? Unless you have source code and are an IT professional you do not know. Maybe it does what it is programmed to do…send your info to the KGB or its modern equivalent.

    3. @MK: Well Maynard, you may be crazy but naive is the proper word you are looking for. And your 6th grade punk language is evidence that you should be doing some research on factual history rather than rants from the low end of the ratings scale at CNN or MSNBC. I bet you have pictures of Madcow in your hallway locker.

  6. Richard Hennessey

    A mere private citizen, I dropped Kaspersky when I became convinced of the Russian election efforts and considered the question of whether or not a firm like Kaspersky could really be independent of the Russian government. It helped to have what seems to be a superior product, PC Matic, available.

  7. My question is, Who is going to reimburst all these individual people who have already paid a subscription fee for using Kaspersky as their main anti-virus program?

  8. Jim from Indiana

    Senator Rubio brought this up in May. Why is it taking so long to pass a simple law to ban the Kaspersky software? The fact that the Russian official made a threat tells us to get moving. Who was responsible for approving the use of Kaspersky, knowing it originates in Russia?


    I agree, we have many US based alternatives. Why do we pay for foreign companies to protect our systems??
    Ban and boycott.

      My sentiments exactly. Why aren’t we using domestic products? Wasn’t that one of Trump’s promises–to bring jobs back to the US. Why not get PCPitstop to develop a product for military applications?
      Does this mean that the Pentagon is in bed with Putin? They must have met with some Russians to obtain Kaspersky.

      1. @Kenn Dillon: The military were not allowed to fart, let alone make major decisions like software for sensitive information. So let’s take a look at who ok’d this anti-American decision from the oval office at the time. I don’t know for a fact but I’d put a 20% uranium bet on the barack/hillary duo.

  10. Trump Jr. Meets with a Russian lawyer and a former intelligence officer, nothing to see here. Kaspersky offers source codes and moving research labs to the U.S, danger.
    F***ing U.S government logic…

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