Russian Hackers Breach UK Power Grid

Russian Hackers Believed to Cause Major Threat

It is believed, Russian hackers are behind the recent breach of the UK national power grid.  Although, no outages were reported, there are major concerns the hackers took critical information to implement a future attack.  Without knowing what information, if any, was taken, it is difficult to determine the magnitude of potential future attacks.

The Daily Mail reported, the hackers are using Ireland as their testing ground for their cyber weapons.  It is believed they are targeting the Ireland due to the country housing major global business operations for companies such as Apple and Facebook.

Leaving the World Uneasy…

Unfortunately, worldwide cyber attacks have become a popular topic, ever since the first global ransomware attack, WannaCry, in mid-May.  A month later, a handful of countries were hit with a major cyber weapon, NotPetya.  Although this was a form of ransomware, it was also deemed a cyber weapon used merely for destruction.  NotPetya corrupted master boot records, which were left beyond repair, even if the victims paid the ransom demands.

Now, the UK’s national power grid has been hacked, with the impact unknown.  With the growing cyber threats, it seems as though the IT world is left holding its breath waiting for the next round.  While they wait — what will they do?  Perhaps it is time to begin finding a better security solution that will effectively block these attacks, keeping company data safe and secure.

The Right Solution

Not every security solution is the same.  It is best to determine what kind of solution is needed to best meet the security needs of the user and/or company.  For example, some security solutions are just an antivirus program.  Others include different features, including performance optimization tools, automated maintenance, and patch management, to name a few.  There are also different malware detection methods, including blacklist technology and whitelist technology.  Do you know which will best meet the end-user’s needs, while keeping data secure?  Instead of spending thousands or even millions of dollars on more security, find a solution that best fits the user and/or organization’s needs.


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12 thoughts on “Russian Hackers Breach UK Power Grid

  1. Walter D V:
    I worked on vacuum tube computers, LGP 30, in the early 60s. saw 300 Baud acoustical modems become the thing to have. Since those days technology has advanced on an exponential along with our ability to use it. However our ability to always use it wisely, protect it from misuse, and not use it to harm others seems to advanced on a flat line.

  2. Simple isolate the power grid from the internet just how it use to be it’s so bloody obvious. Why do think Russians use pencil and paper they don’t trust the internet to carry there information. So disconnect all major infrastructure from the net and they will physically have to come to the power station to hack it and then you have a better chance of catching then.

  3. the biggest threat to the people of any country are the people running that same country. When this will become obvious to everyone else as it is obvious to me then we can start to do something about it. The Russians don’t want to hurt England. The English gov’t sure does. Between the royal (german) family and the city of London (the Rothschild family) you couldn’t have two worse enemies.

    English people, sharpen your pitchforks and go after the real enemy.

    • False flags everywhere
      9/11 thousands killed

      Iraq thousands killed

      Vietnam 50,000 plus young American soldiers died

      Ukraine Removed an elected president by the CIA

      In America not allowing an elected president govern

      Follow the money The Federal Reserve read how came to be back in 1910 and law in 1913. We did not owe any money back then, now 20 trillions thanks to Criminal Politicians.

      Where is Democrasy today ?

    • @BillyP:
      I am so tired of the anti Russian propaganda being shoved down our throats. The Deep State, and the propaganda organs cannot tell the truth. The anti Russian propaganda is as bad as it was in the 60s-70s, but then there was some justification.
      In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act!
      The solution is to drag politicians, and the press to the nearest tree, and use them as decorations.

      • did it ever occur to you that even back in the 60s that both sides were in on it together? Maybe they didnt all know, typically they only know what they need to know. If the head man really believes what he is saying, it’s more convincing, but he can so easily be fooled.

        Remember Trotsky and Lenin were Rothschild/Rockefeller plants to take Russia out of the world oil market. Mao was a plant also.

        They mean to kill most of us. They’ll get away with it. And the survivors will continue licking their boots like nothing happened.

  4. why do you assert a claim in your headline that is unproven?

    Have you learned nothing from the false narrative pushed by the US Corporate media that is seeking to undermine the elected President with all of their powers of deception ?

  5. the right solution is to deploy hundred or thousands of small locally operated thorium reactors. The grid necessary for assuring continuity will be much smaller, there will be no more corporate profits for doofus giant corporations who can’t keep the system safe.

    But gov’ts like the u.k. aren’t really looking for security. They’re looking to hurt their own people, because they’re controlled by their bankers. Bankers make money when we suffer. That will never change. We may not want to kill them though they deserve it, but we can deprive them of profits. We can make them serve us rather than the other way around.

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