Largest San Francisco Radio Station Still Struggling After Ransomware Hit

Impact Still Felt, A Month After Ransomware Attack

KQED, the largest radio station in San Francisco is still struggling to get back to day-to-day operations after ransomware took down their computers in mid-June.  Tech Talk first reported the attack on June 17th, just two days after the ransomware hit.  The station’s streaming services were pushed offline immediately following the attack, but were restored shortly after.

However, daily operations remain impacted to this day.  The ransomware encrypted various station files including scripts, prerecorded segments, and even took down the email server.  According to The Verge, the KQED still has to print off scripts to manually distribute, as well as time their own segments.  The station’s IT department continues to work diligently to get operations back to normal; however, there is not a definitive timeline when everything is expected to be back online.

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