Nine Fireball Creators Busted, Two More Detained

Nine of the creators of Fireball, the malware that was turning popular browsers into zombies, have been caught.  The malware creators were working for a legitimate digital marketing company located in Beijing.  According to Mashable, they were using the company, Rafotech, as a way to distribute the malware.  Since the time of release, almost two months ago, the Fireball creators have banked over $11 million USD.


Typically, cyber criminals are hard to locate and subsequently charge.  However, a local security researcher discovered issues within Rafotech’s operations.  The researcher was able to read through Rafotech’s freeware coding, and determined it included the same malicious code found within Fireball.  Nine of the company’s employees were arrested for sabotaging computer systems, while two others were detained.  Mashable reported, all of the suspects have years in the IT industry and were able to use anti-detection methods to amplify the impact of Fireball.

PC Matic will continue to keep readers posted as the story progresses.

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