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Q2 Television Ads

As a product, PC Matic stands out against our competition in several ways. However, our products aren’t the only thing that set us apart. Over the past few years, PC Pitstop has been able to make sales in a way that no other security software provider has been able to do: television advertising. We update our commercials frequently; announcing new PC Matic features, alerting consumers to new security threats and demonstrating how PC Matic’s whitelist is the only security product that blocks every type of virus and malware, including zero-day threats. We released three commercials during Q2 of 2017:


Twice a year, the PC Pitstop team meets in a different city in the U.S. One of our goals when we meet, is to create a television commercial that features our employees. At this meeting, we created “Name That Antivirus,” in which CEO, Rob Cheng, hosts a gameshow about antivirus software. The contestants on the show are PC Pitstop employees, and of course the answer is ALWAYS PC Matic 3.0, PC Matic’s newest version.


In this commercial, Rob sits down with his son, Teddy Cheng, to teach him about the history of antivirus technology. Beginning in the 80s, Rob explains the first iterations of blacklist antivirus, and when they stopped being effective. The history lesson concludes with the introduction of PC Matic’s whitelist antivirus technology and how it changed the face of cyber security as we know it.


PC Matic has experienced a staggering amount of growth over the past year. As we continue to improve our security and add features that enhance our customers’ computing experience, our customers have shown their appreciation by sticking with us and recommending PC Matic to their friends and family. This commercial serves as an update to our loyal customers, and as a sincere ‘Thank You’ for their continued support.

To read PC Pitstop’s Q2 newsletter in its entirety, click here.

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