Kaspersky is having Twitter Trouble - U.S. government orders federal agencies to remove the antivirus.

No. 1 U.S. Electronics Retailer Drops Kaspersky Products

Best Buy No Longer Selling Kaspersky

Best Buy, the largest electronic retailer in America, has removed the Russian-based security solution, Kaspersky Labs, from its shelves.  The decision to cut the security program from their product line comes shortly after the FBI urged private sector companies to discontinue the use of Kaspersky on their devices.

Both Best Buy and the U.S. government removed the Russian-based security solution from their list of available security solutions due to concerns of ties between the company and the Russian government.

The company has adamantly denied these claims.  However, the Russian government has threatened retaliation for the U.S. no longer using Kaspersky on government devices.  However, the threats have fallen on deaf ears.

Sixty percent of the company’s sales are generated in the United States.  If the rest of America follows suit with the government and Best Buy, Kaspersky is facing a major financial hit.

How Will Kaspersky Recover?

Vladimir Putin is now encouraging Russia to use Russian-based security software, to mitigate potential security risks associated with programs developed overseas.  This could help soften the blow to Kaspersky’s bottom line, if Russian companies begin using their solution instead of others.  Although, if Putin is doing this with the intention of hurting the U.S., he is mistaken.  There is only one security solution that is developed, supported, and researched in the U.S. — PC Matic.  Considering PC Matic has no customers in Russia, the American-made security solution will not be impacted.

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9 thoughts on “No. 1 U.S. Electronics Retailer Drops Kaspersky Products”

  1. So no US security ware manufacturers have ‘links’ to the US government or its military? ‘Scuse me while I choke on my cornflakes….. I thought you’d got over reds under the beds years ago. How about some objectivity?

    Kaspersky is the best of several security/malware products I’ve tried over the years, especially those that tend to get bundled with Windows when buying a laptop/PC. It doesn’t slow my PC down half as much as others. It found the trojan attached to (the otherwise excellent) CCleaner 5.33 (which you’ve not covered in one of your bulletins yet – hope you will), whereas another programme on our other PC didn’t.

  2. Learning Kaspersky was a Russian based security ware it had been on my mind for a couple of months to change my anti-virus. Finally, today I manage to get this Russian based system off my computer. I purchased, PC Matic an American based company that charged me $150.00 for life. After loading PC Matic the program scanned my computer to ensure everything was running great. It’s been only one day, but at this time I think PC Matic is great. I think my decision was the right one.

  3. I think this is an absurd witch hunt against on of the best AV producers around. I’m sticking with them because they are great, unless the government bans Kaspersky for individuals. Hope that Kaspersky keeps up the good work for us regular folks regardless of our governments actions.

  4. BUY ‘N LARGE is a good example cause Best Buy sell refrigerators, stoves, microwave, toys, Coffee maker, mixer and blender Small Kitchen Appliances › and do not specialize in Computers. The FBI has no jurisdiction outside of the US, They make employment in RANSOMWARE. Best Buy has Tech Support from Geek Squad: 24-7 Support that is not earning it’s keep. So, why not use an excuse to pull a fully qualified product from the shelves and TOOT about if!

  5. Microsoft failed to protect their software from a CIA backdoor embedded in all Microsoft software. It is named PsSetLoadImageRoutin, (Amoung others are “After Midnight and Assasin”.). that sadistically prevents antivirus software from finding computer virus malware and would not provide a patch. (Fix) Kaspersky created their own fix. This why the government has demonized it. Doubt it not. Remember it was Kaspersky that found and decoded the Stuxnet virus (from Israel) also.

  6. Are you punishing those of us who happen to use iMac. ? We may need the same protection that you offer your
    line of products to !! I mean to say I’d like to have a choice!!! If your products are as good or better than Apples,
    I’m sure they are. I’m interested, not that i’ve had a bad experience, with what I have, I have not !!! But down the road
    who knows ?I would like to be prepared if that day ever comes.
    You might be surprised just how many the re are of us.I understand that Windows is avalable for iMac, could this be a way to utolize your product ?Go back to work!! I’ve bent your ear enough. Thanks For at least considering a line
    of products for iMac. ( Apple ) Best Wishes Larry Sherrill

    1. I apologize Larry, as you know we don’t currently have a product for Mac computers. It may be something we introduce in the future. Stay tuned to Tech Talk where we announce any and all new products and features.

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