SEC Breach Could’ve Led to Illegal Trade Gains

SEC Breach Leaves Open Doors for Hackers

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), discovered a security breach last year.  However, until recently, no one knew the data obtained through the SEC breach could have led to illegal trade gains.  Unfortunately, additional information is not being disclosed regarding this issue.

Reports state,

“The agency did not explain why the initial hack was not revealed sooner, or which individuals or companies may have been impacted. “

Addressing Security Vulnerabilities

A large majority of the time, security breaches can be avoided by addressing security vulnerabilities.  Best practice for keeping operating systems and third-party programs updated includes patching security gaps.  However, what if the users choose not to update?  It’s entirely possible this is leaving them open to a malware attack, or a security breach.

Therefore, when it comes to the SEC breaches, one looming question remains — is the SEC patching security vulnerabilities to prevent additional breaches?  After the breach in 2016, the SEC reported “promptly” patching all security vulnerabilities.  However according to Fortune, in January of 2017, 320 security gaps were found within the SEC security system.  This begs the question – were all of the security holes patched after the 2016 breach?

After the Equifax breach, the public is questioning the security of government systems.  These SEC revelations are not putting anyone’s minds at ease.


***PC Matic technicians are not able to provide additional insight regarding this breach.  However, if you are a PC Matic customer and are in need assistance with the product, or have questions regarding PC Matic – you can reach our support team at

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