Avoid the Kaspersky Scandal – Find a Better Solution

The Kaspersky Scandal

Kaspersky Labs is a Russian-based security company that develops endpoint security solutions for businesses and home-users around the world.  But you might have already known that.

However, what you may not know is, the growing scandal regarding the alleged ties between the Russian government and Kaspersky.  Although the company has adamantly denied the allegations – evidence continues to pile up against them.

The Public Evidence

  • Eugene Kaspersky attended a high school that trained Russian spies
  • Eugene Kaspersky wrote a security program for the Soviet Army
  • Russian Communications Minister made threats against American software and hardware companies, if the U.S. Congress were to ban Kaspersky Labs from government devices
  • Vladimir Putin has encouraged Russia to begin using security programs developed in Russia to mitigate security risks of over-seas security programs
  • Kaspersky Labs has provided data obtained through their software to the Russian government in the past to find cyber criminals
  • CBS News found a certificate confirming a relationship between Kaspersky Labs and the Russian government
  • Major retailers have dropped Kaspersky from their shelves, including Best Buy and Office Depot
  • The US federal agencies have been given 90 days to remove Kaspersky and replace it with another security solution
  • All US military devices have been banned from using Kaspersky Labs products

Finding a Better Solution

Instead of questioning if your security program is sending data to foreign governments — use PC Matic — a security solution that is developed, researched, and supported in the United States.  PC Matic includes a superior security solution with application whitelisting technology, patch management, adblocking technology, PC optimization and maintenance tools, as well as free cyber security training.

PC Matic is compatiable with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Android devices.  The program is $50 per year, for coverage on up to five devices.

Buy PC Matic Now!

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  1. do you know anything bad about 360 Total Security software? I was sort of scammed into buying it when I somehow got connected with them when I was trying to call about my HP printer.

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