Application Whitelisting — Is it Feasible for the Medical Field?

Application Control for Medical Professionals

Decision Health recently published a lengthy article on Plan B News regarding application whitelisting within the medial field.  With the advanced technological methods being used within the healthcare industry, and the ever-evolving software, IT administrators were curious if whitelisting could fit in this field.  Roy Edroso stated application whitelisting is “highly effective against sneak attacks”.  Considering WannaCry and NotPetya impacted medical facilities worldwide, it looks like a solution that will protect against zero-day attacks is what the medical industry needs.

PC Matic’s Vice President of Cyber Security, Dodi Glenn, states,

“Whitelisting offers a high level of network control.  Take WannaCry, Siemens and Bayer had to issue patches for their medical devices [after WannaCry seized them].  Medical people are at the mercy of the device manufacturers to apply a patch.  Having application control on those machines makes sense.”

You can read the full article, Whitelisting can protect your EHR — But may hobble your employees here: Part B News _ Whitelisting can protect your EHR — but may hobble… or you view the article online by subscribing to Part B News here.

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