Sonic Breach Leaves Customers Vulnerable

Sonic Food Chain Breached – Impact Remains Unknown

In September, various entities were breached, including Equifax, the SEC, even the fast-food chain Sonic.  In mid-September five million of credit and debit card numbers were loaded to the dark web.  It is believed, some if not all of, these numbers came from a breach within Sonic’s payment systems.  Experts believe these numbers were obtained by Sonic’s payment system because two different batches of these numbers were recently used at various Sonic’s throughout the nation.

Sonic has over 3,900 stores in 45 different states.  If their entire payment system was breached, that could mean victims across the nation.  However, at this time, the stores impacted have not been identified.  The company made the following statement to Krebs on Security,

“The security of our guests’ information is very important to SONIC. We are working to understand the nature and scope of this issue, as we know how important this is to our guests. We immediately engaged third-party forensic experts and law enforcement when we heard from our processor. While law enforcement limits the information we can share, we will communicate additional information as we are able.”

Joker’s Stash is where these credit cards can be found.  The cards have been categorized based on city, state and zip codes.  This is allowing buyers to obtain credit/debit cards that are near their area; therefore, decreasing the likelihood of being flagged as fraudulent transactions.  The prices for these cards are higher than usual too, ranging from $25 to $50.  The price increase is due to how recent the breach is believed to occurred, meaning few cards have been reported as compromised.

If you are concerned about your information being breached, you will need to check your credit/debit card statements carefully for any fraudulent purchases.  If you see any unauthorized purchases, it is important you report them to your financial institution immediately.

** Please note, PC Matic is not affiliated with this breach.  Therefore, we cannot confirm whether or not your data was breached by Sonic, or any other company.  If you’re currently a PC Matic consumer and need assistance with your PC Matic account, you may reach out to our support team at

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6 thoughts on “Sonic Breach Leaves Customers Vulnerable

  1. All of these companies should be held accountable for not having their systems secured and they should be sued and not allowed to take out bankruptcy to prevent them having to pay orutfor their lack of security on their system.

  2. I’m going to start using cash or checks.Then again, maybe I’ll Just use cash. No one is safe from these hackers.

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