Shutting Down the Infinite Alert Hoax for Good

Infinite Alert Hoax Could Be Taken Offline, With Your Help

October is cyber security awareness month, and it is during this month PC Pitstop hopes to put the infinite alert hoax to bed.  Once and for all.  However, in order to do so, we will need your help.

Infinite Alert Hoax

This hoax occurs when users visit an infected website.  Upon infection, pop-up windows take over the user’s PC, claiming a virus has been detected and they must call a 1-800 phone number to gain “support”.  Upon calling, you will be told to hit Ctrl+R, and type in various websites.  These may include websites such as:


These websites provide remote access control, allowing the “tech support staff” to gain access to your computer.  They will do everything in their power to gain your trust.

However, once you start to question their authenticity, they become incredibly defensive.  If you continue to question their legitimacy, they will likely hang up on you.  A true tech support company would not do this.

Here at PC Pitstop, we have made it our mission to put a stop to the infinite alert hoax once a for all.  One thing you can do is call the numbers affiliated with this hoax.  DO NOT allow them to take over your PC.  Instead, we want you to call and tie up their phone lines and take up as much of their time as you can.  By doing so, they will be busy with people who know it’s a scam and have less time to victimize innocent people.

The second thing you can do is join our mission.  We are archiving the URLs of infected websites. By joining the team, we will provide these URLs. This is a great social experiment, and we will keep team members up to date on the fight to make the business of this hoax defunct.

To get a full list of the 1-800 numbers, learn more about the infinite alert hoax, or join our team, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Shutting Down the Infinite Alert Hoax for Good”

  1. I have PC Matic and still get this Alert Hoax. I ran the PC Matic twice and still have it. What do I do to get rid of it.

    1. Kayla Thrailkill

      To exit the infinite alert hoax, you will need to kill the browser. Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and access the task manager. Click on the browser you’re using. Click “End Task”. The infinite alert removal is only available while using Chrome, and our adblocker must be enabled. We plan to add additional browsers soon.

    1. Sylvia, you can add PC Matic to your Android device by downloading PC Matic for Android from the Google Play store and logging in with your PC Matic account. Thanks!

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