Israel Warned U.S. of Kaspersky After Hacking Their Network

Israel Raises Concerns to U.S. Regarding Kaspersky Labs

Americans now have a better idea why the government has decided to block federal agencies from using Russian-based security company, Kaspersky Labs, products.  Engadget reported,

“Israel-linked hackers were watching Russian hackers breach an NSA contractor’s computer in real-time using a popular anti-virus tool. “

During this process, screenshots and documentation were taken by Israel, showing how the Russian hackers were using Kaspersky software to obtain the highly confidential information off of the NSA contractor’s device.  Israeli officials then turned this information over to American officials.  It was not only this information, but the suspected ties to the Kremlin that led the U.S. government to lead a movement removing the Russian-based company’s products from federal devices.

Kaspersky No More?

First, Kaspersky was removed from the General Service Administration (GSA) contract; meaning, it is not an approved security solution for government agencies to use on devices.  Second, Congress began litigation to ban the security products from all government devices.  Third, the security software was banned from all military devices.  Most recently, the government has given federal agencies until mid-December to remove Kaspersky products from their devices and find an alternative security solution.

From a retail perspective, the FBI has also encouraged private-sector companies to review their use of the Russian-based security program.  Shortly after, two major electronics retailers, Best Buy and Office Depot dropped the security program from their retail and online stores.

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30 thoughts on “Israel Warned U.S. of Kaspersky After Hacking Their Network

  1. PC WORLD MAGAZINE rated “Kaspersky” the number one anti-virus software for many years when this magazine was
    in operation…. That’s the reason I bought this anti-virus….They claim to have the fastest updates of any anti-virus on the market……

    • Kaspersky probably is still the best anti-virus but “politics as usual” will decimate kaspersky. Lets face it some of the most prolific hackers are from Russia and China…..

  2. Google partnered with IntelliJ a Russian company based in St. Petersburg, Russia to develop the Android Software Development Kit that may be the most used product to develop Android apps for the large Android mobile phone market throughout the world yet no one appears to be concerned about that Russian company or Google for that matter???

  3. Why don’t you print the true story as from Engadget as follows below:
    Kaspersky is in hot water…again. The US government recently prohibited federal agencies from using the company’s products, and the FBI is reportedly convincing private entities to do the same. Its latest headache is linked to the NSA cyberattacks allegedly carried out by Russian hackers, who made away with official cyber defense material in 2015. The US intelligence agency claimed it noticed the stolen files using Kaspersky software. Little else was revealed about the incident (news of which broke last week) until now. It seems Israeli officials tipped off the US about the Russian intrusion, having hacked into Kaspersky’s network, according to The New York Times.
    So, to sum things up: Israel-linked hackers were watching Russian hackers breach an NSA contractor’s computer in real-time using a popular anti-virus tool. It all spins an espionage web worthy of a John le Carré novel. As for Kaspersky, its response is the same boilerplate. The company claims it was “not involved in” nor “does it possess any knowledge of, the situation in question.”
    But, according to multiple people in the know, the Russian operation turned Kaspersky’s software (to borrow the Times’ phrasing) into a “Google search for sensitive information.” This classified data was then extracted back to Russian intelligence systems. The NSA, however, has always restricted its analysts from installing Kaspersky’s apps (which may explain why the hackers went after an agency contractor).
    Kaspersky detailed the attack on its systems back in June 2015. Although it didn’t pin the blame directly on Israel, it did drop a significant hint by referring to the attack as”Duqu 2.0″ (in reference to the Duqu malware, which matches the Stuxnet virus). The latter was a joint Israel-American cyberweapon that inflicted considerable damage on Iran’s nuclear program, in particular on its Natanz facility. But, the virus didn’t stop there. It ended up accidentally spreading to Indonesia, India, and Azerbaijan, among other regions. Kaspersky noted that the breach, which lasted for several months, used the same algorithm as Duqu. The attack’s other victims reportedly matched Israeli targets, several of which were located in the US, ruling out American collusion.
    The Times reports that Israeli officials handed over screenshots and documentation of the hack to their American counterparts. The findings led, in part, to the US government’s decision to block federal agencies from using the anti-virus tool — although, Kaspersky’s alleged ties to the Kremlin didn’t exactly help its cause either.
    Still, this doesn’t necessarily mean Kaspersky Lab founder Eugene V. Kaspersky was complicit in the breach. Theoretically speaking, there’s always the chance the software could have been exploited without his consent, or the consent of his staff. Nonetheless, it will do little to free Kaspersky from the maelstrom it’s caught up in.

  4. In the article it reads hackers used Kaspersky software. Must be really good software. Couldn’t the hackers find American software as good.

    • The reason there is no software designers here in the US, is they have all moved to foreign countries for tax and labor coast reasons. That is why we have lost the manufacturing in this country.

      • Darrell — you’re right, American software designers and developers are few and far between. Except for PC Matic that is — completely researched, developed and supported right here in the U.S.

    • @BillyP: Gee, what a well thought out, logical argument Billy. Maybe Israel provided the US the information on Kaspersky because they are our ally? And Stuxnet was what the US and Israel used to disrupt the illegal Iraqi nuclear program…a very successful cyber attack that destroyed several thousand Iranian nuclear centrifuges bringing their illegal program that was under investigation by the IAEA and was condemned by the United Nations Security Council virtually to a halt. So, yea! for Israel and Stuxnet!

  5. That is a big nothing burger. Mosad infiltrated by them self, and leaved Kasperky fingerprints
    So obvius that even 7th grade kid would figure that out!!

  6. I removed their software soon after I discovered it was a product from Russia. Just made good sense not to use it considering the possibility of a government connection. Which at the time was not being talked about by anyone in computer security. DUH !!!!!

  7. I have had PC Matic on all my machines for over a year and have yet to have a problem of any kind. I bought the five pack lifetime membership and have no regrets at all. There is no better deal out there. Machines are always up to date on drivers and program changes, malware and virus free, with little or no effort on my part. Scans are complete and accurate with recommended actions.I think the government ought to take a close look at PC Matic!

  8. Why did the US Govt use Kaspersky in the first place? It might be the best…. but what were the odds they were
    tied with the Russians?

    • It is a big campagin against Russia, because they wining in Syria. Why they used Kasperksy? As it far best Antivirus program from the others.
      And it is funy, they used now when they(Israel) is losing war in Syria. In fact, Israel infiltrated by them amd leave fingerprints as it was Kaspersky. So obvius that even 7th grade child would figure that out!!

    • it was something that sooner or later would happen , it was very tempting for some russian agency not to involve this company being of russian origin to get into in some hanky panky as john wayne used to say , and use their product as a mean to infiltrate or extract information from the U.S.A goverment , no matter how friendly Mr. putin appear to be , the russians can’t be trusted regarding these matters.
      there are alternatives , this company from my point of view can’t be trusted , there’s also industrial espionage that can be very harmfull to a nation

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